August 28, 2023

USA: Maui Chief of Police Said "Some Of The False Reports On The Direction Of Travel Were Not Correct. We Were Getting People Out Of The Area." ONLY Those Who DISOBEYED Police Blockades Survived.

KITV published Aug 23, 2023: MPD Chief responds to questions of road closures on day of Lahaina fire. Maui Police Chief John Pelletier responded to questions about reported road closures as Lahaina residents were trying to escape from the fire on Aug. 8.
Matt Walsh published August 24, 2023: There needs to be justice for the terrible Maui fires.
KITV published Aug 25, 2023: Some Lahaina evacuees say police road blocks put them on a path toward danger. As the community continues to grieve those who died and cope with the trauma after the incident, questions remain about how authorities handled the situation. MPD Chief John Pelletier said residents were not funneled toward danger due to road closures on Aug. 8.
Jonathan Herzog published August 11, 2023: Maui Lahaina Wild Fire Escape. This is the raw footage I captured via my iPhone to share with friends and family and is only slightly edited with captions to explain what’s happening.

I hope everyone stays safe out there and puts into practice showing the “Aloha Spirit”. This definitely hit home for me and showed me that we should never say: “it could never happen to me…”
Jonathan by chance happened to capture the Maui police road closure leading out of Lahaina on Front Street heading north just as Fish described in the other video interview by Eric West on his Hawaii Real Estate YouTube channel. Jonathan had to abandon his car and run for his life to the ocean and then made his way north along the shoreline. When he made it to safety he panned the camera back to look at the fire and black smoke he just left and captures the Maui police road closure heading north on Front Street. THAT's EVIDENCE that can be used against all of the Maui government officials. Everyone that deliberately trapped those people in the fire need to be criminally charge and held legally accountable for their atrocious actions against humanity.
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UPDATE 8/28/23 at 6:29pm: Added info below.

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