March 16, 2024

USA: Explosive New Information About 13yo Madeline Soto Who Was Recently Found Dead. Her Mom's Boyfriend Is Part Of A Larger Child Trafficking Ring. Survivor Of This Ring Tells All. Names Names.

T-REV 757 published March 13, 2024: PART 1 Madeline Soto Victim Of Stephan Sterns Trafficking Ring Tells All.
T-REV 757 March 14, 2024: PART 2 Madeline Soto Victim Of Stephan Sterns Trafficking Ring Tells All.


I typed a transcript of the first 15 minutes of the first part of this interview for you below.

T-Rev 757 podcast host: What's going on David.

David Solomon: Hey, thank you for reaching out. My wife was trying to get a hold of you guys and I really wanted to drop some real information to you that people need to know.

T-Rev 757 podcast host: Yes, sir.

David Solomon: I've been following this case for a while now and on day one I kind of knew a little bit about this guy. You know police have tried to charge him probably in the past at this point. But I want to drop some information so you can get it into the right hands.

About me, my name is David Solomon. You can look me up. I've written 42 books. I was one of the ghost writers on the hit film, Sound of Freedom. If anybody has seen it in the chats? And I'm a survivor of human trafficking.

Mr. Sterns was part of my trafficking ring and he actually was one of the runners of it. As we speak, my head trafficker Bryan Davis and Erick Reinhold are going to be having a meeting in Orlando, Florida because they are panicked that Mr. Sterns cellphone has evidence tying them to his crimes and it does.

A lot of people do not know that Mr. Sterns ran this ring and probably a lot of people will put it together a little bit.

I met Mr. Sterns let's see in 2019. It was in Maitland, Florida and it was right outside of Mr. Reinhold's and Mr. Reinhold and him were having sort of a handshake meeting because that's how they do business. They sell children. Mr. Sterns runs this business underground in what's called the dark web and people need to know where to look.

If you look up a video called 'Bryan Davis Harvest Interview'. It's 10 minutes of your time and it explains this ring of what these people run. In 5 minutes of that video it explains oh we reach out to children who are minor in this dark web and we reach out and try to talk to them and check up on them and show up at their homes and that translate to rape and that translates to selling.

That's how I was taken from my home in Oregon and I was taken to Canada. I was missing for 2 1/2 weeks and I made it back on my own. That was because of my faith and nothing else.

This guy Bryan, Eric Reinhold police won't touch them. They've killed a lot of kids and they continue to kill a lot of kids. I know the victims of those kids and they will never suffer for it because they have a lot of power and I wanted that to get out there who this man truly is. Because a lot of people see it oh well he hurt this girl. Well no he didn't just hurt her, he hurt a lot of other kids before her and this is just one screw up out of many.

T-Rev 757 podcast host: Wow. Somebody said the cat's out the bag. Crazy if it's true. So you're saying that you've met this guy before?

David Solomon: I have, yes.

T-Rev 757 podcast host: You've met Stephan Sterns before and how did you come across him again?

David Solomon: Yeah, so, Maitland, Florida. Me and my mom after I you know survived trafficking in 2012. My mom and I went to Maitland because police would not try my traffickers. They're too powerful. And she was dying at the time. She wanted to know who these people were that took me and why no one would touch them? We had a PI follow Mr. Reinhold and we found out where he was. Mr. Sterns was right there on Reinhold's doorstep making a deal. Me and my mom showed up at Mr. Reinhold's church. We sat in the back row and Mr. Sterns spoke at his church and then had a private meeting with Mr. Reinhold. The next day, Mr. Sterns pulled into Mr. Reinhold's office in Maitland, Florida and he was there for hours.

My mom passed away, what, a year after that in that area and although it's speculated, Mr. Reinhold doesn't have an alibi when my mom died. You can translate that how you will. My mom threatened to go after him. Obviously he took me. But he also killed kids.

So the PI that investigated Mr. Sterns at that time is missing to this day. So no one's ever heard from him again. Nothing happened.

His name popped up back in 2012 though when I was originally taken to Canada. Although I did not meet him at that time, he was one of the people on video in Canada. There were 10 (abductors/ring) and he was one of them. There was Bryan, James Artville, Chris Hopper, Wayne Thomas Batson, Donita K Paul, LB Graham, MP, JR, and then SD.

T-Rev 757 podcast host: Somebody said ask him who took his names in Canada?

David Solomon: So I was taken to British Columbia. It's over the border of Washington and I was chloroformed well from Bryan Davis, James Artville, Shiloh Artville, and Sarah Rose took me. They chloroformed me in front of my mom in Oregon City. Which is kind of a rural part of Oregon if you've ever been? I was chloroformed in front of my mom and I was sold as a sex slave to Canada.

I went unfortunately into that. I had never been on my own. I saw horrible things. 50 children died in front of me and sir, I could not do a darn thing about it. That changed me forever and honestly it made me hate traffickers even more and I didn't even know what that word meant.

T-Rev 757 podcast host: Did you contact, I gotta ask a question. I just want to ask it as somebody's who's listening. Did you contact the police on this one?

David Solomon: Yes. So the police already know a lot. The Orlando police I have not. I tried getting a hold of them. I did tried to contact other police departments on this matter and no one will touch these people. This has been reported and reported and reported.

For the listeners, Bryan Davis my head trafficker, his son is FBI. His name is Agent Green Davis. Anytime that a case like this is brought up, IT IS TERMINATED. What that means is that it can never be resurrected again.

What's going to happen here is, although he's getting all these charges racked up, Bryan Davis flew from his home yesterday to Orlando, FL. And what he's going to do, is he's going to lawyer up and try to cover Sterns. And it probably will work. Because if Stern's phone shows the evidence that they're saying it does, oh Bryan is going to prison. Well we can't have that. Because if Bryan goes to prison, the whole empire goes bye bye.

T-Rev 757 podcast host: Hmm. Wow. So that's interesting. How did you escape this? 

David Solomon: So I was in Canada and I prayed to God. An angel appeared before Bryan and the other captors. That angel blinded them. I stole $400 and I stole my trafficker's credit card. I went over to the border where I was trafficked. Which at the time there was no border patrol because, I mean let's be honest, it was rural. There's no fence like what they say. I ran as hard as I could until I could get help. I found a truck. That truck took me to a Greyhound bus station. I'd never been on a bus on my own. I'd never been anywhere on my own. I grew up on a horse ranch. Okay. I was a home schooler. So, I bought the bus ticket. I bought it with my trafficker's credit card. Yes, that's the only crime I committed. To this day, I am reminded of that. 

T-Rev 757 podcast host: Sorry that you had to go through that by the way.

David Solomon: Yes, sir. I appreciate it. I just hope that all these kids that are going through it and I happen to know because parents reach out to me. I've been very public about what happened to me and I can't tell you how many kids this guy has killed. Maddie, she's just one. Take it to the bank. He's responsible probably for about 500 kids missing right now. ? Something's going to come out of that too.

T-Rev 757 podcast host: Do you know the name of the church Stephan Sterns. What was the name of the church you were talking about? Do you know?

David Solomon: I do actually. Let me get the exact address for you.

T-Rev 757 podcast host: I appreciate that and I want to thank you for coming on here today and letting us know this information. A lot of people got questions. There's tons of questions flying in chat right now. 

David Solomon: I'm sure. I've never done this before. I prayed about it and God was like no you need to tell these people. They want to know the truth about what happened here. 

T-Rev 757 podcast host: Yeah, and I appreciate you trusting me to come on my platform. I appreciate that. 

David Solomon: Well my wife had been following the story. You know when I heard the Sterns was out there and someone was actually looking into him, I mean it's the least I can do. If it saves a life, hey I've done my job.

Yeah, so it is, let me get the exact address. Yeah, so it's Peace Church, Orlando.

 T-Rev 757 podcast host: Okay. Peace Church, Orlando. How do you spell it?

David Solomon: and it is spelled, P . E. A. C. E.


FOX 35 Orlando published March 5, 2024: Madeline Soto: Florida sheriff apologizes for sharing crime scene photo online. A crime scene photo that was posted on the Instagram social media account of Osceola County Sheriff Marco Lopez, appeared to show the body of Madeline "Maddie" Soto. The 13-year-old Soto was at the center of a five-day search after she was reported missing on Feb. 26. Her body was found on Friday in a wooded, rural area of Saint Cloud.

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