February 15, 2024

USA: 2 Teens Arrested For Mass Shooting That Happened Because Of A Dispute At Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl Win Parade. They Killed One Lady, Injured 22 Others. 11 Shot Are Children.

UPDATE 2/22/24 at 12:17pm: Added info below.

GlobalAwareness101 published 2 Adults Arrested and Charged With 4 Felonies Including 2nd Degree Murder. Fyi... FOX4 interviewed one victim shot in the neck who says his friend Dominic Miller was only trying to protect him at the KC Chiefs rally. But now he's charged with four felonies including second-degree murder of Local radio station KKFI DJ Lisa Lopez, host of Taste of Tejano.

I stitched another video of a guy with Trump Derangement Syndrome blaming the shooting on Fox and White Supremacists who hate Taylor Swift.

UPDATE 2/20/24 at 2:12pm: Added video below.
KCTV5 News pubilshed February 20, 2024: Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker will give an update on the Championship rally shooting investigation. Two adults charged in rally shooting. Lyndell Mays and Dominic Miller will be charged with 2nd degree murder, unlawful use of weapon, armed criminal action. Evidence shows Mr. Miller's firearm struck Lisa Lopez-Galvan.


WRAL News published Feb 15, 2024: Kansas City Super Bowl celebration shooting stemmed from personal dispute. Police Chief Stacey Graves said that the 22 people injured in the shooting ranged between the ages of 8 and 47 years old, half of whom were younger than the age of 16. A mother of two was killed.
NewsNation published Feb 14, 2024: Witness of Chiefs parade shooting describes suspect. Shots were fired Wednesday near the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl rally, police said. Parade attender Alyssa Marsh-Contreras captured video of her dad Paul Contreras, who reportedly tackled the alleged shooter before police arrived.
This is one teen shooter.
I couldn't find coverage of the other teen shooter.
The older guy wearing red sweats was released from custody.
UPDATE 2/16/24:  I added these two pics of other two teen shooters.
Interesting that the gray hoodie guy was in my original pics
I shared with you but didn't even see him.
CBS Evening News published February 15, 2024 2 juveniles detained in Kansas City Super Bowl parade shooting.

CBS News
written by Alex Sundby, Jordan Freiman, Elias Lopez
Thursday February 15, 2024

Two people detained in the wake of the deadly shooting at the end of Wednesday's parade celebrating the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl win are juveniles, authorities said Thursday. Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves said no charges have been filed yet and the investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

"We are working to determine the involvement of others," Graves said. "... We want to make sure that anyone that was responsible for yesterday is brought to justice."

A third person who was detained Wednesday was no longer being held, police said Thursday. The chief urged witnesses to the shooting and people with video footage of the incident to contact authorities.

What was the motive for the Kansas City shooting?

The preliminary findings from the investigation are that the shooting doesn't have any connection to terrorism or homegrown violent extremism, Graves said. Instead, the shooting appeared to stem from a dispute between several people, she said.

Investigators were looking into whether there's a connection between the people detained in the shooting, Graves said. Several firearms has been recovered in the investigation, the chief said.

At least one person was killed and multiple people, including young children and teens, were wounded in the shooting near Union Station at the conclusion of the Chiefs' Super Bowl victory parade, officials said.

The woman who died in the shooting has been identified as Lisa Lopez-Galvan, 43, a local radio host.

"We are still learning about her, but know that she is beloved by many," Graves said. "To her friends and family, we are with you, and we are working tirelessly to investigate her murder."

Authorities haven't identified the people who were detained. Authorities can continue detaining them for 24 hours before deciding whether to file charges or release them, Graves said Thursday morning.

"My focus right now and what is most important to us is to make sure that everything in this case is presented for a successful prosecution," the chief said. "... We have all intentions of presenting charges."

At least 22 other people were wounded in the shooting, Graves said. Kansas City Fire Department Chief Ross Grundyson said first responders treated eight patients in critical condition, seven in serious condition and six had minor injuries.

At University Health, two patients were in critical condition and one in stable condition, Executive Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Mark Steele told reporters Thursday. Five other patients were released Wednesday evening.

Dr. Dustin Neel said one of the patients in critical condition survived because of the speed of first responders. "Had he had not made it here as fast as he had, he might not be with us now," Neel told reporters. "He sustained extremely life-threatening injuries."

Graves said Thursday that the people injured in the shooting ranged between the ages of 8 and 47 years old, and half of the victims were under the age of 16.

The people detained by authorities were taken into custody shortly after the shooting, including one suspect who was arrested after being chased by police shortly after the shots were fired, Graves said Wednesday. The chief on Thursday thanked those attending the celebration who stopped a person who was believed to be involved in the shooting.

Mayor Quinton Lucas told reporters that the city still plans to hold a parade next month to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

"We'll do everything that we can, both as a city and working with our state and federal partners, to see that we can help avoid these types of situations," Lucas said. "Unfortunately, this is not the first shooting at a parade in our country or rally."

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