June 26, 2023

USA: SHOCKING New Evidence of Joe Biden's Corruption AND Head Of The FBI Christopher Wray's Connection To Communist China Party.

WolvesAndFinance published June 25, 2023: SHOCKING New Evidence of Joe Biden's Corruption. The bribery allegations of Joe Biden and his family keep getting worse. It turns out there is a lot more evidence than people originally thought.

I came across this great new YouTube channel that I really like. Please watch the entire video filled with zesty information. I only typed a transcript of the section from this information I just learned that I want to highlight starting at 21:20 Christopher Wray's Connection to Communist China. (emphasis mine)

Zach De Gregorio at Wolves and Finance: But there is a part of the story that a lot of people are missing. The FBI has had all this information about wrongdoing by the Biden family and yet has been working so hard to protect them. Why?

They're not just ignoring it. They are actively working to cover it up. The cover up by the FBI is worse than the crime. I think I know why they're acting this way.

There is someone named Miles Guo being held in prison in New York. I think he is the key to this whole thing. He is the number one enemy of China because he speaks out against President Xi Jinping.

Miles Guo is being held in prison without bail before his trial for fraud. But the case against him is the weakest fraud case I have ever seen. I made another video walking you through all the details of his case if you're interested. I will leave a link in the description down below.

But what is so strange about his situation is that they're holding him in prison WITHOUT BAIL. This is just so unsual.

Bernie Madoff committed one of the largest frauds of all time. He was let out of prison on bail waiting for his trial.

Sam Bankman-Fried is currently charged with one of the largest frauds of all time. He was let out of prison on bail waiting for his trial.

Two months ago two people were arrested in New York for being Chinese spies. Actual Chinese spies were arrested. They were let out on bail within hours of being arrested.

Isn't it strange that Miles Guo is still being held in prison based on weak fraud allegations.

I think he's being kept in prison to shut him up.

Do you know what else is strange? Do you know who used to be Miles Guo's lawyer? CHRISTOPHER WRAY. 😳

The same Christopher Wray who is now the head of the FBI.

You have to admit this is getting a little strange. So let's take a closer look at Christopher Wray.

Before Christopher Wray became the head of the FBI, he was a partner at a lawfirm called, King and Spalding. At the lawfirm, he was making $6.3 MILLION per year. This is very strange. Partners in lawfirms generally make a lot of money. But they don't make that much money. When accountants look for fraud, one of the first things they look for is someone getting paid a lot more money than is normal for that type of job.

So for instance, the American Bar Association released statistics that show the average partner at the top 200 lawfirms in the United States, earned $1.054 MILLION per year in 2019.

How much did Christopher Wray make again? $6.3 MILLION. More than six times as much. That's strange.

There are only a handful of lawyers in the entire country that get paid that much. What was Christopher Wray doing that made so much money?

Apparently, he was working for the Chinese Communist Party. That's why. 😳

We know this from comments from Nicole Tsai, spokesperson for the New Federal State of China.

Christopher Wray dropped Miles Guo as a client to go work for a (Communist China Party) CCP owned company called, The HNA Group.

HNA Group is controlled by Wang Qishan, the former Vice President of the People's Republic of China.

HNA Group had multi-billion dollar contract with the lawfirm King and Spalding. That is why Christopher Wray was making so much money.

So here is the chain of events. Christopher Wray drops Miles Guo as a client. He makes millions of dollars through his contract with the Chinese Communist Party and when he becomes head of the FBI, he arrests Miles Guo and holds him in prison without bail. Doesn't that seem strange?

Shouldn't someone in Congress ask the head of the FBI why he is imprisoning his former client? I would like to know that. Wouldn't you like to know that?

Now just for clarification, as I mentioned this information came from Nicole Tsai, spokesperson for the New Federal State of China. This is a lobby group created by Miles Guo with the goal of overthrowing the Chinese Communist Party. I have not been able to verify this information with a second source so it might be biased as they have their own agenda.

HOWEVER, I do not think we should dismiss these claims so quickly because their information has turned out to be correct in the past.

During the pandemic, this was the same group who came and said that the virus came from a lab leaked in Wuhan China. JUST THIS WEEK IT WAS REVEALED that patient zero was identified as Ben Hu, a scientist at the Wuhan Institute of Virology who was performing research on how coronaviruses INFECT HUMANS. We think he was the first person to get infected with the virus.

So it turns out this group led by Miles Guo was right about the virus this entire time. Why didn't we listen to them? Maybe we should start paying attention to what they have to say this time. Because it seems like they have some way to get information from inside the Chinese Communist Party. I don't know how they do it? But somehow they are doing it.

And all of these allegations would be so easy to verify.

Why don't we just ask Christopher Wray?

Why was he making SO MUCH MONEY as a lawyer?

Was he taking money from the Chinese Communist Party?

Why is he putting his former client in prison?

One of the biggest questions in all of this is why has Christopher Wray been WORKING SO HARD TO PROTECT JOE BIDEN?

Why did he refuse to turn over the 1023 form to Congress?

Why did he redact the information?

Why has he not been investigating any of the leads against Joe Biden?

I think it is possible that Joe Biden is not the only person committing treason.

Christopher Wray may also be committing treason.

I do not think Republicans realize that in this situation they hold all the cards. ALL this could be revealed just by asking simple questions.

Here's what Congress should do. I think they should bring Miles Guo from prison to the Capitol and ask him two questions:

1. Is there a connection between Joe Biden and the Chinese Communist Party?

2. Has Joe Biden committed treason?

I don't know what Miles Guo knows. But I have a feeling that he can answer these two questions. I would like to find out. Wouldn't you?

Christopher Wray is trying so hard to shut this guy up. It only makes me think that Miles has something important to say.

In order to convict someone of treason, you need two witnesses. That's why I believe Miles is so important.

We already have one witness in Tony Bobulinski.

Depending on what Miles Guo knows he could be witness number two.

WolvesAndFinance published April 2, 2023: Is Miles Guo Innocent?

Last month, on March 15, Chinese Billionaire Miles Guo was arrested in New York for $1B in fraud. If you are a business person in America, you need to be paying attention to this case, because it teaches us a lot about what the government can do to business owners. We are going to be looking at the question, “Is Miles Guo innocent?”

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