January 21, 2024

WORLD: Famous Indian Yogi Wants To Depopulate Humans. WEF Speaker Says Farming, Fishing Is Ecocide And Wants It To Be A Crime. John Kerry Says No One Can Stop NO CARBON Environment.

GlobalAwareness101 published Famous Indian Yogi Sadhguru Wants To Depopulate Humans. Fyi... this "spiritual leader" with a massive global following is grossed out by so many human beings on this planet. He doesn't hide his disdain either. In fact, he's very vocal about it. And according to MindEyeSpirit.com: Sadhguru is a former businessman turned spiritual teacher who has a staggering net worth of $25 million as of 2024.
GlobalAwareness101 published WEF Speaker Says Farming And Fishing Is Ecocide And Wants It To Be A Crime. Make it stop... uuuggghhh 😳😧😩🥺😡
GlobalAwareness101 published John Kerry Speech On Jan 16, 2023. Says No One Can Stop No Carbon Environment.

Think about what he is saying... he and the other NWO globalist psychopaths want a no carbon environment. Say what?

ALL living things on this planet are carbon based lifeforms.

We exhale the carbon they want to get rid of.

Nature inhales carbon and then trees exhale oxygen for humans to survive.

They're f-ing insane AND not human. It's like their creating an environment whatever the heck the are can survive comfortably. They are adapting our environment for their species.
GlobalAwareness101 published WEF Founder Says No Need For Elections Because They Can Predict Results.
GlobalAwareness101 published Club of Rome NWO depopulation agenda.

These are the Commie globalist psychopaths censoring us who oppose their diabolical scheme to depopulate human beings and keep those still living under totalitarian rule.

It is not a theory. It's an actual conspiracy against humanity.

I typed a transcript for you:

I can speak honestly. So usually speaking something which happened in the past could happen again, generally. That could happen or epidemics. I don't know what it will be. But in one way or another we are so far, globally, we are so far above the population and the consumption levels which can be supported by this planet. But I know one way or another it's going to come back down. I DON'T HOPE TO AVOID THAT.

I hope that it can occur in a civil way. And I mean civil in a special way, peaceful. Peaceful doesn't mean that everyone is happy. The planet can support something like a billion people. Maybe 2 billion DEPENDING ON HOW MUCH LIBERTY, AND HOW MUCH MATERIAL CONSUMPTION YOU WANT TO HAVE.

If you want more liberty and more consumption, you have to have fewer people. Conversely, you can have more people, I mean we can even have 8 or 9 billion probably IF WE HAVE A VERY STRONG DICTATORSHIP which is smart. But if you have a very strong dictatorship and A LOW STANDARD OF LIVING.

But we want to have freedom and we want to have a high standard of living, SO WE'RE GOING TO HAVE ONE BILLION PEOPLE and we're now at 7 billion. SO WE HAVE TO GET BACK DOWN. I hope that this can be slow. Relatively slow. And that it can be done in a way which is relatively equal. So that people share the experience. But THAT'S WHAT LIES AHEAD. 
Bright Insight published July 9, 2022: There is WAYYY more to this story. Why was it cleaned up so fast. Where’s the full forensic investigation? WHO originally financed these stones? And WHAT is in the time-capsule?? The destroyed Georgia Guidestones and the explosion that damaged them is the smallest part of the story...
Wired.com pdf file: The ten-part Guidestones message itself is explained directly by “the mysterious sponsors behind The Georgia Guidestones®” (whenever “The Georgia Guidestones” appears in the pamphlet, it is accompanied by a registered trademark symbol, which seems to betray the commercial intentions of the document quite clearly) in a five-page essay called “The Purpose.” The inscriptions call quite clearly for a radical population reduction (to a mere 500 million people worldwide; in 1980 the global population was already nearly 4.5 billion), for humanity to “guide reproduction wisely, improving fitness and diversity,” and for a universal human language and a new respect for nature. The sinister first pair of commandments have more than a whiff of old-fashioned American eugenics, which, along with the command for a universal language, would certainly raise alarm bells in socially-conservative late-1970s Georgia. In the very first paragraphs of “The Purpose,” the makers cite a need for “a global rule of reason” and “a rational world society,” two harbingers of the kind of one-world government that had long frightened postwar American arch-conservatives.

The language of “The Purpose” echoes much of the discourse in the 1970s about a New Age arriving, and asserts that humanity is finally ready for such an advancement: “Human reason is now awakening to its strength.” This concept of a planet mature enough to usher in a one-world government, thanks to achievements in reason and science, is a common narrative element in much of Cold War UFO lore. The specter of nuclear annihilation hovers over “The Purpose” as the main threat to humanity’s advancement; “The Purpose” clearly implies that the Guidestones’ message offers “alternatives to Armageddon.” Building a resilient time capsule for the future, one that could survive both the aeons and the possibility of nuclear or climate catastrophe, was evidently a major consideration in the physical design and construction of the Guidestones (echoing the work that would be done in think tanks in the next decade to design monuments to protect nuclear waste from future generations’ curiosity).

“The Purpose” spends nearly two pages defending its population control policy from common political, cultural, and religious objections. Concerns about overpopulation were very timely in the 1970s: the the Club of Rome‘s report The Limits to Growth was published in 1972, and a constant theme throughout popular culture and media throughout the 1970s was an overpopulated and underfed future. The makers of the Guidestones propose that reproduction and parenting be “regulated”: “The wishes of human couples are important, but not paramount.” Coincidental in 1979 with the Georgia Guidestones project was the introduction of the People’s Republic of China’s “one-child policy,” which follows the hopes of “The Purpose” that “every national government develop immediately a considered ‘Population Policy’,” which would “take precedence over other problems, even those relating to national defense.” Later on within the booklet, an “independent” interpretation of the Guidestones’ message is provided by one Dr. Francis Merchant, a local Elberton citizen and English Ph.D. who died after the erection of the monuments but before the publication of the booklet. His assessments are more matter-of-fact than those of “The Purpose,” but take into consideration the cultural and political changes that would be necessary to live up to the aspirations of the Guidestones (along with dropping a tantalizingly Masonic reference or two: deeming God to be “the Great Architect,” for example).

dated September 13, 2021
[source: StrangeSounds.org]

The Club of Rome, founded 1968, is one of a number of organisations founded or funded by David Rockefeller to further the cause of global government, including the United Nations – anyone who doubts that the United Nations is a globalist project need only look at the funding of its constituent organisations (try UN Women). Members of the Club of Rome have included some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world, e.g. CNN founder Ted Turner, George Soros, Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and Prince Philip (extensive list here).

There is no direct evidence to show who commissioned the Georgia Guidestones. The circumstantial evidence that the Guidestones are a Club of Rome / United Nations project is, however, overwhelming.

Unlimited resources: The Guidestone project was extremely carefully planned, with money no object.

The goals: The goals set out in the Guidestones are closely aligned with the goals and projects of the ‘Club of Rome’, now more often referred to as the ‘globalists’, or the ‘global elite’. The goals of the Club of Rome are, or were at the time of the Guidestones’ erection:

World government by an elite, facilitated by
Environmentalism at the expense of humanity, and World religion.

Maurice Strong: protégé and close associate of David Rockefeller for over 50 years, several times Under-Secretary of the United Nations and mooted to be Secretary-General at one time, Maurice Strong provides an essential link to the Guidestones in that he has been a major force in promoting at UN level policies relating to New Age Religion, environmentalism and global government.

The timing: The Georgia Guidestones were requisitioned just a couple of years after Maurice Strong established a New Age religious centre in Colorado.

10 Commandments: The concept of 10 moral precepts, associated with the Old Testament, is echoed elsewhere by Club of Rome members. Ted Turner drew up what he termed 10 voluntary initiatives, which included population control (though expressed fairly moderately), resolutions to care for the environment in various ways, but also for humanity. There are two references to supporting the United Nations – almost as though the UN is a substitute for the jealous God of the Old Testament.

The sponsors of the Earth Charter, Maurice Strong and Mikhail Gorbachev, have both referred to the Earth Charter as a new ‘Ten Commandments’ to guide the new age ‘global spirituality.

“The Ark of Hope is aptly named. The believers in the “earth-friendly” propaganda of enviro-socialism can only hope that elitist central planners like Rockefeller, Strong and Gorbachev actually have the interests of the peasants in mind. Anyone who studies history can be confident that they do not, and never did. This packaging of the Earth Charter clearly indicates that the promoters intend for it to be adopted as a matter of faith and hope rather than reason.” (The Earth Charter and the Ark of Hope)

The corporate-funded climate action group Extinction Rebellion, founded in 2018, is continuing the theme of New Age spiritualism, with a taste for mystical routines and weird costumes. However, whether the New Spirituality is intended to be just a select club, or whether it is supposed to embrace all of humanity, and if so whether it is working, is open for debate – while climatism and compliance to the globalist narratives are often said to be cults, they reflect intellectual enslavement rather than anything spiritual.

‘… the resultant ideal sustainable population is hence more than 500 million but less than one billion’, Club of Rome, Goals for Mankind, 1976.

‘World population needs to be decreased by 50%’, Henry Kissinger, member of CoR.

‘A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal’, Ted Turner, founder of CNN, major UN donor, member of CoR.

Environmentalism At the Expense of Humanity

“The Earth has cancer and the cancer is Man.” Club of Rome, Mankind at the Turning Point, 1974

The emphasis on reducing population for the good of humanity is largely gone, and the focus is now on the greater claims of the environment. The two prongs of the environmentalist strategy are:

The concept of biodiversity, which has to take precedence over other rights, even (especially) of human life; The Rockefeller catastrophic anthropogenic global warming narrative.

Each of these facilitate the forced movement of people away from the countryside or the coast into high density cities, conducive to depopulation and to loss of private ownership.

Maurice Strong and other Rockefeller assets were involved in numerous conferences and reports focusing on the impact of humanity on the environment, from the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment in 1972 to Rio Earth Summit (UNCED) 1992.

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