November 7, 2023

USA: 17yo Male Shot A 21yo Male Stranger Sleeping On A Metro Bus 5 Times Point Blank In King County, WA. The Shooter Turned Himself In Yesterday. He Was Suspended From HS For A Fight Last Year.


KING 5 Seattle published November 6, 2023: Teenager suspected of killing a man on a King County Metro bus turns himself in. The teenager suspected of shooting and killing a 21-year-old man on a Metro bus near White Center turned himself in Monday morning to the King County Sheriff's Office (KCSO). He is now in custody and has been booked into jail.
KING 5 Seattle published November 6, 2023: After teen suspect turns himself in, Chief Sealth leaders honor memory of bus shooting victim. We're learning more about the kind of person 21-year-old Marcel Da'jon Wagner was before he was killed on a bus on Oct. 3.
KOMO News published November 2, 2023: Burien teenager 'executed' sleeping passenger on King County Metro bus, documents say.

A Burien teenager has been charged in adult court with first-degree murder for allegedly killing a passenger who was asleep on a King County Metro bus last month.

written by Jeremy Harris, KOMO News Reporter
Wednesday November 1, 2023

KING COUNTY, Wash. — A Burien teenager has been charged in adult court with first-degree murder for allegedly killing a passenger who was asleep on a King County Metro bus last month.

Detectives are still trying to find Miguel Rivera Dominguez, 17, who prosecutors say fled the bus on October 3 after the "senseless execution of a total stranger."

A police report says there is video of Rivera Dominguez boarding the Metro bus in Burien while wearing a full ski mask and sitting towards the back for 12 minutes before pulling out a handgun and shooting the victim, 21-year-old Marcel Wagner.

"There appears to be no interaction between Wagner and Rivera Dominguez whatsoever. In fact, it appears that Wagner might even be asleep... Rivera Dominguez pulls a handgun from somewhere on his person and suddenly begins shooting Wagner, firing the gun repeatedly at him without uttering a single word," a King County Sheriff's detective wrote in an affidavit.

The charges allege Rivera Dominguez fired five rounds into Wagner's head and neck at point blank range.

"The steps the defendant took to conceal his identity and his calculated actions on the bus underscore the planned and deliberate nature of this crime," wrote deputy prosecuting attorney Lauren Burke of the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office (KCPAO).

The detective says video from the bus shows Rivera Dominguez yell at the bus driver to open the door and let him off, and then fire his gun into the door twice.

Police retraced Rivera Dominguez' next steps through nearby surveillance cameras, eventually receiving a tip that he may live on 142nd street. The police report says Rivera Dominguez and an acquaintance both went to the nearby Boys and Girls Club after the shooting and discarded the mask and changed clothes.

Once detectives identified him as the suspect, they found Rivera Dominguez had been suspended from Highline High School for a fight last year.

Rivera Dominguez remains at large as of Wednesday afternoon, according to KCPAO. Prosecutors have requested a bail of $3 million when he is captured.

King County Metro pledged to increase security in the days after the Wagner's death. The shooting happened just a few days after passengers at a Seattle light rail station were attacked by a man with a hammer, which prosecutors also said was unprovoked.

“With all the problems - drug use, the fentanyl, and everything and now we got this kind of stuff happening. To hear an execution style murder, it’s insane. Riding the bus for me now is forever changed," said Metro bus passenger Alex Cotter.

Rivera Dominguez's case is scheduled in King County Superior Court for an arraignment hearing on Nov. 6. In Washington, youth who are 16 or 17 years old and are charged with murder are automatically referred to adult court.

The King County Sheriff's Office wrote in a statement Wednesday evening that Major Crimes Unit detectives are actively looking for Rivera Dominguez and anyone who knows where he is should call 911 or submit a tip to Crimestoppers.

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