February 11, 2024

RUSSIA: Independent Journalist Tucker Carlson Interviewed Vladimir Putin In Moscow, Russia On February 6th, 2024. Ukraine Put Tucker Carlson On Hit List For Interviewing Putin In Russia.

UPDATE 2/12/24 at 5:06pm: Added video below.

Tucker Carlson Network published February 12, 2024: Tucker Carlson's First Discussion Since Putin Interview. Independent Journalist Tucker Carlson speaks at the 2024 World Government Summit in Dubai.

Tucker Carlson Network publishes February 8, 2024: EXCLUSIVE Tucker Carlson interviews Vladimir Putin in Moscow, Russia. February 6th, 2024.
GlobalAwareness101 published Ukraine Put Tucker Carlson On Hit List For Interviewing Putin In Russia.

I stitched several videos together starting with a video showing Ukraine adding Tucker Carlson to hit list for interviewing Putin in Russia. Then Hillary Clinton calls Tucker Carlson "a useful idiot" to the American First Conservatives pissed off Tucker is interviewing Putin because they want to continue sending 100s of billions of dollars to Ukraine forever, and more related clips added in.

Interesting how "America First" Patriot influencers such as Sebastian Gorka, Mark Levine, Ben Shapiro are allied with the deep state America hating globalists on this matter. That's a red flag for me. Also, don't forget they casually brushed off the actual Nazis in Ukraine as if it were no big deal. The same way they brushed off Israeli government allowing Hamas terrorists cross into highly secured Israeli border, massacre and kidnap Israelis UNABATED for 6-8 STRAIGHT LONG HOURS while watching on their Israeli government defense surveillance cameras.

UPDATE 2/12/24 at 5:19pm: Israel sacrificed their own people to do what they're doing in Gaza right now, bombing infrastructure and flattening entire neighborhoods to smithereens. Now suddenly Israeli government wants to kill all of Hamas? Why did the Israeli government LET HAMAS INTO THEIR COUNTRY? And why did the Israeli government ALLOW HAMAS TO SLAUGHTER THEIR OWN PEOPLE for up to 8 hours straight with NO HELP? If you ask me, I believe Israeli government, who I'm just now realizing are Illuminati Kabbalist Jews, were working with Hamas to plan this "invasion" through their HIGHLY SECURED BORDER. There is no way Israel was "caught off guard" and "overwhelmed". More bs lies just like the Ukraine lies they've been pushing on us like a trance like do not question us spell or how dare you question us spell.

The usual "America First conservative" characters Mark Levine, Ben Shapiro and Sebastian Gorka were heard on their shows beating anyone over the head with a bat, figuratively speaking, by calling anyone who questioned the Ukraine war and who now questions the Israel war, an anti-semite, or an idiot, or stupid, or uneducated racists. Why are we not allowed to question WHY THE ISRAELI GOVERNMENT DIDN'T DO SHIT TO HELP THEIR OWN PEOPLE FROM BEING SLAUGHTERED FOR UP TO 8 F-ING HOURS! I think that's not something to brush off like these "conservative" influencers have been doing since October 7. The death toll from the Hamas led attacks INSIDE Israel stands at 1,139 civilians and military. The death toll from Israel led attacks inside Gaza stands at 28,340. Netanyahu just said on the news yesterday 2/11 that most of the Palestinians killed are Hamas terrorists. So basically, Israeli government sees all of the Gazan men, women, and children as Hamas terrorists. That's bad. Israeli government does not see Gazan civilians in this conflict. They consider every living being in Gaza to Hamas terrorists.
GlobalAwareness101 published CNN, Erin Burnett refers to Tucker Carlson as far-right MAGA leader. My gosh. 🙄 I stitched several videos together.
GlobalAwareness101 published Lara Logan Drops Truth Bombs About Russia Ukraine and Deep State Lies.
GlobalAwareness101 published NYT Defends Azov Battalion Nazis in Ukraine. Briahna Joy Gray and Robbie Soave talk this their show called Rising on The Hill YouTube channel.

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