July 8, 2023

WORLD: Cervical Cancer Fund Advises That Vaginas Be Referred To As 'Bonus Holes' To Not Offend Transgender People. Another Word Trans Have Taken Away From Biological Females. Erasure.


The Blaze Media
written by Paul Sacca
Thursday June 29, 2023

A British cancer fund is recommending that the word "vagina" not be used, but instead the term "bonus hole," so as to not offend transgender people.

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust is self-described as the "U.K.'s leading cervical cancer charity." The cancer fund partnered with the LGBT Foundation – a British charity dedicated to LGBTQ issues with a mission to "empower LGBTQ+ individuals and our diverse communities to realize their full potential, every day."

In September 2020, the two charities collaborated on a guide titled: "Language to use when supporting trans men and/or non-binary people."

The guide was published on the website's "Professionals" section and is addressed to medical professionals.

"Using the correct language when referring to someone’s gender identity is a simple and effective way to demonstrate support and recognition," the guide reads. "If incorrect language is used without being corrected, it can cause someone to feel hurt or distressed. This may lead them to leave and to eventually seek support elsewhere."

"This glossary explains some of the words we use in our information or that you might hear used by a patient," the guide states. "This is not a definitive list and we recognize that some people may prefer different words. It is still necessary to check the words or phrases your patient would prefer."

The glossary features LGBTQ terms such as cisgender, deadnaming, gender identity, genderqueer, non-binary, and transphobia.

The list also has the term "bonus hole." The cancer charity defines bonus hole as: "An alternative word for the vagina. It is important to check which words someone would prefer to use."

The glossary also advised medical professionals to use the term "front hole" instead of the word "vagina."

On Wednesday, "bonus hole" was a trending topic on Twitter as numerous commenters lampooned the guide.

Evolutionary biologist Heather Heying said, "Bonus hole - an alternative word for the vagina. Delusional - an alternative word for trans-identified women who cannot abide the fact that they have vaginas."

Ben Shapiro noted, "Pretty incredible that the orifice responsible for the propagation of the species is a mere 'bonus.'"

Comedian Leo Kearse tweeted, "The LGBT Foundation recommend using the term 'bonus hole" instead of 'vagina' to avoid offending trans people (this isn't satire btw). Everyone sure is worried about offending trans people but don't give a bonus hole about offending women, do they?"

The Hodgetwins joked, "South Park couldn’t even write this script."

One user said, "Also nothing says respect for women as equal humans like calling their genitalia a 'bonus hole.'"

A commenter wrote, "Call yourself a birthing person. Call yourself a chest feeder. Share your opportunities with men. Share your sports with men. Share your safe spaces with men. Share your bathrooms with men. Don’t use the term 'vagina' call it a 'bonus hole.' The left hates women."

A Twitter user added, "So we can now add 'Bonus hole' to the list of degrading terms used for women's bodies in the name of gender ideology. Does this language encourage you to get a cervical screening?"
The Daily Mail, UK
written by Dan Sales
Saturday July 8, 2023

Women have condemned a charity after it suggested the vagina could instead be referred to as 'the bonus hole' to avoid upsetting non-binary or trans men.

Female rights campaigners today rounded on the alternative glossary, branding it both 'misogynistic' and 'utterly dehumanising'.

It is featured on charitable organisation Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust on a page for health professionals who are treating patients who have the disease.

Today the trust insisted it was not suggesting the term should be used by all women - but added it was important to reach trans men and non-binary people.

But the 'bonus hole' term - which the cause says was developed with expert organisations who work with the LGBT community - was widely condemned.

The page also features a suggestion that the vagina might also be referred to as a 'front hole'

It is entitled 'Language to use when supporting trans men and/or non-binary people'.

Conservatives for Women founder Caroline Ffiske told MailOnline: 'The gender movement seems actively to want to encourage body disassociation and hatred, in other words to actively create more confused young people alienated from their own physicality and their own sex.

'What better way than to use this utterly dehumanising language about our own bodies?

'To my mind it is grooming: create the unease, the disassociation, the alienation, and then when you have done that, you step in with euphoric rhetoric about 'trans joy'.

'Fill the void you have created. Of course those doing this will not be around to pick up the pieces when young bodies are irreversibly damaged and young lives destroyed. Is there a mechanism whereby these charities promoting harm could be struck off?'

The glossary says it was created with the help of the LGBT Foundation.

Its adds that using the wrong terms if a person does not use them can lead to them feeling hurt or distressed.

Kellie-Jay Keen, the founder of Standing for Women, described parts of the glossary as 'an erasure of female language'.

She added: 'The whole thing is loathsome but bonus hole and front hole are so misogynist.

'If a woman is so triggered by the word vagina I should imagine she need serious psychiatric help rather than the world bend to her never ending list of irrational demands.

'You would think that charities focused on cervical cancer would have better things to do than erase female language. Still it's better than the Canadian cervical charity who devoted a whole section for men with cervical cancer.'

The trust moved today to head off the controversy and explain why it had published the guide.

It said it included it to try and help health professionals and reach potential cancer sufferers that may be concerned about attending screenings.

A spokesperson told MailOnline: 'We are aware that some of our online information is currently attracting significant attention. The information being shared is from a webpage written for health professionals to support trans men and / or non-binary patients with a cervix to attend cervical screening.

'The page includes a glossary of terms they may hear from their patients and was developed with expert organisations who work with the LGBT community.

'The page is not promoting the use of these phrases with all women, it is a list of phrases that nurses may hear some patients prefer.

'Our mission at Jo's is to prevent as many cervical cancers as possible, and a big part of that is increasing uptake of cervical screening.

'Women are our main audience at Jo's, however some trans men and / or non-binary people have cervixes and to reduce as many cervical cancers as possible it is important that we also provide information for this group and the health professionals who support them.'

UPDATE 7/8/23 at 5:18pm: Added info below.

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