August 23, 2023

USA: Biden INTERRUPTED VACATION To Visit Maui Lahaina Hawaii Fire Survivors. Biden Cracked Jokes And Lied About A House Fire. HI Gov Heartbroken "People Didn't Get Our OR DIDN'T GET ALERTED."

CBS News Streamed LIVE on MONDAY August 21, 2023: Biden speaks in Lahaina after surveying Maui fire damage. FULL VIDEO.

President Biden delivered remarks in the historic town of Lahaina after surveying the damage caused by wildfires on Maui and meeting with survivors. Hawaii officials said Monday that 850 people are still listed as missing nearly two weeks after the fire began.


I was shocked that Biden mentioned his first wife and daughter in this speech that died in a car crash on his first days in Washington, DC as a newly sworn in Senator. Well, many of you don't know that Joe Biden was having an affair with the woman standing next to him at the podium while he was married and she was married to Joe's friend who was helping Joe fundraise for his very first political campaign. So, the story goes Joe's first wife became an alcholic when she found out he was having a long-time sexual love affair with Jill whose husband was working as Joe Biden's political camapaign fundraisors. Joe's first wife was driving drunk with all of the children in the car when she pulled into the lane of the oncoming truck. Sadly, his first wife and 13-month daughter died in the crash. Joe Biden blamed the truck driver and pressured police to stop the investigation. Joe Biden ruined the truck driver's career and life over a lie saying he was the drunk driver that caused the deadly crash. The truck driver ended up committing suicide because of Joe Biden smearing his name because he didn't want to expose the truth that his wife was driving drunk because JOE WAS HAVING A SEXUAL LOVE AFFAIR WITH JILL WHO HE ENDED UP GETTING MARRIED TO, after he ruined two marriages and broke his first wife's heart, standing next to him at the podium.

I couldn't believe they applauded the firefighters who showed up really late. Everyone is giving each other kudos for a job well done. My gosh so callous of them to pat each other on the back when there are at least 1,000 dead from this tragedy. ACTIONS speak louder than words. These governement officials DID NOT OFFER ANY HELP TO LAHAINA FOR 3 LONG DAYS after the fire disater. Someone needs to submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to get the 911 call logs and recordings. And didn't the Hawaiian Govenor and Maui Mayor and Maui Chief of Police and FEMA say there were "hazardous, toxic, and contaminated ground and air. Meanwhile, these same leaders are walking through the remains care free. Here are a few comments from this video:
@dixonyaarmouf4630 wrote: I’m in Maui, and watching president Biden stand there cracking jokes and telling a story about himself almost losing his corvette to lightning in comparison with this tragedy… was beyond despicable and completely unforgivable … the imbecile even fell asleep.
@DS_P8 wrote: Please explain what would have satisfied you. What is Joe Biden supposed to do about a natural disaster? He's a man who has also suffered terrible personal tragedies, not a comic book hero who stops fire with his breath.

@markanderson7833 replied to @DS_P8: The problem is the lies he tells about his tragedies. His house didn't burn down, his wife, cat and corvette weren't in any danger. His son didn't die in Iraq. Please tell us that's okay though. SMFH.
@mattisenberg3327 wrote: Let me tell the world something!!!! We lost our home of many years on Front st We were stuck on the west side with nothing but our community. For days we didn't even see a police officer. The response from our government was a complete disaster. To top it off scores of the residents here are and have been denied FEMA. We have showed proof of our home and town literally wiped off the face of this earth and have zero help. Go to the SBA and get a loan they said. How on earth am I going to afford a loan when my home job and town are gone? I am beyond fed up with this. The US government should have stayed where they were and let us rebuild on our own. Community is all we have they government made things worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KITV Streamed LIVE on MONDAY August 21, 2023 President Joe Biden is delivering more remarks at the Lahaina Civic Center after meeting with survivors and families who lost loved ones in the fire. Here are a few comments from this video:
@justlooking4771 wrote: 1.) Make the situation about himself. 2.) Try to relate to thousands losing their homes by telling a story about his unfortunate kitchen fire. 3.) Tell another tale about where he grew up. 4.) Remind everyone he owns a '67 Covette. 5.) Remind everyone of his Irish heritage as if that has jack-or-shack to do with anything going on. 6.) Walk away from reports. ***Now back to that well deserved vacation at Lake Tahoe that we, the American People, so rudely interrupted. ***
@leilanik.3918 wrote: Mahalo nui President Joe and First Lady Jill Biden! Ho`omaika`i! The people of Hawaii appreciate your presence and commitment to support the wildfire victims and survivors! Me ke Aloha pumehana! Now that’s what a president looks like! 💙🇺🇸❤️

@aubreymorgan9763 replied to @leilanik.3918: I think you were watching a different video than the rest of us.

@johnmartinezm replied to @leilanik.3918: You’ve got to be kidding. He lied about his house burning down too.
Forbes Breaking News Streams LIVE August 22, 2023: Maui officials hold a press briefing to address the search for missing persons following deadly wildfires.
The Mayor of Maui lied in this news conference when he said the police were knocking door to door evacuating Lahaina residents. He also lied before when he said the sirens didn't work because the power was out. Also the Maui Chief of Police was asked a question about the police blocking the roads not letting Lahaina residents escape the fire. He said, "We were getting people OUT OF THE AREA. The efforts were to get people away from the fire and away from the danger. THEY WERE NOT DIRECTED TOWARD THE DANGER" Umm... that is not what eye witnesses are reporting WHO WERE DESPERATELY TRYING TO ESCAPE the Lahaina fire and videos recorded at the scene being redirected by police toward the fire. (emphasis mine)
CBS News published August 16, 2023: Extended interview: Rescue that never came: Hawaii survivors describe lack of help during and after wildfire. Maui wildfire survivor waited 3 days for help.

With no cell phone reception, Kawena Kahula drove into Lahaina to find her son last week unaware of the danger that awaited her. She spoke with CBS News correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti about what happened next.

Editor's Note: Kahula later told CBS News she reunited with her son and both are physically doing well.

Unbelievable! Wow. Commie Biden and Commie Democrats are using getting emergency disaster relief funds approved for Maui, Lahaina Hawaii AS A BARGAINING CHIP to force approving funding sending billions more to Ukraine deep state globalists money laundering scheme. (emphasis mine)
Honolulu Civil Beat  
written by Kirsten Downey
Tuesday August 15, 2023

WASHINGTON — As Hawaii struggles with the aftermath of the wildfire that destroyed historic Lahaina and displaced thousands of Maui residents, the state’s primary lifeline is the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The Lahaina wildfire is the deadliest in the U.S. in more than 100 years.

President Joe Biden signed the disaster declaration for Maui within six hours of Hawaii’s request for federal assistance, according to Gov. Josh Green, opening access to myriad sources of federal funding and support.

Much help will be needed: It has been estimated that losses on Maui could exceed $6 billion.

But FEMA, caught up in partisan politics in Washington, is already facing a serious funding shortfall.

According to lawmakers in Washington, the financially stressed agency, which has been called on for numerous environmental catastrophes in recent years, is expected to run out of money within the month.

U.S. Rep. Jared Moskowitz, a Democrat from Florida, well-known for his sharp focus on disaster management, began raising an alarm about the problem in June and introduced bipartisan legislation to provide for $11.5 billion as an emergency appropriation.

The chances for its success initially appeared good. The measure also has support in the Senate, where Sen. Marco Rubio, a Republican from Florida, has introduced parallel legislation.

Lawmakers from Florida on both sides of the aisle share deep concerns about disaster planning because of their coastal state’s perennial hurricane risk, a worry that is always highlighted in late-summer storm season.

The Biden administration asked for the supplemental spending on Wednesday, the same day the president also approved the disaster declaration for Maui.

But the effort to get a speedy appropriation has foundered after the Biden administration sought $12 billion in emergency funding that would extend disaster relief programs while simultaneously requesting some $24.1 billion in military spending for Ukraine in the same package.

That means that funding Hawaii’s needs for Maui’s recovery has been tied to funding to back Ukraine’s military, an increasingly unpopular topic in some Republican circles. When the House passed its fiscal 2024 defense authorization bill early this summer, a contingent of several dozen House Republicans sought to prohibit additional U.S. assistance to Ukraine.

In a press release, Rubio said that the White House’s supplemental budget request included “numerous” items that should be part of regular appropriations – not put through as emergency spending – and singled out the funding for Ukraine as particularly problematic. He said he believes funding for Ukraine should be considered separately because of questions about how U.S. military stockpiles there have been used.

“President Biden is holding Floridians, and other Americans hostage by tying critical domestic disaster relief to foreign military aid,” Rubio wrote.

He said that he believed that the Biden administration was using essential disaster funding as a “bargaining chip” to get additional unauthorized money for Ukraine.

UPDATE 8/23/23 at 8:23pm: Add info below.

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