August 29, 2023

USA: 19yo Oklahoma Woman Arrested After Boyfriend Found Pornographic Images And Videos Of His 3yo Daughter On Her Phone. She Registered On A Nanny Site, Applied To Elementary School.

KFOR Oklahoma's News pubilshed August 27, 2023: 19-year-old allegedly found with child pornography.
Law&Crime Network published August 29, 2023: Woman Arrested for Allegedly Filming Herself Sexually Abusing Boyfriend’s 3-Year-Old Daughter. Bodycam footage shows police arresting an Oklahoma woman accused of sexually abusing her boyfriend’s daughter. The Stillwater Police Department said a “very distraught parent” stormed into the police station and told officers he found “disturbing images and videos of his 3-year-old daughter.” Police took 19-year-old Ashlee Cheatham, who answered the door with no pants, into custody on August 22. The Law and Crime Network’s Sierra Gillespie breaks down the disturbing story.

KFOR4 News, Oklahoma local
written by Dylan Brown
Thursday August 24, 2023

STILLWATER, Oklahoma – A woman who was arrested Tuesday in Stillwater for having child pornography and committing child sexual abuse is listed for hire on a website that brings babysitters to families in need.

Police say 19-year-old Ashlee Cheatham was arrested after her boyfriend looked through her phone that morning while she was asleep and found disturbing pictures and videos of a child.

“We had him very visibly upset and storming into our department lobby,” said Luitenant TJ Low of the Stillwater Police Department.

Officials say that the boyfriend found images and videos showing a naked three-year-old on Ashlee’s phone so he filed a report.

“It was all very disturbing, that’s why we made the arrest that day,” said Lt. Low.

Cheatham was contacted by SPD officers and detectives and was later arrested at the residence. She was taken to jail and booked without incident.

SPD says the charges Cheatham may face include:
  • Sexual abuse of a child under 12
  • Make or distribute types of obscene material or child pornography
  • Possession of marijuana
  • Violation of Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act – Felony
Viewers reached out to KFOR concerned that they thought Cheatham had worked at a Choctaw school recently, Nicoma Park Elementary. After contacting Superintendent David Reid of the Choctaw-Nikoma School District he said she didn’t work there.
Ashlee Cheatham was in the process of being hired by the district for the current school year (2023-24). All employees are required to do a federal background check as a part of the hiring process. Before the hiring process was completed, a mutual decision to terminate the hiring process was made. Ms. Cheatham never worked for the district, never received a paycheck, and has never been with any of our students. ~SUPERINTENDENT OF CHOCTAW-NIKOMA PARK SCHOOLS DAVID REID
KFOR found out that Cheatham currently worked for a website called A website that provides babysitting services to families who are interested. The site details that it conducts major background checks before offering a verified nanny for a family.

As of Thursday Cheatham remains listed as a possible nanny on the site. KFOR reached out to NannyLane and as of Thursday, they have not responded.

“It’s hard I get it. A 19-year-old woman arrested for child sexual abuse isn’t what you normally see,” said Lt. Low. “So if you can, contact someone who can do a background check on the person that you’re wanting to watch your kid. Heck, if you are feeling weird about someone you plan on dating do the same. Trust nobody.”

As of Thursday, Cheatham remained in the Payne County Jail.

KFOR Oklahoma's News 4 published August 25, 2023: 23-year-old poses as teen boy to have sex with underage girl

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