January 27, 2024

WORLD: Excessive Deaths Being Recorded Around The World. Dr. Peter McCullough One Of The Most Published Cardiologists In The World Explains Over 17M Worldwide Have Now Died Suddenly.

ericmoutsos published January 19, 2024: Millions Have Died Suddenly- Dr. Peter McCullough and Eric Moutsos. Dr. Peter McCullough is one of the most published cardiologists in the world. He explains that over 600K Americans and over 17M worldwide have now died suddenly due to the Covid-19 "vaccine"...

All of the references, including the Vax Detox (The McCullough Protocol) can be found at https://www.petermcculloughmd.com/

The Jimmy Dore Show published January 26, 2024: People Are WINNING Vaccine Mandate Lawsuits! w/ Dr. Pierre Kory. Lawyers are drawing up and filing an increasing number of lawsuits against employers for firing or otherwise punishing employees for failing to get the COVID vaccine. These lawsuits could result in BILLIONS in damages and represent one of the few ways critics can push back against the rabidly pro-vaxx establishment. Jimmy and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger speak with Dr. Kory about how even the Biden administration is running away from defending mandates.
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The Jimmy Dore Show published January 25, 2024: Doctors Were BRIBED To Push Covid Vaccines! Newly uncovered emails reveal that health care organizations like Anthem Blue Cross were literally bribing doctors to encourage their patients to take the COVID vaccines. Jimmy and Americans' Comedian Kurt Metzger speak with Dr. Pierre Kory about this controversial practice and how these sorts of "incentives" undermine the entire medical profession.
The Jimmy Dore Show published January 27, 2024: Mainstream Media FINALLY Covers Excess Deaths! The untold story of excess deaths the past few years that CAN’T be attributed to COVID has flown under the radar despite being critically important. But now Fox News has covered the story, and that may lead to a wider discussion of the topic in the mainstream media. Or maybe not. Jimmy, along with Due Dissidence host Russell Dobular and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger, discuss why so many mainstream corporate outlets would shun conversation about this subject.

GlobalAwareness101 published Compilation How They Treated Unvaccinated. Then Denied Being Forced. Never forget how they treated the unvaccinated people who didn't believe their bs science. I'm putting this out there as a reminder since it looks like same people are preparing to put us through this again, round 2.
GlobalAwareness101 published Media Called Unvaxxed Cult Members And Shamed Us.
GlobalAwareness101 published Never Forget How They Treated The Unvaccinated Who Questioned BS Science.

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