March 3, 2024

USA: 6 Separate Body Parts Of Man And Woman Found By A Girl Walking To School In Long Island Park, NY 16 Miles From Infamous Gilgo Beach, NY. The Killer Cut The Fingertips Off Too. 😱

UPDATE 3/7/24 at 1:36pm: Added video below.

CBS New York published March 6, 2024: 4 charged after body parts found on Long Island. Since last Thursday, remains belonging to a 59-year-old woman and 53-year-old man were found in three locations. CBS New York's Jennifer McLogan reports.
All 4 suspects were allowed to walk free without posting any bail. (emphasis mine)
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GlobalAwareness101 published Body Parts Of Man And Woman Found In Long Island Park, NY. Woah. 😳 who do you think the victims are or the killer? The killer cut the fingertips off too. Southards Pond Park is 16 miles from Gilgo Beach, NY. BOTH are in Babylon, New York. Click the square button on lower right to toggle fullscreen.
NewsNation published Mar 2, 2024: Student uncovers human remains in Long Island, NY, park. A student found human remains near a park in Babylon Thursday morning, which led to the discovery of more remains nearby, according to the Suffolk County Police Department. The girl was walking to school around 8:40 a.m. when she found a left arm near Siegel Boulevard, which runs alongside Southards Pond Park, according to police. The arm had a distinct tattoo and no fingertips. Former CIA officer and FBI special agent Tracy Walder shares more details on "NewsNation Prime."

CBS News, New York local
written by Jennifer McLogan
Friday March 1, 2024

BABYLON, N.Y. -- More human remains, including a head, leg and arms, believed to belong to two adult victims, were found in Babylon Village on Long Island.

The unsettling discoveries were made in a popular park adjacent to an elementary school.

Babylon Village is some 30 miles east of Manhattan on Suffolk County's south shore. Residents in the bucolic community are on edge.

The human body parts belonging to at least two unidentified victims, one male and one female, were dumped in Southards Pond Park.

"We discovered a female head, a leg and what appears to be a female arm," said Suffolk County Det. Lt. Kevin Beyrer.

West of the park, outdoor recess at the adjacent Babylon Elementary School was canceled.

"On the east side of the park, we found a right arm and a left arm. They appear to be male," said Beyrer. "The arms had tattoos and that's what I'll say. We're searching databases for those tattoos."

The hands were minus fingertips.

A student walking to school first discovered an arm and called her father, who notified police. They quickly closed Southards Pond Park and brought in cadaver dogs, who located a leg sticking out of a pile of leaves in a wooded area.

The K-9's were searching for additional human remains.

A vehicle may have been used in the crime.

"We believe that the persons who dumped the body here were mobile," said Beyrer.

"I live two blocks away, and I usually with my family walk my little dog around here, right by the entrance of the park and then come back around. It's just scary," said Tina Choy.

"I have grandchildren that play and they like to go down to the woods and walk, and I don't even want to go down there anymore. I grew up here, 62 years," said Lorraine Roberts.

Many wonder how long the remains have been in the park.

"Based on the condition, preliminarily, it appears it's a matter of a small amount of days, if not hours, that they were out here," said Beyrer.

The medical examiner is performing an autopsy on the female remains. Once identification is made, detectives hope answers to many questions will be revealed.

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