March 29, 2024

Look. Do You See It? Right In Our Faces. 😱 RePosting For My New Followers.

UPDATE 5/15/23 at 9:55pm: Added pics below.

These are the pictures I took. I circled for you to see.
UPDATE 5/15/23 at 2:22pm: Added the 2 pictures below.
look at the banner on both sides of Satan who is beneath the reptilian. You'll see unum upside down. I looked up the translated meaning of "unum" which is ONE and looked up the meaning of the reverse "munu" which is WILL.

Put the two together and we get,
ONE WILL or WILL ONE if you use a mirror? 😱

UPDATE 5/15/23 at 7:28pm: Added info below.
Fourth Watch Files with Carl Crew published February 21, 2022: The Truth About Area 51, Aleister Crowley and The Inner Circle with Jeff Dornik. What Carl Crew and Jeff Dornik specifically discuss is that by accomplishing this ritual, they opened up a portal to the demonic realm that completely took over, parading ’ALIEN’ entities which completed much of what Aliester had planned many years prior. Join us as we uncover this incredible hidden reality that is being covered up by the powers that be, even to this day.
The Reveal Report Nov 11, 2022: STRANGE PLACES - Bermuda Triangle and Aleister Crowley Boleskine House. We continue our series with STRANGE PLACES. Hosted by former occultist George Iceman with special guest Jesse Czebotar.
🚨👇 plans for us by people who hate humans 👇🚨

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