August 2, 2023

I Share 9 Different Videos Of People Sharing Their Personal Testimonies Of Their Experience Being Raped And Tortured By Satanic Hollywood Elites And Satanic Government Officials. Total 41 Minutes.

GlobalAwareness101 published August 3, 2023: Shirley Temple interview describing her horrific experience meeting the head of MGM Arthur Freed. 1 minute video.
GlobalAwareness101 published August 3, 2023: Bug Hall who starred as Alfalfa on the Little Rascals shares his experience as a child on set being raped repeatedly by several grown men. 1:45 minute video. 
GlobalAwareness101 published August 3, 2023: Denny Terrio Accuses Merv Griffith of Sexually Assaulting Him At Work. 8 minute video.

Woah. 😳😬🚩you have to listen to this. Merv stole his idea for a show and made millions off of it. Gave him no credit, only empty promises while sexually harassing him repeatedly on the job.

I just found out Denny Terrio taught John Travolta how to dance for Saturday Night Fever movie.
George B. Tonks Testimony of Being Raped By Leslie Wexner At 13. 3 minute video.

A clip from a George B Tonks interview by Shaun Atwood on YouTube. Leslie Wexner raped George B Tonks when he was just 13 years old while he was in Chicago for a modeling gig. Wexner was connected to Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell and every important person involved with Epstein.
GlobalAwareness101 published August 3, 2023: Sarah Lawrence SRA survivor testimony. She describes how she was tortured ans sexually abused and gang raped by Hollywood elites. 6:23 minute video.
GlobalAwareness101 published July 3, 2023: Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor Describes Horrific Childhood Experiences. 4 minute video. I typed a transcript of an important excerpt for you below:

The Interviewer: Rebecca where did they get the babies?

Rebecca SRA Survivor: Yeah they have mothers that are expecting that they hold in the church and they also have people that they kidnap and they impregnate them through whatever and they get babies from everywhere.

The Interviewer: Why is it that no one knows this?

Rebecca SRA Survivor: Because there's Satanists in the police force and also in the government, the army, they're everywhere. They're even on the council of the representatives of the United States also and they're silenced because this is not being exposed because they don't want it to be exposed. Because they're really good at lying and hiding things.

The Interviewer: Rebecca what happens to the people that want to come out of Satanism?

Rebecca SRA Survivor: They get killed. They get followed. They get taken. They get sacrificed in front of the congregation of the Satanic church.

The Interviewer: Why?

Rebecca SRA Survivor: Because they know too much information about the Satanists and their names and places where they keep the people underground and they just know too much information. It's like being in a gang or in a mafia. You don't get out alive without consequences.
GlobalAwareness101 published August 3, 2023: Warlock talks about Sharon Tate Satanic ritual murder because she wanted out and how they pick up people off the streets with no problem to do a Satanic ritual blood sacrifice. 2 minute video.
GlobalAwareness101 published August 3, 2023: The Abuse of Orphans by Satanist in the Highest Places PART 1. 7 minute video.

Fyi... she was deliberately killed by a head on collision. Interesting how the head of the NSA Satanist at the end challenges FBI Gunderson telling him why haven't you named them and arrested them? Well, the head of the NSA Satanist Aquino was named and arrested with dozens of child Satanic Sex Abuse allegations, there was tons of actual evidence against him and the FBI took all of the evidence and dropped ALL CHARGES AGAINST HIM.

I shared the videos on my Rumble account. Here is the description of one video below:

Michael Aquino, Satanic pedophile involved in ritual abuse sacrifices, heads the NSA. He was an army general, his specialty was mind control. He worked for MK Ultra and other mind control operations.

800 victims came forward from 8 states. Satanic child sex slaves. The FBI shutdown all investigations and destroyed all records claiming this involved national security.
GlobalAwareness101 published August 3, 2023: The Abuse of Orphans by Satanists in High Places PART 2. 8 minute video.

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