November 3, 2023

Redacted Channel Interviews Journalist Whitney Webb Who Wrote 'One Nation Under Blackmail' Vol 1 and Vol 2. The Sordid Union Between Intelligence And Crime That Gave Rise To Jeffrey Epstein.

Redacted published August 26, 2023: "Jeffrey Epstein is just the tip of the iceberg, it gets worse!" Journalist Whitney Webb sits down with Redacted's Clayton Morris for a dense conversation about her bombshell new book on Jeffrey Epstein's deep connections to the world's biggest power players. She exposes the deep corruption and cover up at the heart of the western power structure.
Redacted published May 4, 2023: Whitney Webb: This is why Epstein documents are coming out now. 

People who downplayed their relationship with Jeffrey Epstein are continuing to have to answer for it. The Wall Street Journal published more documents related to Epstein’s life and they show powerful people with regular contact with him after a sex crime conviction, including Bill Gates. We speak with journalist Whitney Webb about what is new and what we already knew and how much more backtracking we are going to see from wealthy and powerful people.
Redacted published May 13, 2023: SHOCKING new Epstein papers reveal CREEPY targeting of children for medical experiments. Whitney Webb is back to discuss new revelations in the Jeffrey Epstein revelations. She says that after being busted for trafficking in 2007, Epstein focused on recruiting teens to his company in the U.S. Virgin Islands. He recruited the islander teens using the same tactics he had employed to entrap underage girls in Palm Beach and beyond. The goal of this company, Southern Trust, and Epstein's other efforts at that time, reveal how Epstein's interest in transhumanism and minors disturbingly coalesce.
Redacted published January 6, 2023: Deep State mafia JUST snuffed out a major Epstein connection. Journalist Whitney Webb joins us to breakdown the stunning SBF "not guilty" plea and Epstein prosecutor losing her job after filing suit against JP Morgan Chase. The deep state mafia scored two important wins to silence information and keep names out of the public.
Redacted published Apr 16, 2023: Whitney Webb: EXPOSES Jamie Dimon's Shady Epstein Connections. Jamie Dimon, head of JPMorgan Chase, will be deposed under oath in a case related to Jeffrey Epstein, according to new reports. Lawyers for the bank had fought like hell to prevent this from happening. What does Dimon know? What did the bank do for Epstein? What dirty secrets lay behind this deposition? We speak to journalist Whitney Webb who has been following this case closely.
Redacted published June 10, 2023: STUNNING new details emerge about Jeffery Epstein's death in prison. New details about Jeffrey Epstein's black book show deep connections with Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal. What is that about? Also, new details about Epstein's death were published in the Associated Press and Epstein expert Whitney Webb has some great insight on why we are seeing that now.

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