July 17, 2023

The Demons Of King Solomon: Testament of Solomon Complete Series: Angelology and Demonology. Lesser Key of Solomon: The 72 Kings of Hell: The Most Powerful Infernal Demons

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Sharing again because a lot of people don't know this part of Solomon's life. I found out when I posted this information last year. People need to understand what we're going through right now and the powers we're battling against whether you are a believer or not. (emphasis mine)
Mythology - Folklore A-Z published The Demons Of King Solomon: Testament of Solomon Complete Series: Angelology and Demonology: Angels and Demons.

The full story of King Solomon's encounter and tussle with the most powerful demons, gods, fallen angels and spirits there are. Featuring:

part 1. Solomon and The Demon Ornias

part 2. Solomon and The Demons Onoskelis

part 3. Solomon and The Demon Asmodeus

part 4. Solomon and Beelzebub (Satan)

part 5. Solomon and The Wind Demon Tephras

part 6. Solomon and The 7 Sisters of Darkness

part 7. Solomon and The Headless Demon Envy

part 8. Solomon and The Demon Hound Rabdos

part 9. Solomon and The Demon Lion Bearer Rath

part 10. Solomon and The Crest of Dragons

part 11. Solomon and The Demon Obizuth (Lilith, Abyzou)

part 12. Solomon and Solomon and The Man Dragon

part 13. Solomon and The Demon Enepsigos (Hecate, Hekate)

part 14. Solomon and The Demon Sea Horse (Kunospaston)

part 15. Solomon and The Nephilim Demon

part 16. Solomon and The 36 Spirits Of The Zodiac (Decans)

part 17. The Revelation Of Ornias The Demon

part 18. Solomon and The Demon Epphipas

part 19. Solomon and The Demon Abezithibod - Son of Beelzebub

part 20. The Downfall of Solomon The King.
His libido was his downfall. Wow. He was tempted by a woman who worshipped other multiple demonic gods. At first he said no I only worship my God. Then caved in to his sexual desires and bowed down to this woman's demonic gods and he then had all of Israel worship her demonic gods and sacrifice children to her demonic god Moloch. He had everything anyone could possibly want. King Solomon was the richest man in the world and supposedly the wisest. Yet, he couldn't keep it in his pants for one woman. He sacrificed his entire nation to demon god Moloch, Baal and others so he could screw one specific woman. "Lead us not into temptation. But deliver us from evil." (emphasis mine)
[source: Demonicpedia]

The Testament of Solomon goes into vast detail over the life of Solomon, appearing one thousand years after his death. It accounts how the Temple of Jerusalem came to completion. The introduction to the Testament of Solomon consists of how Solomon gained his ability to manipulate a horde of demons. Solomon was given the ring that provided the source of his power by archangel Michael. The ring’s power came from the seal of God on it. It enables Solomon to command the demons with the use of this ring.

The story goes as follows:
The demon Ornias harasses a young man. He does this by stealing his money and sucking out of his life force. Solomon witnesses this, and he prays for help defeating the demon. He receives a ring from Michael, which he lends the young man. The young man then throws the ring towards the demon. This stamps Ornias with the seal and brings him under the control of Solomon. Solomon then commands that Ornias take the ring and imprint the prince of demons, Beelzebub. He does this, and soon Beelzebub is under Solomon’s full control.
With the prince of demons under his command, Solomon can freely order all the demons. He uses this to his advantage, and he learns more about the demonic beings. Compiling their attributes in the Ars Goetia. Furthermore, he forces the demons to help build the Temple.

The text goes further in-depth about his life. As a result, it speaks often about the demons he encounters. Not only that, but it explains his downfall from God’s grace.

Solomon betrays from his faith due to his wanting and yearning for sexual gratification. He allows his wives to builds temples for other Gods. He also decides to sacrifice lotuses to Remphan and Moloch in exchange for sex with a woman he had fallen in love with. As a result, God takes away what he has given Solomon.

Through the course of his actions, he is foolish in the eyes of humans and demons. With his kingdom divided, never to be reunited again.

For this reason, Solomon warns the reader that someone should never abandon their beliefs.

If you want to read the entire story, you can buy it here.

The Legends of History published Samigina: The Demon Marquis | Ars Goetia | (Lesser Key of Solomon Explained)

Samigina, the Fourth Spirit found in the Lesser Key of Solomon breaks the reptilian trend that we’ve seen thus far in the previous two entries of Agares and Vassago. However, Samigina - or ‘Gamigin’ as he’s also known, does not break the trend of demons appearing in the form of animals and like his demonic compatriots, Samigina is also known to appear as a man. As the fourth spirit in the Lesser Key of Solomon, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Samigina had some grand importance, given that we’ve seen Bael the King, Agares the Duke and Vassago the Prince in the series so far. But Samigina appears to be little more than a footnote in demonology given his realm of influence as a horse and the lack of presence he has in literature. At best, he is a nobleman - or a marquis, one who according to some European countries would rank him above a count, but below a duke.

🚨👇 So this is who the Luciferians of this world worship. 👇🚨
This is who they answer to and do blood sacrifices to
and sex magic rituals to.
These are the people who want to kill off most of the
human beings on this planet.
They plainly tell us that fairy God does not exist.
We're stupid for believing in a God in heaven.
HOWEVER, they believe in Lucifier and these demon gods they worship.
So naturally they going to say almighty God is not worthy of your praise and worship.
Lucifer and Luciferians want to conquer the Kingdom of Heaven.
and want everyone to bow down to Lucifer aka Satan.
(emphasis mine)

Mythology - Folklore A-Z published The 72 Kings of Hell: The Most Powerful Infernal Demons: Ars Goetia: Lesser Key of Solomon.

The 72 Kings of Hell: Ars Goetia - The Lesser Key of Solomon (Lemegeton) | The most powerful and worst demons of Judaeo-Christian Mythology: Demonology 1:

In this video, you shall know about The 72 infernal spirits of Solomon and the 4 principal Kings of Hell: The Hierarchy of the demons of hell: The Most Powerful Infernal Demons of Judeo-Christian Lore.

Featured Demon Categories and Types:
The Kings of Hell,
The Princes of Hell,
The Marquises of Hell,
The Dukes of Hell,
The Earls of Hell,
The Presidents of Hell,
The Knights of Hell,

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