July 30, 2023

Testimony By A Woman Who Was Born Into The Illuminati And The Prerequisite To Participate In The Satanic Cult Is To Attend A Christian Church. She Was Deemed An Expendable Child.

Randy Kay published April 15, 2023: Raised in Satanic Cult, Nurse Dies and Sees Sacrificed Child in Heaven.

ALERT: The following true account which includes an afterlife experience contains some shocking disclosures that may not be appropriate for children.

Cheryl was labeled as an "expendable" by the satanic cult in which she was born. Her father was one of the chiefs in the Nazi style religion that trafficked children and sacrificed babies. One of those babies was Cheryl's son that she gave birth to after she was bred with a young teen when she was a child. What you will hear in this message is almost unimaginable. How could anyone survive the horrors of what she endured? Randy Kay interviews this survivor who today lives triumphantly after dying, meeting Jesus, and encountering her lost child in Heaven. This is one of the most intense stories of all time, and one that will testify of the restorative Love of Jesus Christ - A MUST SEE.

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