February 16, 2024

USA: 60yo Man Arrested For A Running Brothel Out Of His Home In San Leandro, East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. The Man Is Charged With Prostitution And Human Trafficking.


KRON4 published February 16, 2024: Alleged brothel busted in San Leandro residential neighborhood. KRON4's Philippe Djegal reports.

KRON4 News
written by Philippe Djegal
Friday February 16, 2024

An alleged brothel was busted in the East Bay. Earlier this week, arrests were made in a residential San Leandro neighborhood in connection to pimping, prostitution and human trafficking.

Within walking distance of the marina and a golf course in a quiet residential part of town, one street in San Leandro was swarming with police Monday. Investigators served a search warrant on a three-bedroom, 1,200-square-foot home just a few doors down from neighbor Walter Taylor.

Taylor says he spoke with neighbors who believed the operation was a drug bust. However, the San Leandro Police Department confirms three people were arrested in connection with allegedly running a brothel out of the house.

“I saw one police officer took a young woman in handcuffs and put her in the backseat of the car,” Taylor said.

Police say a 60-year-old man, a 34-year-old woman and a 35-year-old woman were taken into custody — although only the man is facing charges: felonies related to prostitution and human trafficking.

Neighbors who spoke off-camera say they have noticed random men frequently showing up to and leaving the home over the past year. In posts on social media, police credit the community for helping with tips on this case.

“Usually, this is a pretty quiet neighborhood. The same people had lived here for many many years,” Taylor said.

The suspect is in custody at the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin. Police declined to share whether or not trafficking victims were recovered.
NBC News Bay Area published February 15, 2024: Some residents in one San Leandro neighborhood are reacting after learning that one of their neighbors was allegedly operating a brothel out of his home. Pete Suratos reports.

NBC Bay Area
written by Pete Suratos
Thursday February 15, 2024

Some residents in one San Leandro neighborhood are reacting after learning that one of their neighbors was allegedly operating a brothel out of his home.

But Oscar Ramos said he was not surprised as he described some suspicious activity surrounding a home over the past year.

“They would come in, spend 20 or 30 minutes in the house and leave,” he said.

Ramos added where he lives is a quiet residential neighborhood and the unusual car traffic over the past year has stood out.

“It will happen sometimes all day long, nonstop. Sometimes, nothing happens all through the day and then, at night, it comes alive,” he said.

Ramos told NBC Bay Area Thursday that people hopping out of the cars only added to his suspicion.

“It was scary because some people wander around, looking for the address. I talked to couple of them and asked them ‘what are you looking for?’ They could never... ‘Ah! I’m looking for a friend,’” he said.

One surveillance video showed San Leandro police arriving in the neighborhood earlier this week, after they obtained a search warrant for the house.

They arrested 60-year-old Jianhua Chen in connection with operating a home brothel.

Police said that surveillance was conducted on the home following several reports from residents regarding suspicious activity.

Ramos said that he was one of the residents who reached out to police.

“It was very concerning, very concerning. There's families that live around here with little kids,” he said.

Chen is currently in custody at Santa Rita Jail, facing charges of pimping and houses of prostitution.

Ramos told NBC Bay Area that he is feeling a sense of relief. But he added he still has concerns that the activity may be taking place elsewhere in the city.

“I’m scared that this is not the only place that's happening. I wish I’m wrong. But I think this is happening in another neighborhood just like this one right now,” Ramos said.

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