October 9, 2023

Jesse Czebotar Discusses Eye Pet Goat III, Galactic Man Brings World Peace Joining Israel, Islam, China AND The Sinister Transition Of The Human Race.

I know the 4 videos I shared below are 1 and 2 hours long each. I promise you this knowledge Jesse shares is worth your time. Mindblowing and eye opening stuff. (emphasis mine)
GlobalAwareness101 published Jesse Czebotar Decodes Eye Pet Goat, Temple In Israel, and Black Cube. 1 hour long.

Jeff at Right On Radio and Jesse Czebotar decode Eye Pet Goat III Illuminati video shows Israel, Islam and China join forces to form One World Religion for World Peace. The new flag raised has the Muslim Brotherhood inside the Star of David. Luciferians show their force as "World Peace". But that peace means totalitarianism for us.
GlobalAwareness101 published Jesse Czebotar Discusses Light and Dark Sides Of The System, Ushering In The anti-Christ. 2 hours long.

Jesse Czebotar is interviewed by Patriot Underground and discusses:
Montauk Project and MK-Ultra Methodology
Mind Control Technique Worldwide Deployment
MK ULTRA Sleeping Army
Adrenochrome History
Satanic Ritual Abuse and Blood Rituals
Understanding Spiritual Acuity
Frequency and The Astral Plane
Light and Dark Sides Of The System
Ushering In The anti-Christ
Neuralink, Mengele and Elon Musk
Flat Earth Spiritual Angle
TCH Affidavit Updates
Classified Documents & Tribunals
GlobalAwareness101 published Jesse Czebotar Discusses The Sinister Transition Of The Human Race.  Transhumanism. Jesse Czebotar interviewed by Right on Radio discusses Black Gold, Texas Tea, and The Alchemy. 1 hour long.
GlobalAwareness101 published Jesus Czebotar Discusses The Ninth Circle Satanic Cult. David Zublick at Dark Outpost interviewed Jesus Czebotar on 08-20-2020 to discuss The Ninth Circle Satanic Cult and Jeffrey Epstein living in Greece. 1.5 hours long.

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GlobalAwareness101 published Jesse Czebotar interview.

Jesse Czebotar Right on Radio podcast interview. Jesse Czebotar describes who she is, where she came from, and what her mission was. I typed a transcript for you below.

Jesse Czebotar: I literally have an Illuminati seal on my birth certificate. They allowed my mother to join the military so that I would be born in Frankfurt, Germany. And why they did that was so then they could put my name in the books in the masonic lodges as well as the Luciferian Satanic libraries where they keep everybody's names.

Host Jeff Shepherd: Which is the Vatican.

Jesse Czebotar: Right. The Vatican. My name is hidden in those books under not my name. You know, they use my ritual name. I was born as the successor to the Queen Mother of Darkness. With that, the five mothers run the entire system and corporation for the spiritual being aka Satan. The right that I am given as the Queen, is that the sole property of every single soul of every man and every woman is now my property. So my biggest question as I'm thinking about all of this, especially in regards of these children, how can I use that because in their own technicalities all of these children, even the ones in the breeder programs born without birth certificates, you know where they kill the mothers, hundreds of thousands of children born with no birth certificate, no name, no identification, but above and beyond that by their own laws and rules every single one of these children belong to me.

That's one of the things that Ghislaine Maxwell setup with the Terra Mar Project. All these people now got passports where they are not a citizen of any country. They are citizens of the water. And this is why you know all of these big names they're having trouble bringing them to justice because they're not held by any law of the land and they're able to steal these children, move them from country to country because they have no birth certificates now. You know they don't even have bills of lading when they're moving these children around.

(Bills of Lading means a detailed list of a shipment of goods in the form of a receipt given by the carrier to the person consigning the goods.)

If I've got that right and claim how do I use that to my advantage because I can go into any courtroom, I can go into any place and say hey look me up in the books, I am the Queen, I am the only one who has the authority. I even have the families send me a letters summoning me to a meeting and wanted me to tell them what to do with the huge family trust and finances. You know I didn't show up of course because that meant they were bound to continue to operate under their former orders. At that point you know Trump's coming in, he's taking over the (Federal) Reserve, he's doing things. So they were wanting me to stop that, to make some sort of order. I did not. I will use every technicality I can and I will use every loophole. You know he's left my name on the books because he has stuff in the future he wants me to do.
GlobalAwareness101 published Jesse Czebotar interview.

George Iceman at The Reveal Report on YouTube interviews Jesse Czebotar. I typed a transcript for you below.

Host George Iceman: So we're going to start off slow and I'm going to ask if you could give just a little description of yourself, how you got involved, how you were indoctrinated in this organization. Was it because you were chosen? Was it your family, your mother, your father? Was it your bloodline? So if you could please just educate a little bit with everybody watching.

Jesse Czebotar: Yeah, I'm what you consider one of the bloodline generational families. So that meant that I came from several of the different bloodlines mixed together. I was chosen at a very young age of 4 1/2 and so my training began at that age. I have a relative who, uh, several relatives who are involved. But my main proctor who was my teacher, trainer is the Queen Mother of Darkness and so in that world that's pretty much the top. The Mothers of Darkness are 5 women who meet with Satan and other entities and they kind of act as CEO's of what I call the system. Um, you know it's not just occult as in you've got a few groups meeting here or there, you know sporadically throughout the U.S. or internationally. This is an organized system that's been put together throughout the generations to gain control of individuals and to basically carry out the agenda of Satan.

Host George Iceman: These are very powerful people. Very powerful women. They have an occultic magic that you're not going to buy in a book at the store. This is generational magic that is passed on. These are very special spells, very special books. I know that for yourself you are friends with many witches because of your past and I'm sure you have a lot of warlocks follow you and watch you and listen to you. All these people, some of them, again even though they may be great in their field still not to the degree of the spell, the caliber of magic that you were practicing when you were involved with these women.

Jesse Czebotar: In that world there's a lot of we'll just say fighting for power, power structure, positions. Even among the Mothers you have 3 of the 5 will be elevated and they represent the triune goddess and represent Isis who in that world is considered the ultimate goddess. And so even among the Mothers themselves there will be fighting for power, who's the top dog. You know they are very skilled in magic so you're going to get it both black magic and white magic.

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