July 11, 2023

USA: 34yo Woman Brutally Beaten by 8 Minors Between Ages 11 And 14 On Philadelphia Sidewalk At Around 7pm. She Suffered A Broken Orbital Bone, Widespread Bruising, And Required Stitches.

6abc Philadelphia pubilshed March 7, 2023: SHOCKING: 8 suspects sought after woman brutally assaulted near City Hall. Philadelphia police are seeking eight suspects for brutally attacking a woman just a block from City Hall. Video of the incident was released on Tuesday morning. The assault happened at 15th and Chestnut around 7:12 p.m. on Feb. 23. Police say the victim, a 33-year-old woman, was knocked down by a group of people.

The Post Millennial
written by Hannah Nightingale
March 14, 2023

Seven minors between the ages of 11 and 14 have been arrested in connection to the brutal beating of a woman in Philadelphia last month, with one more suspect still unknown to police.

On February 23, a group of eight minors brutally beat a woman in the area of 15th and Chestnut Streets, in the popular Center City area of downtown, at around 7:12 pm as she was heading to her hair appointment. The suspects are black, the victim is white, in a city that often sees racial tensions.

Police say that the 33-year-old woman was knocked to the ground by the group, who then continued to punch and stomp on her until she was unconscious, according to CBS News.

The woman was transported to Jefferson Hospital and suffered injuries to her head, face, and body.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, seven of the eight suspects have been taken into custody, with six of the minors turning themselves in on the night of March 9, with one 14-year-old girl being arrested at her Northwest Philadelphia home the following day.

The suspects, whose names will not be release due to their ages, will be charged with criminal conspiracy, aggravated assault, robbery, and related crimes, Deputy Police Commissioner Frank Vanore said.

Vanore added that police are still working to identify the eighth suspect, but have a "pretty good direction on who he is."

Speaking with CBS News, the victim said "I'm terrified."

"I'm uncomfortable standing here right now," the woman said. "I was just walking down Chestnut, it was really unprovoked to be honest."

Dr. William Corse, the victim’s father, said "she could have been killed."

"This is pretty hard for all of us," Corse said.

Corse said that his daughter was walking to her hair appointment when someone tapped her from behind.

"Next thing you know she was punched and knocked to the ground," Corse said.

"It's hard to imagine a teenager being that detached from reality and right and wrong," Corse said, as to the ages of the attackers.

Corse said that as his daughter lay on the ground unconscious, one of the suspects went through her pockets.

"I never seen anything like this," Corse said. "There's enough violence to go around, much less this."

The woman who has lived in Philadelphia for six years now says she wants to move out following the attack.

"It's tough for sure," the woman said. "I love Philly but I don't even want to walk down the street anymore."

"Honestly she's just so traumatized by this," Corse said. "If it were up to her she would just hide somewhere. She's beyond traumatized."

Corse delivered a message for the parents of these teens: "How in the world do you raise somebody to behave like that? I hope you expect better from your children in the future because on this pathway they are going nowhere," Corse said. "They will be a complete waste to society, their lives will have been wasted and it will be a loss for everyone."
FOX 29 Philadelphia published March 8, 2023: Father of woman brutally beaten by juveniles on Philadelphia sidewalk speaks out. Dr. Corse, a longtime Chester County doctor, said his daughter suffered a broken orbital bone, widespread bruising, and required stitches. Police sources tell FOX 29's Chris O'Connell that authorities believe they have identified the suspects and they're all between the ages of 12 and 15.

Fox29 News, Philadelphia local
written by Staff
March 9, 2023

PHILADELPHIA - Law enforcement sources believe a group of children no older than 15-years-old are behind the brutal and seemingly unprovoked beating of a woman in Center City.

The attack happened just after 7 p.m. Thursday near the corner of 15th and Chestnut streets.

The victim, a 34-year-old woman who lives nearby, was on her way to a hair appointment when she was jumped by a group of eight young people.

"Someone tapped her on the shoulder, she turned around, and they smacked her on the head, she went down and her head was stomped on," the victim's father, Dr. William Corse, told FOX 29.

Police say the group continued to punch and stomp on the victim until she became unconscious, then left her injured on the sidewalk.

Dr. Corse, a longtime Chester County doctor, said his daughter suffered a broken orbital bone, widespread bruising, and required stitches.

Police sources tell FOX 29's Chris O'Connell that authorities believe they have identified the suspects and all are between the ages of 12 and 15-years-old.

"This is not the behavior of a normal juvenile delinquent," Dr. Corse said. "I don’t know if they enjoyed the violence, but this behavior is just subhuman"

The brutal attack closely mirrors an assault that happened just seven blocks away in Rittenhouse Square. Video captured a group of teens ambushing a woman walking down the street.

"A great majority of people in Philadelphia of all races just want to get along and enjoy the city, I know that, but it’s these bad actors that pop up that need to be punished," Dr. Corse said.


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