December 17, 2023

ISRAEL: Unbelievable! Hebrew Media Reports Israeli Military Admits Its Helicopters Bombed Israeli Homes With Israelis Inside And Killed Israeli Hostages AND Lied About Mass Rapes On 10/7.

I was so upset when I first watched these videos a few days ago and heard that Israel military was ordered to massacre its own people indiscriminately. I needed to calm down before I sat down and typed these transcripts for you this afternoon. I realized it shouldn't come as a surprise knowing that the Israeli government actually told Pzifer and I'm paraphrasing, Israelis could be used as guinea pigs for the covid vaccine experiment rollout. Netanyahu actually bragged about it in an interview. He is Jewish right? What happened to never again? Then he was excited about the WEF and UN and WHO "Green Ditial Passports" being rolled out and how that was going to change everything. Then he was excited about fake meat being 3D printed at a laboratory and sold to replace real meat to "save the planet". He's Jewish right? I'm not Jewish and I know that fake meat is far from being KOSHER!

But I want to keep emphasizing my point made before that the Israeli government allowed Hamas terrorists to takeover territory inside of Israel at the Gaza-Israel border for 4-6 hours WITHOUT SENDING ANY HELP to its own people! To put this into perspective, how would you feel if the Mexican Drug Cartel took over a US-Mexico border town INSIDE OF THE US and was allowed to massacre Americans for 4 to 6 hours WITHOUT ANY RESCUE FROM OUR GOVERNMENT? Well that's what happened in Israel when Hamas terrorists attacked on October 7th.

NOW, I'm hearing that when the Israeli government responded in defense mode, they literally bombed the homes of their own people and killed the Israelis hiding out inside! and even massacred the Israeli hostages instead of rescueing them! My gosh.

And then I hear the mass rapes committed by Hamas terrorists ARE ALL LIES that the Israel propagandists keep repeating ad nauseam knowing everything they're deliberately misleading the public. 

I don't support Hamas terrorists at all. But I also don't support Israel outright lying about the atrocities  committed against Israelis to garnish sympathy. This reminds me of the Leftist fake hate crimes that happen quite frequently in America to garnish sympathy in support for their claims of being targets of White Supremacists or anti-Semites or Homophobia. I stand for doing the right thing. Just stop killing for the sake of killing. What the hell all I see is blood lust and Netanyahu acting more like a Lefitst Commie globalist than a "conservative" and so is the Israeli government and military. They all seemed aligned with WEF NWO ideologies.

I've always supported the nation of Israel. You can see that proof throughout my posts here since I started this GlobalAwareness101 blog in 2007. But everything I've learned recently just proves to me that Israel is just as bad as Hamas terrorists are. Both kill their people like fodder without any sympathy and then use that blood libel to accuse the other side to push propaganda. It's awful. I am really saddened by all this information and I also used to support Netanyahu. He had me fooled too. Not anymore.

And I can't go without mentioning that I was driving around running errands on Friday and listening to AM Talk Radio. Ben Shapiro's show happened to be on at the time. He kept repeating Hamas atrocities and then he actually said Israel has the most powerful military and something like don't mess with Israel. I'm paraphrasing here. I couldn't believe he had the balls to make that statement KNOWING Israel allowed Hamas terrorists to breach their highly secured border and ALLOWED Israelis to be massacred and supposedly raped by Hamas for up to 6 fricken hours WITHOUT ANY RESCUE PLANS and now I know the Israeli government even ordered Israeli military to bomb their own people. Israeli military is so powerful eh? Israel begs the United States for billions in aid and we see our own US representatives aquiescing to both Israel and Ukraine money demands.  Like wtf man? While they screw the American people and our own borders. The arrogance is astounding. Up there with Zelenskyy shitstain grifter. (emphasis mine)

UPDATE 12/19/23 at 4:39pm: I just want to point out there are Jewish people who worship El Shaddai, the Lord God almighty aka the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and there are non-practicing Jewish people looking for the meaning of life like most of humanity, and there are Jewish people who are called Messianic Jews because they believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and there are Jewish people who are Atheist, AND THEN there are those born Jewish but DO NOT worship El Shaddai, the Lord God almighty aka the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob like those who practice Jewish Kabbalah Mysticism esoteric black magic . They worship Lucifer aka Satan like the infamous Rothchilds who head the Illuminati, famous occultist Nostradamus who wrote prophecies using a bowl of water called a "magic mirror" getting help "seeing" from the dark underworld, famous master of darkness occultist Aleister Crowley, and Anton LaVey, creator of the Church of Satan and who wrote The Satanic Bible, etc. So please don't lump all Jewish people together. (emphasis mine)
The Grayzone published November 22, 2023: Israeli admits its helicopters killed Israelis on 10/7 The Grayzone's Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate discuss new Israeli police revelations vindicating their reporting about the events of October 7, and undermining those who branded them "conspiracy theorists."
I typed a partial transcript for you below:

Max Blumenthal: Haaretz called us conspiracy theorists for what we said about October 7th and now as usual it turns out we might have been on to something.

Aaron Mate: Yeah so, you've done reporting at the Grayzone and others have done this as well at Mondo Weiss and at the Electronic Intifada based on Israeli sources that people on October 7th who said to have been killed by Hamas or other Palestinian militants were in fact killed by friendly fire, fire by Israeli forces firing indiscriminately at some of the areas that were targeted on October 7th and for that you were called a conspiracy theorists including by Haaretz. But now, an official Israeli police investigation in Israel has confirmed exactly what you reported which is that an Israeli helicopter did hit Israeli citizens on October 7th.

Max Blumenthal: Yeah, in my piece at the Grayzone I pointed to testimony by helicoptor pilots and I'll show you some of the footage that I link to. This was published the day after October 7th by the Israeli military and you can see them targeting that was like a tuck tuck rick shaw going back into Gaza. They're targeting cars that are going from the area that the Nova Electronic Music Festival took place and Kibbutz Beeri and Kibbutz Raim which also have military bases in them. They're shooting people on foot and I pointed to testimony in my report at the Grayzone of Isreali helicoptor pilot speaking anonymously to Hebrew language media describing how they had no intelligence of what was taking place on the ground. They had no idea who was Israeli or who was Palestinian. They were just basically told to empty the tank of their cannons and their hellfire missiles and to destroy as many vehicles and people on the ground as possible. We have no idea, look at this target right here, we have no idea if they're Israeli or Palestinian. And who are these people? They don't know in the helicoptors. I quoted a helicoptor pilot telling Israel media that he actually fired on a home in Kibbutz Beeri that had captives inside. He said that he actually didn't know if he hit the home or not. He was trying to warn the captives inside. Well there they just blew up a car (watching video) and killed everyone inside. I mean this is horrible footage.

And now we know based on an Israeli police investigation that this helicoptor killed Israeli citizens, Israeli non-combatants. We know that. But here is what Hareetz had to say about us for reporting this, they called us liars of course. Just because it didn't support their narrative. "Denial of October 7th massacre is gaining pace online" (Haaretz headline). "Denial of Hamas atrocities is gaining traction as more and more people play down the terrorists responsibility for its brutal murders, rapes, and destruction." (excerpt from Haaretz article) Okay nobody, not me, anyone else Electronic Intifada, Mondo Weiss who reported on this denied that October 7th happened or that it was some kind of inside job or that Hamas militants killed people on October 7th. We didn't deny that. There is literally no evidence that sexual assault and rape took place. They have yet to produce any evidence. It's just something that they're just putting forward.

Now the Israeli Foreign Minister is appropriated the 'Me Too' movements 'believe all women' phrase to try to push this idea, impose the idea in the minds of Westerners that mass rape was committed. But beyond that what they're so upset about in this Haaretz piece...

Aaron Mate: But look at this headline quickly Max just on the issue of rape, "Amid war and urgent need to ID bodies, evidence of Hamas October 7th rapes slips away". So this is the Times of Israel reporting that they collected no physical evidence of rape from the bodies. Now does that mean it's impossible that rape happened? I mean anything is possible. But there's no evidence so far. There's witness testimony. But we know that in all these cases where you're trying to manufacture consent for committing atrocities against Gaza. It's quite possible that some of these witness testimonies were invented to basically justify that and suspicion of that is amplified by the fact that you have no physical evidence of rape. If you have no physcial evidence of rape then the burden of proof is on Israel to prove its claims of rape and so far they haven't.

Max Blumenthal: Yeah and based on all the other lies they've told about 40 beheaded babies, a baby baked in an oven, we have to doubt the most extreme claims. And so the helicoptor pilot were clearly killing people who are Palestinian and Israeli in this bid to prevent captives from being taken into Gaza.

The initial number given of those killed at the Nova Electronic Music Festival was 260. Now the Israeli police are saying 360 were killed. How should we account for that discrepancy? We could potentially deduce that that 100 that was added to this figure were people who were killed on their way into Gaza on the road into the Gaza strip who were not seen as part of the Electronic Music Festival and were there, how were they killed there? They were killed by helicoptors. That's something legitimate to deduce in my opinion.

Then you have all these scenes of burned cars. Burned cars that often contained charred bodies that were photographed afterwards and those photographs were then placed into the presentation by the Israeli Foreign Ministry and the Israeli military to foreign journalists to propagandize them Clockwork Orange style into supporting as you said Aaron Israel's genocidal assault on the Gaza strip. "This is Hamas' savagery look they burned all these people alive. Look at this!" But that's not what happened. 

Take a look. Compare those photos of charred bodies inside melted cars to the photos of the highway of death of Sadaam Hussein's Iraqi army in 1991 that was torched by the US Airforce on its way out of Kuwait and they're almost identical. Using the same kind of weapons from Apache helicoptors hellfire missiles and so on. So many of these photos show Hamas militants who were killed by Israel. Many of the photos are being put forward in these glitzy October 7th atrocity exhibitions. There was one in Hollywood with Gal Gadot, the Israeli actress fronted. And now Mark Regev, I think this is an interview with Medi Hassan, I don't have the video in front of me maybe you can pull it up. But Mark Regev, the Israeli government spokesman for Netanyahu has acknowledged that 1,400 were not killed on October 7th. The number is closer to 1,200 and the 200 that were added were actually Palestinians from Gaza who were killed and then just chalked up as Israelis. I pointed that out at my piece at the Grayzone that many of the photos of charred bodies in cars could have been Palestinians, militants and others who flowed in from Gaza. 

*****I JUMPED TO 12:09 minutes into the video*****

Max Blumenthal: Alright, Colonel Erez then responds, "they didn't bomb houses without permission. I myself, by the way, saw drones above every (Israeli) settlement as a computer image. We can watch from the command centers. So there's a big problem to deploy drones above your own territory if you don't know who the enemy is and who the settlement's patrol unit is and who our soldier's are."

So he's basically saying, we can't identify them from the air nor can we identify them with the Fleer system on the helicoptor gunship or the system on the drones. So it's impossible to distinguish. What he's saying is it's impossible to distinguish between Israeli non-combatants, Israeli soldiers, and Hamas militants on the ground.

*****I JUMPED TO 14:08 minutes into the video*****

Max Blumenthal: "And did it happen this time?" The Haaretz reporter asks, You know was the Hannibal directive deployed? (The Colonel) He says, "We don't know whether hostages were hit once the helicoptors and drones started to fire at the fence once they saw the mass traffic through the fence that was coming in and going out. But the Hannibal directive is intentional. If it was deployed it was an intentional act. If hostages were hit it was intentional." The Hannibal directive according to Colonel Eres, "was probably deployed because once you detect a hostage situation, this is Hannibal AND the Hannibal we've been drilling in the past 20 years was related to a vehicle you know at what point in the fence it comes in, on what side of the road it would move, and even on which road. So they prepared for this scenario. What we saw here was a mass Hannibal. There were many openings in the fence. Thousands of people on many different vehicles with hostages and without."

So there you have it from an Israeli Air Force Colonel, mass Hannibal, the mass targeting of Israeli non-combatants to prevent the scenario in which they'll become captives. So much for the anti-Semitic conspiracy now it's an anti-Semitic conspiracy fact Haaretz.

Aaron Mate: Yeah and you combine that with Israeli police investigation they didn't tell us how many Israelis were hit by Israeli helicoptors. But if a helicoptor is firing indiscriminately that's pretty lethal. And what's funny I saw some people after you posted this on Twitter were saying, they said in response to you, they said "well the investigation confirms that some Israelis were hit by the helicoptors. But they don't say if they were kill." LIKE REALLY?! If a helicoptor is firing rounds at you like the odds of you surviving that I think are probably pretty low. And we saw what happened with those people who were incinerated in their cars because that's what helicoptors do. So I think it's pretty fair to assume that these Israeli helicoptors killed their own people.

Max Blumenthal: Well, it was friendly fire Aaron. So they were just sending love to the people. They may have hit them. But they hit them candy and the Israeli snack known as bomba. That's what we can deduce. No actually I mean there are many testimonies still coming out about the Israelis. Like providing cold hard details by eyewitnesses of the Israeli military killing Israelis. One of them is from Yasmin Porat who's just been talking and talking ever since she was taken captive in Kibbutz Beeri. She's one of the few survivors. She survived because a 50 year old Hamas militant who is the commander of his platoon decided to surrender along with her. He used her as a human shield to surrender to the Israeli military and she saw THEM THEN KILL EVERYONE BEHIND HER INCLUDING ALL THE ISRAELI CAPTIVES and she said that two tank shells were fired into the home that she'd been in and there was a child crying and that child went silent and that child is now being, we'll have more on this later, but that child is now being used as part of Israel's atrocity exhibition to point to Hamas savagery... (child) was killed by a (Israeli) tank. 100%.

*****I JUMPED TO 23 minutes into the video*****

Aaron Mate: The facts as far as I've seen them are irrefutable and now they're confirmed by an Israeli police investigations. I don't know what more Gedi? Levy wants. Like it's just a fact that Israeli forces did kill their own people on October 7th. It doesn't mean that they're responsible for all the killings that happened. No one's saying that. But they did kill some of their own people. That's just a fact. And I hope he apologizes to Roger first.

The Grayzone published October 30, 2023: Israel's military was ordered to attack Israelis on 10/7 The Grayzone's Max Blumenthal discusses his investigation into Israeli military orders to shell the homes of Israeli civilians and helicopter attacks on civilian cars and Israeli bases as they fought to dislodge Palestinian militants from the country's south on October 7.

I typed a partial transcript for you below:

Max Blumenthal: I wanted to talk more about my article. But I think we should probably wrap it up just to kind of sum up the piece it relates to this part of the conversation about is irrationality disproportionate force, the indiscriminate use of weapons agaisnt civilians. Because when Israel was overwhelmed on October 7th, it had no response in its strategic arsenal other than disproportionate which happened to be directed against its own population. So in my piece I use Hebrew language media testimonies of eyewitnesses to Israel's response on October 7th. As well as visual evidence of the supposed Hamas crimes, the most grisly crimes that are being presented by Israel on the international stage to show that Israel may have killed large number of its own civilians including non-combatants in an effort to dislodge Hamas gunman. And that's not to say that Hamas militants did not intentionally kill large numbers of Israelis but they had small arms. They entered on foot and on motocycles with kalashinokovs. What we saw in for example Kibbutz Beeri is every home was destroyed. They were destroyed with tank shells and now we have admissions in Haaretz, ONLY IN HEBREW (of course), that those houses were shelled in a deliberate military order KNOWING THAT ISRAELI CIVILIANS WERE INSIDE. and so then you see all these charred bodies burned in cars, you have Apache helicoptor pilots saying, "we were operating without any intelligence. We didn't know who was on the ground. But we had to fire everything we had." So you see all these photographs of cars that have been competely bombed out and the bodies inside are completely charred.

Are we to believe that Hamas gunman were able meticulously burn every car and burn every home and somehow blowup these homes and reduce them to rubble and make them look like the damage we see in Gaza? So what we saw, Isreal bombed its own base, it's own military base at the Eras crossing. That's the biggest nerve center of the siege on Gaza. It was overwhelmed by Hamas militants and they bombed it with helicoptors with hellfire missiles and now the roof is off. The base is like mostly destroyed and they had all their civil administrators inside.

So now they're using these photos of charred bodies to say that Hamas burns people, they rape people, and not to say that there were not atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7th, but it's amazing how the Israeli response on October 7th was so badly botched. There was so much friendly fire and now they're using that to make way for more atrocities, senseless atrocities in Gaza INCLUDING THE KILLING OF ISRAELI CAPTIVES. The killing of more Israeli citizens.

This article I think it needs to be translated into Hebrew. This needs to reach the Israeli public, the consciousness of the Israeli public. Anyone who can see right now what their military is doing and how little regard they have for Israeli life. They need to demand an independent investigation and Netanyahu is saying, "we're going to do that after the war. Don't talk about that." Because he knows how sensitive it is.

So it's so important to focus on that and our own media hasn't touched this. It's a major story. It's one of the biggest stories of the war and our own media hasn't touched it. They need to engage with the fact that Israel's killed and is killing its own citizens senselessly.

*****I JUMPED TO 4:45 minutes into the video*****

Max Blumenthal: The figure that we have been told since the beginning of 1,400 if you know Biden and his team want to challenge the Palestinian death toll and two can play that game. The confirmed deaths are now in at 900. Almost 50% of those deaths are uniformed Israeli soldiers who were actively engaged in the siege of Gaza and were combatants engaged in an act of war on October 7th.

Aaron Mate: And people can verify that themselves if they want to by going to Haaretz, the Israeli newspaper that has a tool and that's where those figures are coming from.

Max Blumenthal: Okay so yes exactly. So go see for yourself. So that's 50% of those deaths around and then there are many armed Israeli people who were carrying guns in their homes. It's a very armed society. But Hamas militants filmed much of that with GoPro cameras and with cell phones and put it online. Also GoPro cameras were recovered from dead Hamas militants and have been put online. Like the Telegram account for South Responders which is an Israeli rescue organization and then they've been fed to the media as part of Israel's propaganda and they do show them actually shooting some people with kalashnikovs and it is pretty clear that they were setting up check points and shooting motorists who were passing by escaping from the Nova Music Festival.

But we don't see any evidence that they were able to burn every home in a Kibbutz and reduce the homes to rubble or burn all these bodies and cars. Those are the telltale signs of hellfire missiles and tank shells and so that's what I'm saying and that tactic may have caused heavy death tolls. Again it's all to avoid the scenario of negotiation in my view.

Aaron Mate: And this QR code that the Israeli Ambassador asked people to scan right, to take people to evidence of the Israel collected supposedly against Hamas. In your article, you talk about this, the file online that goes to was actually some of the pieces of so-called evidence were deleted.

Max Blumenthal: Yeah, Gilad Erdan has actually the UN Ambassador who waived that QR code. As soon as he waved it, I went there. And first of all the photos were questionable themselves. But second of all, they all disappeared and now he's gone on Twitter and complained that they were all taken down because of complaints. Becaus he's basically putting snuff films on a Google drive and distributing them across the internet. Basically like burned body parts. But as I pointed out one of those photos that he was promoting as Hamas atrocities showed a pile of burned comprehensively charred bodies in a dump truck. Okay, we saw video after video and I link to it in my article. I'm definitely not showing it here of Israelis defiling the corpses of Hamas activists and gunman and everybody killed who came in from Gaza. Some of the people who came in were just onlookers. Defiling them in the most disgusting way, stripping them, urinating on them, mutilating their body parts.

Israelis who were killed that day were taken away in body bags individually to mortuaries and to forensic pathologists. So it's pretty obvious that the Israeli Rescue Crews or whoever arrived at the scene dumped dead Hamas militants in a dumpster after they were killed in either a tank strike or hellfire missile strike. That was essentially defiling their bodies. They would have never done that to Jewish Israelis. So Gilad Erdan was promoting dead Hamas gunman as evidence of Hamas atrocities. To essentially say that they burned Israelis and put them in a dumpster to reinforce the point that Hamas is ISIS. So that (evidence) disappeared and now he's saying it's a glitch.

Aaron Mate: And this follows as you talk about a lot this attempt to roll out this lie about 40 beheaded babies which was spread around a lot and then ultimately that was retracted. So there's ample grounds to be skeptical of everything that Israel has said. Your report at the is trying to look at some of the available evidence that comes from as far as I understand your story comes from Israeli sources.

Max Blumenthal: 100% and you can just look at the visual evidence.
The Grayzone published December 6, 2023: When the Lie's So Big - The Grayzone live. Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate cover the latest from the Gaza war as Israel embarks on one of history's most expensive and cynical propaganda campaigns to justify its similarly unprecedented slaughter of innocent civilians. They will also discuss the ignominious final act of the Ukraine proxy war.


UPDATE 12/17/23 at 6:38pm: Added info below. 
WHAS11 published December 16, 2023: Hostages were waving white flag when killed by Israeli troops, Israel's military says. Hamas has previously stated that Israeli airstrikes had killed several hostages.

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