September 11, 2023

USA: Responsible Hardworking Teen Doing His Job As A Host For A Restaurant Was Violently Beaten Unconscious By Angry Customers Upset How Long They Were Waiting And Table Seating Arrangements


Guns or no guns, the problem with our society is still NO SELF CONTROL and the Commie Democrats justice for criminals no cash bail and no jail policies. If people are raised to believe this violent behavior is okay and the justice system doesn't punish violent behavior, well then people will act on their violent aggressive impulses not worrying about any consequences.

The guy who attacked the teen pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in 2021 and is out walking the streets. I bet you the Commie Democrat District Attorney lowered the charges so he would get short jail term. Because they feel sorry for the criminals not the victims.

What is Voluntary Manslaughter you say? Oxford languages define it as, "the crime of killing another person unlawfully in circumstances that do not amount to murder (for example, without premeditation or as a result of mitigating circumstances such as diminished responsibility)." This guy almost killed this teen. It would be so messed up if this guy gets to plead guilty again for a lower charge and allowed to roam the streets. 

White Supremacists are not the problem like Joe Biden and his DOJ/FBI, the Commie Democrats and the Commie media want people to believe. White Supremacists are not the people causing pain and suffering to communities across America every day. (emphasis mine)
WRAL published July 27, 2023: TN: Upset customers attack restaurant Cheddar’s host who weren't seated together. Memphis police are looking for suspects in an attack on a teenage host at a restaurant over the weekend, sending the teen to the hospital.
Here is an excerpt from the WRAP reporting above, "he had only been working as a host at Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen for about a month when he says he was attacked by a group of people over seating arrangements. He says he has since quit his job at Cheddar's in fear for his life." The teen then says, "It took me 10 applications to find a job then a customer come in and jump me for no reason. It was wrong what they did." (emphasis mine)
FOX13 Memphis published July 26, 2023: Teen working as Cheddar's host beaten after separating tables of big party. A 17-year-old just doing his job was violently attacked after separating a large party at Cheddar's, the teen told FOX13.
WREG News Channel 3 published July 28, 2023: Four charged with assault after beatdown at Cheddar’s. Four family members have been arrested after a brutal beating in a Cordova restaurant that left a teenage employee badly injured last Sunday.
WREG News Channel 3 published August 10, 2023: Cheddar's employee attacked on the job gets help from WREG. A teenage restaurant host in Cordova was beaten by angry customers who had to wait for a table. Now, he's struggling to earn money, but he's getting help.

WREG News Channel 3, Memphis, TN local
written by David Royer, Mike Suriani
Friday July 28, 2023

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Four family members have been arrested after a brutal beating in a Cordova restaurant that left a teenage employee badly injured last Sunday.

Brittany, Carol, Darius, and Kaitlin Brantley are charged with Aggravated Assault, Memphis Police said Friday.

Latisha Ford said her 17-year-old son, who is a host at the Cheddar’s on North Germantown Parkway, was seating a party of eight when he was attacked.

According to a police report, Brittany Brantley and another family member became upset because it was taking too long for their large party to be seated.

Darius Brantley exchanged words with the host, then allegedly attacked him from behind. Brittany Brantley joined in, punching him until he fell and hit his head against a brick wall, the police record states.

The employee was taken to a hospital with non-critical injuries and later told police he was unconscious for 20 to 30 minutes. Records state he suffered a concussion, bruises and abrasions to his face, a black eye and bruised lungs.

The four were booked into jail Thursday.

Court records show Darius Brantley was sentenced in November 2021 to three years in a voluntary manslaughter case. He was out on bond posted July 11 in a separate case involving a theft from Wing Stop.

Brittany Brantley has a misdemeanor assault charge from 2019.

An MPD incident report shows she was stopped for speeding near the airport, and a check of her driver’s license revealed she had a warrant on the assault charge issued a day earlier.

WREG went to the address listed for the Brantleys. No one answered the door Friday.

Fox13 News, Memphis, TN local
written by Cierra Jordan
Friday August 11, 2023

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - A 17-year-old restaurant employee beaten for just doing his job faced his alleged attackers in court Friday.

The defendants are all members of the same family and accused of responding with violence over not being given the table they wanted.

“They think everything is funny but it’s not. They were looking dead at me in court,” said Omarion Ford, the victim.

Ford described the scary moments in court Friday morning.

The 17-year-old Cheddar’s employee and his family faced his alleged attackers.

The four defendants accused of aggravated assault are Brittany, Carol, Darius and Kaitlin Brantley.

“I want justice and I feel like there’s nothing being done right now,” said Latisha Ford, the teen's mother.

The 17-year-old was a host at Cheddar's restaurant seating the family who came in with a party of 8 last month.

Ford said they were not happy with the long wait time and seating arrangements.

He claims four members of the family attacked him, beating him unconscious.

A concussion, a black eye and bruised lungs were among the injuries the teen host had to be treated for.

“It makes me feel angry," Latisha Ford said. "Very angry because they got their freedom and he’s suffering from it. He’s going back and forth to the doctor and seeking counseling."

FOX13 was at 201 Poplar for the court hearing Friday morning.

We asked the four defendants if they thought it was OK to beat up on a 17-year-old for doing his job.

We got no response.

As we told you before, we found this isn’t the first time Darius Brantley was in trouble.

Records show he pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in 2021 for an incident that happened two years earlier.

He was sentenced to three years in prison.

“I was just real nervous," Omarion Ford said. "I was shaking in court. They were just laughing like it’s funny but it’s really not.”

FOX13 also tried talking to the Brantley’s attorney about this investigation but he said he couldn’t comment.

This court hearing was reset and the next one is rescheduled for Sept. 11.
I found nothing about the court hearing that was scheduled for today September 11, 2023. (emphasis mine)

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