June 4, 2023

EUROPE: Hateful Disgusting Crude Art Exhibition Inside European Parliament Mocking Christianity To Show LGBTQ "Inclusive Human Rights Theme" LGBTQ Call Us Raging Bigots For Being Upset.

I watch a video on TikTok put out by a Conservative European politician who was filming inside the European parliament showing us these pictures displayed as "works of art". I had to go look up this artist for myself. This is so crude. What disturbs me most is the EU honoring this artist in public display going against their own hate rules.

I don't care what people believe or how they want to express themselves. Apparently this artist has been around for a while within this section of the LGBT. I've never heard of this artist until the European Parliament decided to put her hateful artwork on public display mocking Jesus and Christians. We get fired or harassed into oblivion for using the wrong pronoun but these aholes are rewarded for mocking us?

Pink News 👇 calls us bigots for being shocked at these pictures being displayed inside the European Parliament. We're bigots responding to this hateful artwork? These pictures are clearly mocking Jesus and Christians. I swear the far-Left are psychopaths. They are so disconnected with what hate actually means. They use it all the time against everyone who don't think like them. They obsess over their hatred for Jesus Christ and Christians. They can't just enjoy your gay lives. No because apprently their entire existence is focused on offending Christians. That's actually really really sad.

Let's see how the word BIGOT is defined, "One who is narrow-mindedly devoted to their own ideas and groups, and intolerant of (people of) differing ideas, races, genders, religions, politics, etc." This definition clearly describes the far-Left LGBTQ+++ and the Commie Democrats in general wouldn't you agree?

I'm a 53yo Lesbian centrist who also happens to be a Christian who loves Jesus Christ with a mom and dad that were gay since before I was born. I was raised in the gay environment and I want to emphasize that these people do not represent the gay community as a whole. The Gay and Lesbian community are not a homogenous group just like not all straight people think or act the same. We have a far-Left, middle, and right political spectrum. But just like with the far-Left Commie Democrats militant, anything right of the far-Left LGBTQ+ commie self-avowed Satanist militants are considered racist far-Right fascist Christian bigots. Classical Liberals are considered racist far-Right fascist Christian bigots by their terms. If you don't think like them, then they consider you a racist far-Right fascist Christian bigot. That's who these people are that I highlight in this post who are being embraced by corporate brands and politicians here in the United States and in Europe. (emphasis mine)
I took this screenshot for reference.
Sky News Australia published May 3, 2023: 'Apparently Christophobia is not a problem in Europe': EU's sacrilegious painting. Sky News host James Macpherson says just weeks after staff were appointed to “monitor Islamophobia” inside the EU in Brussels, they have hung an image of Jesus with gay “sadomasochistic” disciples. “Apparently Christophobia is not a problem in Europe, heck, the European Parliament will even do it for you,” Mr Macpherson said.
These are the only 2 videos and news reports I could find on YouTube about this hateful disgusting EU exhibition. Here is a transcript of the Sky News reporting above, "The European Parliament's own rules state, 'Cultural events and exhibitions shall not in any way undermine the dignity of parliament... or be offensive or of an inflammatory nature.' (emphisis mine)
eXXpressTV published May 6, 2023: Jesus mit LGBT-Jüngern: Linkspartei lädt zu umstrittener Ausstellung ins EU-Parlament. Die schwedische Linkspartei lud am Freitag zu einer eher ungewöhnlichen Ausstellung ins Europaparlament nach Brüssel. Gezeigt wurden Werke der schwedischen Künstlerin Elisabeth Ohlson. Die Bilder, die mitunter einen von “sadomasochistischen Jüngern” umgebenen Jesus zeigen, kamen nicht bei allen gut an.
I used Google translate for description above: The Swedish Left Party invited to a rather unusual exhibition in the European Parliament in Brussels on Friday. Works by the Swedish artist Elisabeth Ohlson were on display. The images, which sometimes show Jesus surrounded by "sado-masochistic disciples," did not go down well with everyone. (emphasis mine)
written by Vertrose
Saturday April 29, 2023

Woe to talk about the Christian roots of Europe or ask for the recognition of symbols and traditions of Christianity by the Brussels institutions but an exhibition at the European Parliament depicting LGBT Jesus is welcome. The provocations against Christians and the episodes of blasphemy with which they want to pass off depictions of bad taste as works of art are not new, yet it is really inappropriate for the European Parliament to host an offensive and exclusive exhibition.

A few days ago, all the mailboxes of the European Parliament received an email signed by the European deputy Malin Bjork of the Swedish Left Party to promote an exhibition organized by «The Left».
«Dear ones — the letter read — on the occasion of the Swedish presidency of the European Council, I invited the photographic artist Elisabeth Ohlson to show some of her works. All of the pieces she chose for this show have an LGBTQI or otherwise inclusive, human rights theme.” 👈 (that is a f**king joke. "inclusive" really? emphasis mine)
Attached to the message, the invitation for the inauguration of the exhibition with two images, one depicting a boat of migrants approaching a ship with a soldier placing his foot on the small boat with the migrants and another with Jesus Christ surrounded by apostles dressed as sadomasochistic slaves.

As Lega MEP Maria Veronica Rossi explains, «It is legitimate to address issues of all kinds in institutional settings, but exploiting a religion is an intolerable lack of respect for millions of faithful throughout Europe. Other than cultural insight, this appears as a gratuitous provocation: why offend and lack respect?».

There were numerous possibilities to celebrate the Swedish presidency of the EU Council and to talk about human rights, but the decision to address this issue by bringing religion into question has a clear political intention. On the other hand, the artist Elisabeth Ohlson is not new to provocations and her artistic career took a turning point in 1998 when she exhibited for the first time Ecce Homo, her Jesus in an Lgbtq+ key inside a Swedish cathedral (a circumstance which testifies the yielding of values of a certain Protestantism). On that occasion, the images went around the world and the former MEP Marianna Eriksson tried to have them exhibited also in the European Parliament. In that case, however, the content of the shots was deemed too offensive by the quaestors of the European Parliament who blocked the initiative. Twenty-five years later, the new attempt by another MEP does not seem to have caused the same scandal and Ohlson’s shots will thus be exhibited in Brussels.

However, the problem with her exhibition is twofold; on the one hand it concerns the themes of her works but, wanting to appeal to artistic freedom, there is a second criticality and it concerns the place where her works will be exhibited: the European Parliament. For obvious reasons of expediency, an institutional headquarters is not the right place to give space to blasphemous and offensive images.
I added these screenshots of her work and what was publicly displayed at the European Parliament exhibition. This is hateful artwork. How is this no different than the Westboro Baptist Church made up of only maybe 50 people in total that the far-Left Poverty Law Center, "the most obnoxious and rabid hate group in America"? But the psycho far-Left make the Westboro Baptist Church represent all Christians when that is not true. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence start their performances off with, "Are you ready to piss off some Christians?" Their group's gimmick is entirely based on mocking Christians that from what the WorldPopulationReview.com states make up 2.38 BILLION people worldwide as of 2023. They say that one-third of the world's total population is Christian. Imagine their whole existence is consumed by their hatred for Christians. Ask yourself, does this look like love and inclusivity to you?

Actual spiritual demons mock Christians, Christianity, anything related to Jesus. When an exorcism is being performed that is what a spiritual demon will do. (emphasis mine)
written by Hélène de Lauzun
Sunday May 14, 2023

The openly anti-Christian exhibition in the European Parliament on which we previously reported ended a few days ago. New information has come to light about the organisation of the exhibition, thanks to our friends from Europe for Family. The artist behind the provocative show received warnings from the Parliament’s administration—and ignored them. In the end, however, no sanctions will be taken against her or the MEP who sponsored the exhibition.

The photo exhibition, featuring photographs by Swedish artist Elisabeth Ohlson who is known for her activism on behalf of the LGBT cause, was held in the European Parliament’s Brussels buildings from May 2-5. The show was supported and sponsored by Swedish MEP Malin Björk (Vänsterpartiet/Left Party). The photos on display included deliberately provocative depictions of a homosexual Christ.

Several conservative MEPs expressed their indignation, either to the Presidency of the Parliament or to the Quaestor’s office, which oversees the logistical side of such an exhibition. The chairman of the French delegation of the Rassemblement National/ID group Jean-Paul Garraud sent a letter to the Quaestors to express his disapproval. He explained in his letter, to which we had access:
This exhibition clearly has nothing artistic about it, but aims to spread political propaganda of hatred between communities, and promote the Woke ideology deconstructing everything that makes up our civilisation, our way of life, our history and our identity.
The MEP recalled the European Parliament’s rules on cultural events, which state:
cultural events and exhibitions may in no circumstances be insulting or provocative in nature or contradict the values on which the Union is founded or be likely to cause disturbance in the exhibition areas provided for. (Article 2, paragraph 3)
Quaestor Christophe Hansen replied to the head of the delegation, justifying the authorisation of the exhibition of Elisabeth Ohlson’s work as follows:
After a careful examination of the works presented to me … I gave my approval. It was indicated that the artist Ohlson … wanted to remind people that Jesus Christ worked with, and helped, the outcasts of society. In the light of this context, the works can be seen as neither insulting nor discriminatory, but rather to provoke a debate on certain societal issues.
Hansen emphasised the all-powerful value of “provoking debate” to justify the posting of Ohlson’s photos—a convenient way to let blatantly offensive content pass. But the parliamentary administrator did his job with an undeniable professional conscience: he recalled that the exhibition was accompanied by a warning that the institution did not in any way take responsibility for the content displayed, and he inspected the exhibition before it opened. He then noted that there were photographs displayed that had not been included in the preliminary project approved by his office, and requested their removal:

“Having noted that two of the works on display were not part of the pre-approved file, I asked the services to remove these works, under the authority conferred on me by paragraph 9(3)5 of the regulations applicable to exhibitions on Parliament’s premises. However, the removal of the works was refused by the sponsoring Member of Parliament, despite a direct order from me. As such, I have initiated internal procedures to bring this matter to the attention of the College of Quaestors.”

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the internal procedures thus convened will result in any sanction—against the MEP responsible or against the artist.

There are several lessons to be learned from this episode. It is always necessary—even essential—to make one’s disapproval known when such obvious provocations are made by public institutions. Keeping quiet and letting it pass should never be an option. In this case, the letter to the Quaestor and his response highlighted the clear violation of the European Parliament’s rules of procedure by the artist and the MEP. But the fact that the Quaestor’s direct order to remove the photographs was simply ignored proves once again that rules ‘do not apply’ to those who have made progressive provocation their profession.

Hélène de Lauzun studied at the École Normale Supérieure de Paris. She taught French literature and civilization at Harvard and received a Ph.D. in History from the Sorbonne. She is the author of Histoire de l’Autriche (Perrin, 2021).


Bloomberg Television published January 19, 2023: There's a Corruption Scandal in the EU Parliament. Suitcases of cash, lawmakers arrested, and foreign governments accused of buying favours. Bloomberg's Maria Tadeo explains all the details of a scandal that's gripped the European Union and speaks exclusively to the Parliament's President, Roberta Metsola.

UPDATE 6/4/23 at 7:23pm: Added info below.
The North Face hired this far-Left vulgar hateful LGBTQ drag queen to represent their brand. It turns out the far-Left love hateful bigots afterall. This one is simulating having sex with the Christian Holy Bible. (emphisis mine)

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