October 4, 2023

USA: Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy OUSTED in Historic Vote Led By Republican Rep Matt Gaetz. Commie Dem Pelosi Evicted From Her Office In The Capitol Building By Interim-Speaker.

C-SPAN published October 2, 2023: Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) says Speaker McCarthy made a "secret deal" with Democrats on funding for Ukraine: It is becoming increasingly clear who the Speaker of the House already works for and it's not the Republican Conference."
Congressman Matt Gaetz published Oct 3, 2023: Speaker McCarthy Must Be Removed! I don’t think voting against Speaker McCarthy is chaos. I think $33 Trillion in debt is chaos. I think not passing single-subject spending bills is chaos. I think being governed by continuing resolutions and omnibus bills is chaos. Chaos is somebody we cannot trust with their word. That’s why I’ve moved to vacate the chair.
Washington Post published October 3, 2023: On Oct. 2, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) introduced a resolution to remove Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) from his leadership position.
CBN News published October 3, 2023: GOP House Speaker Kevin McCarthy OUSTED in Historic Vote Led By Rep. Matt Gaetz. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has been removed from his position, making history as the first speaker ousted through a resolution vote. The vote landed largely among party lines at 216-210, with a mere 8 Republicans voting to oust McCarthy. Matt Gaetz led the effort for the ouster. Stay tuned to CBN News for updates on this developing story. 
ABC News published October 3, 2023: Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz delivers his remarks after the historic removal of Kevin McCarthy as House speaker.
Forbes Breaking News published October 3, 2023: SHOCK CLAIM: McCarthy Says Pelosi Promised To Always Back Him If Speakership Ouster Attempt Occurred. At his press briefing tonight, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said that after Republicans won back the House Speaker Emerita Pelosi told him she'd help protect his Speakership should an ouster attempt be attempted against him.
ABC11 published October 4, 2023: Rep. Patrick McHenry of NC is the leader of the House after historic vote ousts McCarthy. North Carolina GOP Rep. Patrick McHenry took the gavel after Tuesday's historic vote to oust McCarthy.
KTVU FOX 2 San Francisco published October 4, 2023: Pelosi evicted from House office by interim-speaker. Rep. Nancy Pelosi was ordered to vacate her offices in the House by interim-Speaker Patrick McHenry. It was one of McHenry's first acts since taking over for Kevin McCarthy. Pelosi criticized it as a break from tradition.
CBS News published October 4, 2023: Jim Jordan announces plan to run for House speaker after McCarthy ousting. Rep. Jim Jordan announced Wednesday his plan to run for the vacant House speaker position. CBS News congressional correspondent Scott MacFarlane has the latest on who could succeed Kevin McCarthy as the leader of the GOP-controlled lower chamber.
Here is an excerpt from the CBS news report above, the anchor asked "I want to ask you about news that we received that the hideaway offices of Representatives Pelosi and Steny Hoyer have been taken from them. What can you tell us about that? Who is behind it?" The reporter replied, "CBS has confirmed that the private studies Capitol hideaway offices that are a luxury and a perk for certain members of Congress including former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and former House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer are being stripped from them. They are being EVICTED. Best reporting we have so far comes from those offices themselves. They say they were asked to leave by the Republican leadership."
LiveNOW from FOX published October 4, 2023: Trump addresses if he'll run for House Speaker. Fmr. President Trump addressed whether he'll replace Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker before going into the court room for day 3 of his fraud trial.

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