April 15, 2024

AUSTRALIA: Millions Paid Out To Victorians Injured By Mandatory Covid19 Vaccine As More Workers Report Adverse Vaccine Reactions With Some Unlikely To Ever Fully Recover.


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written by Staff
Sunday April 7, 2024

WorkSafe Victoria has disclosed a significant surge in WorkCover claims linked to adverse reactions from the Covid-19 vaccine, surpassing $6.8 million in payouts.

The latest figures reveal a concerning trend, with the number of affected individuals rising from 125 in July to 130, marking a steady increase despite vaccination campaigns.

Among these cases, 28 workers have reportedly yet to return to their jobs, while many others have struggled to resume full-time duties.

State legislation allows workers experiencing severe reactions such as fever, blood clots, allergic reactions, seizures, or strokes to file claims for compensation.

The financial burden on WorkCover has spiked by 55 per cent in the past nine months alone, escalating from $4.37 million to the current $6.8 million.

A spokesperson from WorkCover confirmed the figures, indicating the acceptance of 130 Covid-19 vaccine-related claims from affected workers, including those in critical roles such as teachers, nurses, firefighters, and paramedics.

Despite the rising number of cases, the stigma surrounding vaccine injuries has deterred many individuals from openly discussing their health struggles.

Media reports have shed light on the ordeal faced by claimants, with some expressing doubts about their prospects of full recovery. The situation unfolds amidst ongoing vaccine mandates for specific health workers and firefighters in Victoria, while thousands across the country grapple with accessing compensation through the federal government’s Covid-19 Vaccine Claims Scheme.

The Scheme, covering adverse reactions resulting in hospitalisation or death following vaccination with TGA-approved Covid-19 vaccines, remains active with an extended application deadline until September 30.

Meanwhile, a class action lawsuit with over 500 applicants continues in the Federal Court, alleging negligence on the part of the Therapeutic Goods Administration in approving multiple vaccine brands amid the pandemic.

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