April 28, 2024

ENGLAND: Interesting Thing Happened In London Wednesday Morning... A Black Horse And A White Horse Covered In Blood Rampage Through The City And Big Ben Clock Stopped At 9am Bonged 11 Times

GlobalAwareness101 published Interesting Thing Happened In England Wednesday Morning... This happened Wednesday morning in London. Interesting symbology, a black horse and a white horse covered in blood. Hmm 🤔

I added the screenshot above.

The Telegraph, UK
written by Staff
Wednesday April 24, 2024

Household Cavalry horses rampaged through central London on Wednesday morning after being spooked by noisy construction work, leaving four people injured.

Five military horses from a group of seven bolted during an exercise in Belgravia, where builders were moving concrete rubble.

The horses charged through the streets, smashing into a double-decker tour bus and a Mercedes-Benz people carrier, and some galloped five miles through rush hour traffic to the east of the capital.

The animals threw their riders, Lifeguards and Blues and Royals servicemen, while they were leaving Hyde Park Barracks during preparations for rehearsals for the King’s birthday parade in June.

After the riders lost control, the horses bolted into Wilton Crescent and then into Belgrave Square, leaving hoof marks in the tarmac, before entering Buckingham Palace Road.

Outside London Victoria station, a soldier was thrown from his saddle to the ground. Bashir Aden, 48, a construction worker, said: “I saw a soldier falling down into the street after the horse ran into a car. The man hit the floor hard – he was screaming in pain. You could see blood all over the parked car.”

Ambulance crews treated four people in three separate incidents in Buckingham Palace Road, Belgrave Square, and at the junction of Chancery Lane and Fleet Street, in the space of 10 minutes. Three soldiers were assessed in hospital for their injuries, which were not thought to be serious.

Two of the horses, one covered in blood, then charged at pace through busy streets around Tower Bridge and the Strand for five miles until eventually being stopped in Limehouse.

Video footage taken by shocked onlookers showed commuters on e-scooters narrowly dodging being run over, a pedestrian falling on the pavement and many running to avoid the animals in scenes described as “total mayhem”.

All five of the horses, one of which was shown on video being calmed by members of the public, were later recovered and assessed by Army vets.

Lt Col Matt Woodward, Commanding Officer, Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, said: “A small group of horses were spooked by construction work in a quiet side street in Belgravia, where building materials were dropped from height right next to them. The ensuing shock caused all horses to bolt and unseated some riders.”

Inspector Myles Hilbery, of City of London Police, said: “This was a dynamic incident, and the courageous actions taken by police officers from our roads policing team prevented further harm and distress to the horses and members of the public.

“Police Constables Lucy Hawes and Daniel McKeown risked their own safety to provide first aid to the injured and anxious horses. They kept the horses calm while waiting for a horse box and veterinary team to arrive.

“PCs Brett Daniels and Chris Wilson took over management of traffic control on the busy arterial road, enabling PCs Rob Bray and Shaun Gurney on motorbikes to create a clear path for the horses to be safely led into the horse box and escorted back to the Army barracks for urgent medical care. Our thoughts are with those people and horses injured in the incident.”

White horse was ‘drenched in blood,’ says witness

A management consultant from London who saw two military horses bolt through the capital said it was “gruesome” and “like a weird dream”.

Tula, 28, from south London, was on the 172 bus to Aldwych when she saw two horses gallop past her and said members of the public looked “shocked” at the incident.

She told the PA news agency: “I got off the 172 bus which ends at Aldwych and two horses went flying past. One black, one white.

“The white one was drenched in blood from the chest down and they were galloping through the traffic at speed.

“People were stopping in the street shocked. The horses were running into fast-moving traffic and seemed terrified. Some unmarked police cars were chasing after them, which didn’t seem to be helping.

“I felt shocked. It was pretty gruesome. Felt like a weird dream.”

A group of seven horses and six soldiers from the Household Cavalry were on an extended exercise in Belgravia, central London, on Wednesday when chaos erupted.

Ambulance crews treated four people in three separate incidents in Buckingham Palace Road, Belgrave Square, and at the junction of Chancery Lane and Fleet Street, in the space of just 10

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