February 27, 2024

USA: Even Though The Truth Has Come Out That Nex Benedict Death Had Nothing To Do With The School Fight, THE LEFT Insists On Perpetuating The Lie That Transgender Hate Caused Her Death.

"The school said the students were in the bathroom for less than TWO MINUTES." (emphasis mine)
Even though the truth has come out that her death had nothing to do with the school fight, THE LEFT insists on perpetuating the lie that transgender hate caused her death. FOR THE RECORD because many people are getting it wrong all over social media, Nex Benedict was born a female and changed her gender identity to a transgender boy and used he/him pronouns. But interchanged with also wanting to be identified as non-binary which means no gender and used they/them pronouns. Why hasn't anybody asked if Nex was taking puberty blockers and male testosterone? Her transgender medication could have been the cause of her immediate death. The preliminary autopsy report said she didn't die of trauma. (emphasis mine)
Sharing this NBC news report for their far-Leftist transgender propaganda. The bills being passed across America are meant to PROTECT UNDERAGE CHILDREN from permanantly mutilating themselves and sterilizing themselves. A decision that cannot be reversed. They call these bills "anti-LGBT" bills. But in reality, transgenderism is anti-LGBT. Children are not old enough to consent to cutting off healthy body parts and not old enough to consent to puberty blockers that PERMANENTLY affects their overall health, mental health and stops their skeleton and organs from GROWING properly. Hence, the word BLOCKER. One young lady who is now detransitioning said because she started taking puberty blockers at an early age her rib cage stopped growing and now has difficulty breathing because her lungs have permanent pressure from her abnormal small rib cage. And furthermore, giving testosterone to a female child is criminal to say the least. That drug is making them become violent and making them not want to live because it's screwing with their emotional and psychological wellbeing. No one on the Left cares about the fricken side effects of these potent drugs they're giving children. They are simply pushing their NWO eugenics depopulation agenda to sterilize as many children as possible. (emphasis mine)
NBC news published February 21, 2024: Oklahoma LGBTQ teen did not die from trauma, police say. Police are claiming 16-year-old Nex Benedict did not die as a result of trauma, but have not yet released the cause of death. Benedict died one day after a fight in their high school bathroom.
The Independent, UK
A trans teenager died after being attacked in Oklahoma. Days later, CPAC was dominated by anti-trans rhetoric [👈 NO SHAME in outright lying even after the police bodycam video was released.  But they never get censored by social media for "misinformation". Same with the stupid state funded fact checkers who get away with claiming information is false BASED ON THEIR OPINION. (emphasis mine)]
written by Alex Woodward
Monday February 26, 2024

Speakers casually ridicule trans people as both a punchline and a threat while calling for a ‘fight’ to remove LGBT+ people from public life

When he addressed this year’s Conservative Police Action Conference, right-wing commentator Michael Knowles addressed what he called a “kerfuffle” from last year’s remarks, when he said “transgenderism must be eradicated from public life.”

Last year’s statement – widely seen as a call for violence against trans people – was condemned by LGBT+ civil rights groups and the White House, amid an avalanche of anti-trans legislation aimed at young people across the country and fears of abuse and violence fuelled by the denial of trans existence.

At this year’s CPAC, he said he stands by his “observation” that “men can’t become women,” and that the backlash to his statement reveals the “identity crisis” facing an America in decline without religion.

His remarks on Thursday – part of a relatively lengthy diatribe condemning not only trans people but marriage equality, abortion rights and surrogacy – drew little attention outside the poorly attended convention hall, but underscored the ubiquity of anti-trans rhetoric that is threading nearly every single event at the conference and throughout Republican politics.

As LGBT+ communities and families across the nation are reeling from the death of a bullied gender-fluid 16-year-old in Oklahoma, CPAC’s attendees – including close allies of Donald Trump and activist influencers dedicated to ending affirming healthcare – repeatedly misgendered and ridiculed trans people, all while invoking Christianity and Biblical passages.

At last year’s CPAC, Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville dismissed trans girls and women as “biological boys”; sports, he said, must be “protected” because “sports have built this country”.

This year, he promoted legislation to “prohibit any governing body recognized by the US Olympic Committee” from allowing trans women to participate “in any athletic event intended for females.”

Lara Trump – former president Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law and potential new Republican National Committee leader – rejected what she called a “fabricated notion that you can change your gender like you change your shoes.”

Republican US Rep Byron Donalds of Florida, who was the first elected official to address this year’s conference, rejected the existence of trans and nonbinary young people and defended “the natural order that keeps society progressing” in his opening remarks.

Former Fox News personality Megyn Kelly called on Americans to “fight” against honest discussions of gender and sexuality, regardless of whether that makes one a “bigot” or a “transphobe”.

“You have to. You can’t remain silent to protect your reputation or how people feel about you,” she said. “I know it’s scary, you’re afraid, you want to be seen as empathetic and not a bigot, not a transphobe – eventually, hopefully, you’ll get to a point where many of us are, which is, I don’t care what you call me.”

This time last year, state legislatures were considering roughly 300 bills that would negatively impact LGBT+ Americans, including 150 bills aimed at specifically restricting the rights of trans people.

This year, in a trend of surging state-level efforts over the last several years, state lawmakers are now considering nearly 500 bills targeting LGBT+ people, according to the Human Rights Campaign and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Republican-dominated legislatures have enacted roughly 100 laws targeting LGBT+ rights over the last few years, mostly aimed at young people and schools.

But policy makers are now increasingly turning their focus to trans adults.

All major medical organisations support the use of puberty blockers and hormone therapy to treat gender dysphoria, treatments that are also regularly prescribed to cisgender people who are not targeted by gender-affirming care bans. Affirming care includes counseling, social transitioning and teams of physicians working with patients and families. There are no reccomended treatments for children who have not started puberty, and affirming surgeries are exceedingly rare.

Within the last three years, nearly half of US states have moved to end or restrict access to gender-affirming healthcare, and banned trans student-athletes from playing school sports on the teams that don’t align with their assigned sexes at birth. Ten states have also enacted laws restricting what bathrooms trans people can use in schools and public buildings.

An unprecedented nationwide survey of more than 92,000 trans Americans released this month showed an overwhelming majority, roughly 94 per cent, stating they were more satisfied with their lives after transitioning, while nearly half of respondents said they planned to move to another state because of anti-trans laws that threaten their lives. Roughly 4,600 people from the survey said they were forced to move because of those laws.

More than one in 10 respondents said they were forced out of a job because of their gender identity.

Nearly one-third of respondents said they were verbally harassed in the last 12 months, and 39 per cent said they were harassed online. Three per cent said they were physically attacked.

CPAC dedicated a panel called “Genesis 1:27” – a reference to the Biblical passage that “God created man in his own image” – to discuss ending affirming care for trans youth.

Among the panelists was Terry Schilling, president of the American Principles Project, among interest groups advancing legislation across the US to end affirming care for trans youth and, ultimately, affirming care for all trans people.

He claimed a “transgender industry” is waging a “war on families,” and that “progressives” want to “progress beyond all barriers and institutions, and that means laws, that means age of consent laws.”

“They have a perverted world view and they’re trying to force that on the country,” he said. “There’s nothing wrong with these kids’ bodies, there’s nothing wrong with adults’ bodies … There is no such thing as transgender child. There are girls, there are boys, nothing else. … We have to reject any discussion of it.”

Stephen Miller, a close aide to Donald Trump, argued that Republican officials and law enforcement should forcefully apply laws targeting LGBT+ people and expression.

“Did any [district attorney] anywhere talking about trans issues think of arresting anybody for abusing children with trans ideology? No. We write blog posts about it,” he said.

“Until we get serious, all the way down to the local DA all the way up to the state [attorneys general] and every office in between – including judges, electing people who have power and will use that power and measure their success by changing the real world – then we aren’t going to be able to beat the left, and that’s just the honest truth,” according to Miller.

In his remarks, Knowles claimed that recognising LGBT+ people and families is based on a “false” idea that centres “liberation from all limits,” and that giving men “the freedom to use the women’s bathroom” means that “women lose the freedom to have their own bathrooms.”

He rejected marriage equality – “a couple of men, or a couple of women, or three men and a billy goat, for that matter” – and “designer babies” on the “open market of the surrogacy industry.”

“If we have the right to kill babies, surely we have the right to buy and sell them, too,” he said.
KOCO 5 News published February 23, 2024: Owasso Police Department release video in Nex Benedict case.
You can see Nex walking with school police after the fight. (emphasis mine)
KFOR Oklahoma's News 4 published February 26, 2024: Owasso Police release 911 calls, body camera and surveillance footage in case of student's death.
The Oklahoman pubilshed Feb 26, 2024: Nex Benedict interview seen in bodycam footage; mother calls 911 to report medical issues next day. The Owasso Police Department released body cam footage of a school resource officer's interview with Nex Benedict. In the video, the non-binary, 16-year-old's mother, Sue Benedict, says her child was bullied. The following day, Sue called 911 to report that Nex was experiencing medical issues, including shallow breathing. They died that day.

BBC News
written by Staff
Tuesday February 27, 2024

The death of teenager Nex Benedict a day after a fight in an Oklahoma school toilet has drawn national attention as vigils take place around the US.

A police investigation into the death of the 16-year-old, who was non-binary and used they/them pronouns, continues.

The cause of death is yet to be officially determined and exactly what happened in the bathroom remains unclear.

Here is what we know at this stage.

What happened at the school?

Nex Benedict was involved in what authorities called a "physical altercation" in a toilet at Owasso High School on 7 February.

This was broken up by other students who were present, aided by a member of school staff, police and the school said. The school said the students were in the bathroom for less than two minutes.

Security footage showed Benedict was able to walk around the building after the fight. The school decided no ambulance was needed, officials said, but its nurse recommended that Benedict undergo further medical checks "out of an abundance of caution".

Benedict's mother, Sue, called police to the hospital that same day and expressed frustration that the school had not alerted officers to the incident.

In bodycam footage released by police of that interaction at the hospital, Nex Benedict is seen awake and alert, reclining on a bed with arms folded and giving an account of what happened.

The student said three girls had picked on them and their group "because of the way that we dress".

The mockery is said to have continued in the toilet - with the attackers allegedly asking "why do they laugh like that?". Benedict responded by throwing water on the girls, according to the account provided to police.

"All three of them came at me" afterwards, the teenager recalled. A fight ensued and Benedict said they were beaten on the ground before they "blacked out".

The school district said the death of a student was "devastating", and said it was committed to a "safe and inclusive environment for all students".

It said it was co-operating with the investigation amid "speculation and misinformation surrounding the case".

How did Benedict die?

This remains unclear. The police statement said medics were sent to "a medical emergency" at Benedict's home the day after the fight, on 8 February.

In an emergency call - the audio of which was also released by police - Sue Benedict said her child's breathing was shallow and their eyes were rolling back.

"I hope this ain't from her head," she said. "They were supposed to have checked her out good." She later said in an online post that she had still been getting used to using Benedict's preferred they/them pronouns.

Paramedics performed CPR before rushing Benedict to hospital - where the teenager died.

In a statement released to NBC News, a lawyer representing the Benedict family drew attention to what they described as "the devastating effects of bullying and school violence".

They called the death a "preventable tragedy", adding: "The Benedict Family calls on all school, local, state and national officials to join forces to determine why this happened, to hold those responsible to account and to ensure it never happens again."

The latest police statement says preliminary autopsy information indicates that the teenager "did not die as a result of trauma".

Owasso police said they would not comment further until the results of toxicology and other test results were received. An official autopsy report has been promised at a later date.

The school has not confirmed if Benedict was bullied for their gender identity but said in a statement to ABC News that "bullying in any form is unacceptable".

It added: "We take reports of bullying very seriously and have policies and procedures in place to address such behaviour." What has the reaction been?

Benedict has been mourned around the country. Two vigils were held in Oklahoma on Friday night, with more than a dozen scheduled in cities across the US on Monday.

An online fundraiser that was launched to cover funeral costs has raised more than $150,000 (£118,000). A message of thanks from Sue Benedict said she had not been expecting "the love from everyone".

White House press secretary Karen Jean-Pierre called Benedict's death "a tragedy", adding: "Every kid should feel safe and should feel protected when they go to school."

Advocacy group Freedom Oklahoma said the facts of the incident were still being established, but that members of the LGBT community had been receiving increased hostility "fuelled by state law and the rhetoric around it, words and actions of our state elected officials".

Campaigners have criticised laws in Oklahoma which ban students from using school toilets and changing rooms that do not align with their sex at birth.

Ryan Walters, Oklahoma's public school superintendent, told the New York Times that Benedict's death was a tragedy, but restated his view of gender identity: "There's not multiple genders. There's two. That's how God created us."

Calls from the state to Rainbow Youth Project USA - a crisis hotline for young LGBT people - have spiked by more than 500%, its director told the AP news agency.

8 News Now — Las Vegas published January 18, 2024: Clark County grand jury expected to indict 4 teens accused of beating Rancho highschooler to death. A Clark County grand jury is expected to indict four teenagers accused of beating a Rancho High School classmate to death in November. Damien Hernandez, 17; Gianni Robinson, 17; Dontral Beaver, 16; and Treavion Randolph, 16, are four of eight teenagers accused in the death of 17-year-old Jonathan Lewis. They are the only defendants who were certified out of the juvenile system to the adult system.
FOX5 Las Vegas published January 25, 2024: Four of the nine teenagers accused of the beating death of a Rancho High School student were formally charged with murder and conspiracy Thursday morning.

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