June 4, 2023

USA: 911 Caller Tried To Warn Authorities Day Before Apartment Building Collapse In Iowa. Prior To This Authorities Fined Building Owner $300 For Unsafe, Unsanitary Conditions, $95 For Court Fees.

Neither should this be blamed on Capitalism. Why? Because this horrific event was due to corruption that is deeply imbeded in every department of this city in charge of city services. Who is in charge of the City of Davenport? Commie Democrats. The same people who convince you that Capitalism is bad and Socialism is good. Does this look good to you? The Commie Democrats claim Capitalism only cares about profit at the expense of the people or environment. At the base of Capitalism is integrity and work ethic. Whereas, Socialism/Communism ultimately breeds corruption and is motivated by bribing public officials, low standards, and lazy work ethic because they are all covering each others back to make that buck with no accountability. People who are under Socialist / Communist care  or service suffer because they don't give a shit about "the people". Socialism / Communism is a con. This is a product of Socialism. But I just call them Commies because that is ultimately who they are and what they believe. (emphasis mine)
The Mayor is a Democrat and the City Council members are Democrats.

Date of Record: July 18, 2006
[source: City of Davenport, Iowa]

The Mayor and City Council members act as the political head of the city. The mayor-council form of government, utilizing an appointed city administrator, affords the unification of authority and political responsibility in experienced professional management. This systems fosters democracy and efficiency in local government that is highly responsive to the needs of the citizens of Davenport.

The City Council is responsible for setting policy, approving the budget, determining the tax rate, and formulating broad long-term policies that outline the City's public function.

The city administrator is appointed by the mayor subject to confirmation by a two-thirds vote of the entire membership of the city council. The city administrator is appointed to carry out policy and ensure that the entire community is being served. The city administrator makes policy recommendations to the council, but the council may or may not adopt them and may modify the recommendations. The city administrator is bound by whatever action the council takes.
NewsNation published May 30, 2023: 'We heard this crackling sound': Iowa building collapse survivor. Lexus Berry, a resident of the building that partially collapsed in Davenport, Iowa, joins "NewsNation Prime" to share her story, saying she saw multiple cracks on her walls before the "floors caved in."
WQAD News 8 published June 2, 2023: 911 call made on Saturday warned of impending Davenport building collapse. The caller said one of his workers noticed the exterior wall wasn't "looking good" Saturday afternoon.

WQAD8 ABC News, Iowa local
written by Hollie Knepper, Josh Lamberty
Saturday June 3, 2023

DAVENPORT, Iowa — A call made on Saturday, May 27 warned first responders of the impending collapse at 324 Main Street, but the Davenport Fire Department cleared the scene in less than four minutes.

On Friday, News 8 obtained the 911 call audio and the call for service report from the incident. The call came into the Scott Emergency Communications Center at 2:46 p.m.

The caller said one of his workers was cleaning the area near the parking lot on the southwest corner of the building and noticed the exterior wall wasn't "looking good."

Working crews were also at the building working on repairs.

"My guy said he looked at it and there's actually someone working right now," the caller said. "And they're trying to figure out what's going on with it. Just in case, I'd rather have someone stop and look at it."

The call log shows what the Davenport Fire Department did in response. The unit was dispatched at 2:48 p.m., just two minutes after the initial call. The unit arrived on the scene at 2:51 p.m. and cleared out by 2:55 p.m.

In total, the Davenport Fire Department was at the scene for about four minutes the day before the collapse. However, records do not show what the firefighters did during that time or what steps the first responders took after clearing the call.

Davenport Chief Strategy Officer Sarah Ott told News 8 in an email, "We are looking into the details around the 911 call and we expect to have more to share at a later time."

On Friday, Chief Mike Carlson told the media of the department's efforts following the collapse, including speaking with those who responded to the Surfside Condo collapse in 2021.
WQAD News 8 published May 31, 2023: Community reacts to $300 fine levied against owner of Davenport collapsed building. Some people and family members holding vigil at incident site were surprised to hear of the fine given to the building owner for unsafe, unsanitary conditions.

WQAD8 ABC News, Iowa local
written by Associated Press staff
Thursday June 1, 2023

DAVENPORT, Iowa — City documents released Wednesday show engineers and city officials visited a Davenport building nearly a dozen times in the months before it partially collapsed on Sunday. The most recent engineer's report came out just days before the building crumbled, suggesting the west wall appeared “ready to fall imminently.”

Here's a timeline that shows red flags were raised multiple times in recent months, according to city documents.

FEB. 2, 2023

MidAmerican Energy, an electric and gas utility, complains to the city about a deteriorating brick wall at the southwest corner of the building. The utility says its employees would not work in the area until improvements were made, including installation of scaffolding.

Chief Building Official Trishna Pradhan signs a notice of public hazard that says the southwest wall “has been gradually falling” and there is “visible crumbling of this exterior load bearing wall under the support beam.”

Pradhan says “emergency vacate orders will be posted on the building if the falling masonry area is not secured." Notes show Pradhan was working with the building's owner, Andrew Wold, on repairs.

David Valliere, an engineer employed by Bettendorf-firm Select Structural, does an on site inspection and writes: “this damaged area is not an imminent danger to the entire building and its residents. An evacuation or lockout of the building is not necessary at this time.”

FEB. 8

Valliere sends a follow-up letter, detailing recommendations on the “necessary” structural repairs. He emphasizes that the failing wall should not be demolished all at once, saying there are unknowns about the "stability of a 100 year old masonry structure.”

FEB. 23

Valliere performs a follow-up inspection, in which a Bi-State Masonry worker points out “a large and potentially dangerous void” beneath the faรงade of the area just north of the work being done.

The repairs recommended in early February appeared to be “going to plan.” Valliere says in a March 1 email that his Feb. 23 inspection showed Bi-State Masonry was “doing a good job from what I can see."

But the city's notes say a visit a few days later, Feb. 28, revealed the “west wall had collapsed into the scaffolding” and workers indicated it was going to require more work than expected.


The city's notes show Bi-State Masonry was no longer working on the building by March 3, indicating that the firm requested more compensation because of unforeseen work.


A city notice says the material being used to reconstruct the wall was “not allowed” and that emergency repair work had been approved with the understanding that brick “to match existing” would be used.

All work stopped on the building as of early March, according to the city's notes.


Fire Marshal Jim Morris signs a letter to Wold detailing a lack of compliance to resolve fire safety violations. Nine issues were cited based on a Feb. 6 inspection, a Feb. 28 reinspection and a compliance inspection on March 13.

Morris asks that the violations be corrected “within 20 days. Failure to comply, will result in a progressive fine and possible rental license revocation for life safety code violations.”


Building representatives fail to meet city officials for scheduled inspection of fire safety violations.

MAY 23

Valliere visits the building.

MAY 24

Valliere issues another report, which says patches in the west side of the building’s brick faรงade “appear ready to fall imminently.”

The engineer’s report says window openings, some filled and some unfilled, were insecure. In one case, the openings were “bulging outward” and looked “poised to fall.” Inside the first floor, unsupported window openings help “explain why the faรงade is currently about to topple outward.”

“The brick faรงade is unlikely to be preserved in place, but it can be brought down in a safe, controlled manner,” the report says.

Also on May 24, the city issues a permit for work on the wall. City also sends a nuisance abatement order because of garbage and waste on the property.

MAY 28

The west wall of the building collapses.

MAY 29
AFTER THE FACT. ๐Ÿ‘‡ (emphasis mine)
City officials sign a notification of public hazard, describing the building as “an imminent, clear, and present public hazard" and “demanding the immediate demolition of the structure.”

UPDATE 6/4/23 at 3:03pm: Added info below.
NewsNation published June 3, 2023 Iowa building collapse: Questions swirl as survivor search ends, demo begins. As the search for survivors in Davenport, Iowa, comes to a close with three residents still missing and demolition begins, area residents have questions about what happened and why.

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