February 19, 2024

WORLD: Anneke Lucas Interview How Her Own MOTHER Sold Her Into A Child Sex Trafficking Ring And Satanic Ritual Abuse At Age SIX To Very Powerful People. Epstein Tip Of The Iceberg.

Epoché published September 30, 2022: EPISODE #003: A conversation with Anneke Lucas, author and survivor of child sex trafficking and ritual satanic abuse, speaks about her journey to heal the wounds inflicted on her.
Please visit the Epoché YouTube channel to watch the other episodes of this interview with Anneke Lucas. This part 3 interview is 4 hours long. It's so hard to listen to the god awful experiences the monsters made her go through as a child. (emphasis mine)
Unfiltered Stories published January 28, 2023: I Was Sold Into An Elite P*dophile Network. Welcome back to Unfiltered Stories! Today's guest is Anneke Lucas, a survivor of child s*x trafficking. Anneke was just six years old when her mother sold her to an elite ped*phile network that abused and killed children. Listen to her story of how she rose from slave to victorious lady!
MendingFamily published September 25, 2020: Overcoming Elite Child Sex Slavery & Pedophilia - Anneke Lucas #1/4 (improved soundtrack).
Please visit Mending Family YouTube channel to watch the other parts of this interview with Anneke Lucas. This video is 1 hour long. (emphasis mine)
In this 4 part series, we speak with Anneke Lucas as she describes her riveting story of growing up as a sex slave to high profile politicians. She reveals how things operate, her in-depth story, and an incredibly important underlying message of global healing we can all go through as the widespread reality of this becomes more clear to humanity.

Anneke’s memoir “Let It Bleed: A Child’s Sex Slave’s Quest for Love” is scheduled to be released in February 2022 and will be available for sale from this website: https://annekelucas.com/. Her amazing blog - https://annekelucas.com/writing - can also be accessed through that site.

The Daily Mail, UK
written by Raven Saunt
July 3, 2023

A former child sex slave has revealed how her own mother sold her into a high-profile trafficking ring at just six years old.

Anneke Lucas was forced into a Belgian aristocratic pedophile network where boys and girls were raped, tortured and murdered in 1969.

She has recently spoken with Unfiltered Stories about the ordeal that began when she was forced to take part in a masked orgy in a castle.

The now 58-year-old explained how her mother 'took over from the pimps' by keeping her out of school and driving her to 'events' within the twisted network.

Speaking during the interview, Anneke, who grew up in Belgium, said her family was 'quite normal from the outside.'

'Even though I was being abused by my mother at the time, I was also very outgoing, a very bossy little girl,' she said.

But Anneke said things started to change when she was four years old after her mother remarried and the family moved to Flanders.

She described how the relocation saw her 'starting to get groomed to be taken into the trafficking network.'

Anneke said that it began when her mother's new cleaning lady offered to take her on outings alongside a whole host of other children that 'seemed to change all the time.'

The trips continued for about a year before the cleaner and her husband took her 'to the first event in the network,' which was a masked orgy in a castle.

'Once I was being taken to the network, my mother actually took over from the pimps,' she said.

'I don't really know what happened exactly but I tried to tell my mother in the words that I had available to me at the time and instead of protecting me, she actually started to drive me herself.'

Anneke claimed that her mother had never taken any lessons but had been granted a driver's license and also got the only automatic car available at that time, which she believed was a kind of reward organized by members of the network.

'I was trafficked into a pedophile network that actually at the time consisted of the VIPs of the country... They were all quite powerful and had important posts. It was a mix of politicians, high-placed officials, government officials, clergy as well as aristocrats,' she added.

Her mother, who organized everything through a contact - described as a woman from a noble family, would often keep her out of school to go to events within the ring.

Anneke explained that she could never tell anyone else about the abuse due to fear of repercussions, adding: 'It was made clear from the start that if I were to speak out then I would be killed.'

Deemed to be an 'expendable child,' she even found herself in situations where other kids had died due to the 'extreme' mistreatment.

But in 1972, she said she was 'traded' to an international network where she was trained to be an 'elite slave' capable of spying and making men fall in love with her at aged nine.

The plan was for Anneke to be inducted into a cult to mark the beginning of her 'new life,' but the youngster rebelled because the expectations were becoming 'too much.'

She was eventually able to get out of both the international and Belgian networks, and had since learned how to 'function well in society' as well as how to have 'more empathy and love for people.'

Anneke, who previously calculated that she had been raped for more than 1,700 hours before she reached the age of 12, left Belgium once and for all in the 1980s.

Having settled in New York with a family of her own, she founded Liberation Prison Yoga in 2014 to help other people who had been incarcerated and vilified as a child. She continues to raise awareness of child sex trafficking by sharing her story.

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