September 3, 2023

USA: Suspect Out On Probation Randomly Shot A 21yo Texas Christian Univ Student In Fort Worth's Entertainment District. He Said He Would Have Shot More People But Ran Out Of Ammunition.

Even the people in Dallas, Texas refer to this shooting homicide as a VIOLENT CRIME. Unlike the Los Angeles District Attorney Gascon who does not consider murder a violent crime UNLESS it involves torture.

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Murder is already a crime. We don't have a gun problem. We have a lack of self-control problem, a criminal supremacists problem and a Commie Democrats local district attorney's, judges, parole officers soft on crime problem, not doing shit to catch the criminals as in crimes go unsolved, and when they do catch the criminals, they immediately release them back onto the streets to allow them to continue terrorizing the community. These same people siding with the criminals want to take away YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to keep and bear arms in order to defend yourself, your business, your family and home against these criminal supremacists and a tyrannical government. Remember, criminals DO NOT obey laws. Therefore, criminals will have access to guns through gun trafficking venues and you will be left defenseless with no guns because the same government siding with criminals THEY'RE ALLOWING to terrorize you with guns said they wanted to keep you safe from guns. The anti-gun prosecutors are not even prosecuting gun crimes. But god forbid you kill an intruder, robber or rapist in self-defense in your home or on your private property, these same Commie Democrat district attorneys or prosecutors will charge you with murder and have you locked up for years in prison. (emphasis mine)
FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth published September 1, 2023: Suspect admits he shot TCU student 3 times, police say. A junior at TCU was the victim of an apparent random and shocking act of violence in Fort Worth's Entertainment District.
ABC24 Memphis published September 1, 2023: Memphis community reacts to St. George's alum's tragic death in Fort Worth. Wes Smith, a St. George’s alum, was shot and killed in Fort Worth, Texas near seventh street, just over two miles from Texas Christian University.
WREG News Channel 3 published September 2, 2023: Family mourns slain TCU student from Germantown. Family and friends are mourning the death of Germantown native Wes Smith, a junior at Texas Christian University who was gunned down in Fort Worth, Texas.

Fox4 News, Dallas Forth-Worth, TX local
written by Staff
Friday September 1, 2023

FORT WORTH, Texas - A junior at TCU was the victim of an apparent random and shocking act of violence in Fort Worth's Entertainment District.

Police say the suspect admitted he shot Wes Smith three times and said he would have shot more people had he not run out of ammunition.

It happened early Friday morning near the popular West 7th Street in Fort Worth.

Smith, a junior at the school, was shot and killed around 1 a.m.

Fort Worth Police arrested 21-year-old Matthew Purdy on Friday in connection with the shooting.

Fort Worth police say Purdy walked up to Smith on Bledsoe Street, said a few brief words and then shot him three times; once in the stomach and once in the shoulder.

And then when Smith was down, police say Purdy shot him in the back of the head. During a confession, he told detectives he shot Smith the third time to "make sure he was dead."

Police say Purdy ran from the scene and assaulted a female as he tried to get away. He later admitted if he still had ammunition, he would’ve shot that person too.

Once in custody, officers searched Purdy but missed the gun still in his pants. He was caught in the back of the police car with the gun in his hands. Police say he tried to throw it out of the squad car.

Purdy has been charged with murder.

Smith was a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity and a finance major at TCU. He was also a walk-on to the Horned Frogs football team his freshman year but hadn't been on the team since.

"We are devastated by the tragic death of one of our students, junior Wes Smith from Germantown, Tennessee. He was a beloved member of our community, and we grieve with his family and friends," a TCU spokesperson told FOX 4.

Timothy Gibson is the head of school for St. George’s Independent School in Memphis, Tennessee. Smith graduated from the school in 2021.

"I was truly shocked by violence for a young man who truly cared so much for everyone," he said "He was a varsity football player. He played varsity basketball, varsity lacrosse. He was our student body president, and he was our prefect of athletics."

As for the victim’s family, they’re asking for space to grieve.

"I think that’s what hurts the most is the world lost a really good person, and the world needs good people now more than ever," Gibson said.

Smith's family released a statement on Friday:
Wes was truly an amazing and loving son, brother, cousin, and friend to so many. We are heartbroken by his passing and ask for the space to grieve during this terribly difficult time.
Gibson said St. George’s plans to do something to honor Smith in the coming weeks.

At the time of the shooting, Purdy was out on probation for an aggravated robbery charge. He is currently being held at the Tarrant County jail on a $500,000 bond.

TCU says that counselors are available to help on the 2nd floor of Jarvis Hall.

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