April 18, 2024

INDONESIA: Extremely Large Volcanic Blast, Accompanied By Lightning Bolts, As Volcano Erupted Five Times And Experienced More Than 400 Volcanic Earthquakes Over Two Day Period.

GlobalAwareness101 published Extremely Large Volcanic Blast In Indonesia And 6.4 MAG Earthquake In Philippines.
dutchsinse published LIVE STREAM April 17/18: Largest Volcanic blast of the year for the planet (Indonesia).
I recommend that you follow dutchsinse on YouTube for regular worldwide earthquake and volcano activity updates. He does great work. He's very dedicated and enthusiastic. I appreciate him. (emphasis mine)
The largest volcanic blast of the year for the whole planet just occurred at Ruang Volcano, first reported up to FL630, then FL550 (63,000ft / 55,000 feet) 16k to 19k meters.

This blast occurred directly next to the warned area for a large earthquake this week. In the most recent earthquake forecast, South Philippines into North Indonesia was warned for a very large earthquake based on deep M6.8 from last week.

Thus, as I said 9 days ago here:

the deep earthquake (M6.8 at over 220km depth) from last week was the sign we should watch both Kyushu Japan and South Philippines into Indonesia.

Today on April 17, 2024, both locations were struck, Kyushu Japan M6.4 and now this extremely large blast in Indonesia next to South Philippines border. Japan earthquake info here:

First Coast News published April 18, 2024: Tsunami alert after a volcano in Indonesia has several big eruptions and thousands are told to leave. Officials worry that part of the volcano could collapse into the sea and cause a tsunami.
DW News published April 18, 2024: How the Mount Ruang volcano has suddenly become a major threat to its surroundings. Indonesia has issued a tsunami warning and declared its highest level of alert following a series of volcanic eruptions. Mount Ruang spat out a column of ash three kilometers high - accompanied by lightning bolts - as it erupted five times over the past two days. The threat of rock slides prompted authorities to warn residents of the danger of tidal surges. Thousands of people have been evacuated from the remote northern island where the volcano is located.

Fox Weather
Thursday April 18, 2024

JAKARTA, Indonesia – A volcano in Indonesia has recently experienced a series of powerful and explosive eruptions, prompting concerns of a potential tsunami.

Mount Ruang on Tagulandang Island, one of the Sangihe Islands located off the northern coast of Sulawesi, has erupted at least five times since Tuesday, the Volcanological Survey of Indonesia said. Lava has been spewing from the crater, as ash plumes are believed to have reached the stratosphere several miles into the sky. There have been no reports of deaths or injuries.

On Thursday, the Center for Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation (PVMBG) raised the alert status of Mount Ruang to the highest level possible. This was due to a significant increase in both visual activity and seismicity.

The Sitaro Regency Government ordered the mandatory evacuation of 828 local residents to avoid the life-threatening situation.

"The static population count of residents in the location should be at least 11,000 people who need to evacuate temporarily," Abdul Muhari, the head of BNPB's Disaster Data, Information and Communication Center, said in a virtual news conference early Thursday morning.

Officials are worried that a section of the volcano may collapse, causing a dangerous tsunami, which has occurred in the past. Those close to the shore have also been advised to remain vigilant of incandescent rocks erupting and hot clouds surging.

The port in Manado witnessed a flurry of activity Thursday morning as Indonesian military personnel were seen loading essential food items for evacuees and first responders onto a large ship before departing toward the active volcano site.

On Wednesday morning, Mount Ruang experienced more than 400 volcanic earthquakes and several eruptions throughout the evening. According to Hendra Gunawan, head of Indonesia's volcanology agency, these eruptions resulted in lava bursts or hot clouds reaching a height of nearly two miles.

Some airlines had to cancel their flights to nearby regions due to the distribution of volcanic ash. Fortunately, Malaysia Airlines was able to reinstate its flights on Thursday. AirAsia, on the other hand, said it will resume travel operations once the airspace is deemed safe.

Indonesia, located in Southeast Asia and Oceania, is known for straddling the "Pacific Ring of Fire." This region is characterized by intense seismic activity and rests atop multiple tectonic plates, including the Pacific Plate, the Philippine Plate and the Australian Plate.

The movement of these plates has led to numerous volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis throughout Indonesia's history.

Due to its location in this geologically active region, Indonesia is considered to be one of the most seismically active countries in the world, with a high risk of natural disasters.

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