December 28, 2023

USA: Prominent LGBTQ-Activist First Openly Gay Mayor Of College Park, MD Serving 4 Terms Was Sentenced To 150 Years With 120 Years SUSPENDED After Pleading Guilty For Distributing Child Porn.


NBC4 Washington published November 21, 2023: Former College Park mayor sentenced for child sex abuse material. Patrick Wojahn, a former mayor of College Park, Maryland, was sentenced Monday to three decades in prison. He pleaded guilty earlier this year to to 140 charges of possessing and distributing child pornography. News4’s Darcy Spencer reports.
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NBC4 reporter, "Patrick Wojahn sentenced to 30 years behind bars for possessing and distributing images and videos of chidren. Some of them INFANTS and TODDLERS STILL IN DIAPERS being raped and sexually abused. Prosecutors say this was not a victimless crime." Aisha Braveboy, Prince George's County State's Attorney said, "His sentence instructs us that child pornography is not simply about images. It's about the pain behind the images."

NBC4 reporter continues, "Prosecutors say they were able to identify 52 of the hundred children depicted in the videos. They spoke at length about the horrific abuse and how his role in viewing and sharing those videos helped revictimize the children and create a market for the material. They say at least one of the known victims died by suicide. Wojahn did not create any of the material or have contact with any of the victims." Jess Garth, Prince George's Co Assistant State Attorney said, "They have to live with what happened to them for the rest of their lives and also live with the knowledge other people around the world will continue to view that abuse."


Aisha Braveboy, Prince George's County State's Attorney said, "His plea was fair. It was within guidelines and it was appropriate." What?! 😧
FOX 5 Washington DC published November 20, 2023: Former College Park mayor will serve 30 years in prison on child porn charges. The disgraced former Mayor of College Park is going to prison for 30 years. Patrick Wojahn was sentenced Monday to 150 behind bars with 120 suspended after pleading guilty to dozens of child porn charges.
WJZ published November 20, 2023: Former Maryland mayor Patrick Wojahn sentenced to 30 years in prison for child sexual abuse material.
FOX 5 Washington DC published Mar 6, 2023: College Park mayor facing child pornography charges expected in court Monday. The now former mayor of College Park, 47-year-old Patrick Wojahn, is expected in court Monday.
I'm resharing this FOX5 news report from March 2023, because it has additional information not included in any of the recent articles or videos. (emphasis mine)
FOX5 News, Washington DC local
written by Maureen Umeh
Monday March 6, 2023

COLLEGE PARK, Md. - The now former mayor of College Park, 47-year-old Patrick Wojahn, is expected in court Monday.

Wojahn is charged with dozens of counts of child pornography. His arrest and charges sent shock waves through the College Park community and beyond.

Wojahn had been mayor for seven years and a council member for eight years before that.

He faces up to 360 years in prison after being charged by Prince George's County Police with 40 counts of possession of child exploitative material and 16 counts of distribution of child exploitative material.

Wojahn resigned as mayor on Wednesday night just before being arrested on Thursday morning.

According to court documents, Wojahn used the social media site KIK to upload and distribute child pornography.

The disgusting photos and videos of sexual content were posted in January.

Police say on February 17, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children notified PGPD that a social media account in Prince George's County distributed suspected child pornography in January. Police say they investigated the matter and found the social media account with the screen name "skippy_md" belonged to Wojahn. Investigators believe Wojahn was using a virtual private network (VPN) to mask his location when accessing the social media account.

Investigators say they linked the social media account to Wojahn after a subpoena revealed that his College Park government email address was listed as the recovery email for the account. They also discovered Wojahn's phone number and home IP address were linked to the account.

Detectives served a search warrant at Wojahn's home on February 28, recovering multiple cell phones, a storage device, a tablet and a computer. According to court documents, investigators discovered several pieces of child pornography involving prepubescent boys on the devices.

FOX 5 spoke with a neighbor who says the alleged crime is sickening to hear. "Wow. I mean that’s so close to home, and he had a persona of a decent person," the neighbor said. "It’s sickening. I mean the world’s sick right now."

While upset, the neighbor said he was not necessarily stunned to hear the news. "Not really," when asked if he was surprised. "Because he just seemed a little weird."

The city of College Park released a statement saying they are shocked and disturbed by the allegations

Wojahn will be in court in Upper Marlboro Monday morning.
Nate The Lawyer published December 28, 2023: Town's First Openly Gay Mayor Gets 30 Years In Federal Prison.

Washington Blade, Americas LGBTQ News Source
written by Lou Chibbaro Jr.
Tuesday November 21, 2023 👈CURRENT

A Prince George’s County Circuit Court judge on Monday, Nov. 20, sentenced gay former College Park Mayor Patrick Wojahn to 30 years of incarceration at an emotional three-and-a-half-hour long sentencing hearing that took place more than three months after Wojahn pleaded guilty to 140 counts of child pornography-related charges as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors.

In agreeing to carry out the plea agreement, Judge Karen Mason sentenced Wojahn to 150 years in prison, with 120 years suspended, requiring that he serve 30 years.

The judge and prosecutors pointed out that under Maryland’s sentencing rules Wojahn will be eligible to apply for release on parole after serving 25 percent of the 30-year sentence, which could result in his release after seven and a half years.

The sentencing followed news that surfaced in March of this year, which shocked Wojahn’s friends and longtime political supporters, that he had been arrested after police raided his College Park home and confiscated multiple cell phones, a tablet, computer, and a storage device containing video and still images, leading to two indictments alleging possession and distribution of child pornography.

The 140 counts to which he pleaded guilty include 60 counts of distribution of child porn, 40 counts of possession of child porn, and 40 counts of possession of child pornography with intent to distribute it.

He announced his resignation as mayor, a position he held since 2015, shortly before his arrest.

Wojahn’s husband, mother, sister, and 13 friends testified at the sentencing hearing. Most told the judge they understood the seriousness of the charges against their loved one and friend but called on the judge to take into consideration the good that Wojahn has done as a family member, friend, and elected official over his lifetime. Several of the friends said mental health issues and an addiction problem had played a role in Wojahn’s actions and urged the judge to arrange for him to receive mental health related services.

Among those who testified were Sister Jeannine Gramick, a Roman Catholic nun who co-founded the LGBT Catholic support organization New Ways Ministry, and Francis DeBernardo, the current executive director of New Ways Ministry. Also testifying was Thomas Bower, an official with the LGBT Catholic organization Dignity Washington, of which Wojahn has been a participant.

Judge Mason said she would refer Wojahn, who has been held without bond since the time of his arrest in March of this year, to the Patuxent Institution, a maximum-security correctional facility located in Jessup, Md., that specializes in providing mental health services for its male and female inmates.

Mason also included in her sentencing a requirement that Wojahn serve five years of supervised probation upon his release from incarceration, register as a sex offender, and have no unsupervised contact with minors.

The testimony from family members and friends came after P.G. County Assistant State’s Attorneys Jessica Garth and Monica Meyers argued that those who possess and distribute child pornography are responsible for the suffering of victims of child sex abuse who are forced to take part in the production of child porn video and still images, even though, as in Wojahn’s case, the perpetrators do not produce the images and don’t directly come into contact with the children depicted in the images.

Police and prosecutors have alleged in charging documents that Wojahn had uploaded and/or shared dozens of videos or still images on the social media app Kik depicting explicit sexual acts between adult men and prepubescent boys, depicting prepubescent boys engaging in sex with each other, or engaging in masturbation.

In a development that surprised some attending the sentencing hearing, the two prosecutors disclosed that with the help of law enforcement officials and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, they identified 52 of the juveniles who were depicted in the video or still photo images that police had confiscated from Wojahn’s home. At a press conference following the sentencing hearing, prosecutor Meyers said the 52 then children who were identified, most of whom are now adults, were from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and several European countries, including Germany, Russia, Portugal, and the United Kingdom.

Through information obtained from law enforcement officials in the U.S. and internationally, the two P.G. County prosecutors said they obtained statements from or case reports for about 42 of the individuals listed as victims and presented those statements at the sentencing hearing by projecting them on two large screens in the courtroom. Meyers read each of the statements as they were projected, with most of the victims saying they suffered long-lasting harmful effects from being forced as children to take part in the production of pornographic images.

Meyers said while prosecutors presented victim impact statements for about 40 of the juveniles who were identified in the porn videos and still images, Wojahn had possession and helped to distribute images of “hundreds more on his devices” who were not identified.

In an effort to highlight the large numbers of sexually abused juveniles in the videos or still images in Wojahn’s possession, Meyers pointed to a photo that the prosecutors displayed on the large video screen in the courtroom during Monday’s sentencing hearing of a junior high school in College Park located near where Wojahn lived.

“That his own elementary school a half a mile from his house has less than 500 students who attended, he had more victims than that on his telephone,” Meyers said at the press conference. “And on his device, he had memorialized more than 500 victims who were sexually abused, raped, and tortured,” she said.

“These are not victimless crimes, even though the victim is separated from the person who’s abusing them by a computer screen,” Assistant State’s Attorney Garth said at the press conference. “They are real people. They experience real damage, psychological and physical damage,” she said. “And they have to live with what happened to them for the rest of their lives.”

P.G. County State’s Attorney Aisha Braveboy, who called the press conference, thanked the team of prosecutors and police investigators who worked on the Wojahn case.

“No child deserves to be sexually abused,” Braveboy said. “No child deserves their images to be displayed on the internet or any platform for hundreds of thousands and possibly millions of people to view,” she said. “And so, in accepting this plea agreement, we are satisfied that Mayor Wojahn understood the seriousness of his actions and wanted to take responsibility.”

Wojahn, who was dressed in an orange prison jumpsuit, was the last to speak at the hearing before Mason issued her sentence. Due to the fact that Wojahn and many of the others who spoke at the hearing were not using microphones, much of what was said could not be heard clearly.

“I want to give an apology,” he could be heard saying. “I don’t know what happened. I can’t explain what changed me,” he continued, weeping while speaking. “I want to apologize to all my friends. I apologize to my family,” he said. He then turned to look at his husband, Dave Kolesar, and expressed his love for his husband. Both were crying as Wojahn spoke.

“I hope what I went through will help others who need help, get help,” he said. “I do hope I will be able to recover fully myself. I hope others will know recovery is possible.”

Wojahn’s attorney, David Moyse, pointed out that Wojahn had cooperated fully with the investigation into his actions as soon as P.G. County police entered his house with a search warrant in March. Much of what Moyse said couldn’t be heard due to the faulty sound system in the courtroom, but he urged the judge to take into consideration all the positive aspects of Wojahn’s life.


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