August 3, 2023

USA: Local News Investigates Public Safety Hazard Situation In Commie Democrat-Run Cleveland That Has Broken Light Poles That Are Being Held Up With Ropes Tied To Trees And Business Signs.

19News published ‘That’s so dangerous’: Broken light poles held up with rope in downtown Cleveland 

19News, Cleveland, OH local
written by Brian Duffy
Thursday August 3, 2023

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - “Oh my goodness, it is tied with a rope!”

Pamelina Rose was just as shocked as we were to see a broken light pole being held in place by nothing but a rope at the corner of East 17th Street and Chester Avenue in downtown Cleveland.

Instead of removing the rusty metal pole, which is completely broken off from its base, someone used rope to tie the city-owned pole to a sign at Conrad’s, a nearby tire and vehicle repair shop.

“What if it falls down on someone’s car?” Rose said. “It’s supposed to be on that metal base right there, and it’s on the concrete. Oh my God, that’s unacceptable!”

Two blocks away, near East 19th and Chester, we found a broken light pole dangling from a rope that has been tied to a tree in front of Cleveland State University’s soccer field.

These are just two of several dangerous light poles 19 Investigates discovered on Chester, between East 17th and East 55th, and brought to the attention of Cleveland Public Power, the city’s municipally-owned electric company that is responsible for the street lights.

In some places where old light poles have been removed, there are rusty, jagged metal remnants jutting from the sidewalk.

“They should take action, this is not responsible,” one CSU student told us, unimpressed by the makeshift rope and pulley system being used to keep the broken pole in front of Krenzler Field from falling onto pedestrians or vehicles driving down Chester.

“That should be solved as soon as possible, we never know with the winds and the rain,” he said. “It’s not safe.”

A representative from the university told us they were looking into the matter.

Since 2018, Cleveland Public Power has been working to replace 61,000 old streetlights with brighter, energy-efficient LED fixtures to light the way to a safer city.

But there is nothing safe about this stretch of Chester - a stretch that the program has seemingly ignored, made evident by the lack of new LED lighting and the old poles left behind that are clearly a safety hazard.

On the north side of Chester between East 30th and East 33rd, there is an old light was replaced by a new LED. We know that because the pole is laying on the ground and has been for weeks, and it clearly shows that a new LED had been installed.

We don’t know if the pole fell because the base failed, or if someone drove into it and knocked it over. Either way, it’s dangerous.

At some point, bright yellow caution tape that says “Fire Line Do Not Cross” was tied from the fallen pole to a nearby fence, but it has since been ripped down.

Up and down Chester, we also found wires hanging out of light pole bases, as the metal panels either rusted out or were gone completely. There are also several bases of poles that had been removed but the bolts remained, and are clearly an obvious tripping hazard.

In a written statement sent to 19 Investigates on Thursday, a spokesperson for Cleveland Public Power said: “We would like to thank you for bringing these issues to our attention. We have investigated the steel poles along Chester Avenue and added the repairs and installations to our crew schedules. In areas where we found unsafe conditions we have marked them to keep the public safe, and these are a priority for repair.”

While these poles may not be hanging by a thread, they certainly should not be hanging on by a rope.

We called Conrad’s corporate office to see who, if anyone, allowed city workers to tie a broken street light to their sign with rope.

Due to some personnel changes on their management team, the company said they could not be sure if someone had actually, at one point, approved this. However, they did say that it is clearly not safe, right to the rusted, exposed base, and they planned to call Cleveland Public Power immediately to have it removed.

19 Investigates will continue to follow up and make sure these dangerous light poles along Chester Ave. are replaced or repaired.

CPP said Cleveland residents can report broken street lights to their 24-hour automated Street Light Outage hotline at 216-621-LITE (5483). The automated system provides a tracking number that allows you to track the progress of repairs.

Have you been dealing with broken street lights or fallen poles in your neighborhood? Give us a call at 216-250-1618 or send an email with photos to

WKYC Channel 3 published July 31, 2023: Cleveland city leaders ask Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine for help dealing with rising crime

The chair of the Cleveland City Council Public Safety Committee pleaded for help from the state of Ohio in combating violent crime last week. 3News got a look at that request after another weekend plagued by violence in the city of Cleveland, with at least three teens among the victims.

In the middle of the day Sunday, police responded to the apartments at Union and East 98th Street, where they say a 13-year-old boy was shot and killed. The person accused of pulled the trigger was another child.

Cleveland City Council President Blaine Griffin got word of the incident from residents in Ward 6 soon after.

"It's always tragic whenever we lose the life of a young person by guns," Griffin said. "When you look at the amount of gun violence that's happening with young people, a red flag should be up in the air. We've got something going on, really, about mental health in our community."

Overnight, there were two other shootings — one on East 142nd that sent a 16-year-old boy to the hospital, and another on Quentin Road where police say a 13-year-old girl went to the hospital with a gunshot wound in her neck.

"The perpetrators are getting younger and more impulsive," Griffin stated.

We also saw teen violence play out in the shocking scene in Cleveland last week, where a group of juveniles — some armed — beat up an adult at a gas station.

"That, to me, symbolized what's going on in this city more than anything," Ward 8 City Councilman Mike Polensek said. "We've got to start holding the parents accountable or the guardians accountable. That has to happen, and then that juvenile justice system is a joke."

Last week, Polensek — Council's Public Safety Committee chair — sent an email to Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, telling him, "I am increasingly of the belief that the City administration does not have a plan to deal with the growing violence." The email went on to say, "We need help if we are going to take back the streets and restore peace and order in Cleveland."
19News published August 2, 2023: Cleveland City Council discusses increase in violence, rash of stolen cars

19News, Cleveland, OH local
written by Julia Bingel Wednesday
August 2, 2023

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Cleveland City Council Safety Committee members met Wednesday morning to discuss the increase in shootings, homicides and stolen cars.

Councilman Mike Polensek said he wanted to know what the administration’s game plan is going forward.

“I am interested in hearing a plan from the city officials and also to find out how the State of Ohio can help the city get this violent crime wave under control,” Councilman Polensek said.

Cleveland Safety Director Karrie Howard and Ben B. Suver, Chief of Staff to the Ohio Department of Public Safety, were also in attendance.
19News published August 2, 2023: Ohio Chamber of Commerce launches crime task force to protect retailers and consumers.
19News published August 2, 2023: Cleveland Police continue to struggle hiring enough recruits, chief stresses quality over quantity.
Just a thought, but why would anyone want to be a police officer in a "defund the police" city run by a "defund the police" mayor, judges, and city council officials that have given criminals more rights with their soft on crime no bail no jail policies than the police hired to protect and serve the community? I wouldn't frivolously risk my life no matter how big their bonus is. Would you? Where is the honor in being a police officer in these Commie run communities across America? They've already dramatically lowered the standards to join the police force so that means they will not get quality people with good moral convictions to protect and serve the community. There's no other way to say it, but it's pretty dumb to lower the standards to become an armed police officer responding to horrible scary 911 calls every day. This is a very important job that requires mentally fit and emotionally fit people to fill the position. The Commie Democrats are like hey the janitor down the street has always dreamed of becoming a police officer, let's give him a chance. I'm being sarcastic. But you understand what I'm saying. It's a dumb move. Then the Commie Democrats act like this was a wise decision even after this decision to lower hiring standards has caused more wrongful police shootings or police officers crossing the line. Which ultimately helps them justify why they want to abolish the police because they kill or are bad. WHICH THEY CAUSED TO BEGIN WITH by lowering the hiring standards. (emphasis mine)

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