June 7, 2023

USA: The Largest Trans Healthcare Providers In The US Are Rubber-Stamping Letters Approving Life-Altering Surgeries. Matt Walsh's Producer Was Approved For Testicle Removal In 22 Minutes.

I was going to post this video today and then saw Matt Walsh's tweets and well they are both very much related. Perfect symmetry. Now I want to ask you to please think about this for a moment... do you think it's okay to "affirm" children who are diagnosed with the eating disorder called anorexia? No right? Children with anorexia should receive help to solve their eating disorders which usualy stems from psychological issues. Well, children are being confused about their identities by the public school system starting at a very young age. Our public school system are causing children to question who they are and our public school system are influencing the children to pursue medical treatement to "affirm" their identity confusion the public school system HELPED TO CAUSE in the first place WITHOUT THE PARENTS KNOWLEDGE. And what I'm finding out too that is even more disturbing is that in some states the public school system has the right to take the child suffering from gender identity confusion away from their parents and put them with fostercare guardians who have agreed with the state to "affirm" their gender identity confusion.  The states have completely taken away the parents rights to care for their own children. California is one of those states that have the right to take children away from parents who don't agree with their child's identity confusion and gender medical mutiliation and sterilization of their child. (emphasis mine)
Grassroots Army published Jun 5, 2023: These Gender Reassignment Surgeons Who Operate On MINORS Should Be In Prison.

In an interview one year ago, Dr. Blair Peters of @queersurgeon provides proof that what he and his team are doing at @OHSUsurgery to adolescents in the name of ‘Gender Affirming Care’ IS EXPERIMENTAL. ๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿšจ

In the clip he responds to a question regarding the psycho-social implications of gender affirming surgery on adolescents who have been given puberty suppressant drugs and typically have never had any sexual experience.

He also weighs the idea that it might be beneficial to encourage these minors to “self stimulate” before undergoing sex change surgery.

He says it’s challenging because “there’s just so little that’s been talked about or described”.

This is doctor is widely considered the premier GAC surgeon on the west coast.

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