May 1, 2023

USA: California Pushes Diesel Big Rigs To The Curb: Full Ban By 2036. Each Electric Vehicle Battery For A Heavy Duty Truck Weighs 8000 Pounds. You Need Two. More Draw Than An Entire City Requires.

ATAMedia published April 19, 2023: California's EV mandate for freight trucks will disrupt interstate commerce. A patchwork of state regulations hinders interstate commerce and the trucking industry's ability to deliver critical goods.
ATAMedia published April 19, 2023: There's nowhere near enough power on the grid to convert the U.S. truck fleet to battery electric. One fleet tried to electrify just 30 trucks at a terminal in Joliet, Illinois. Local officials shut those plans down, saying that would draw more electricity than is needed to power the entire city. Another California company tried to electrify 12 forklifts. Not trucks, but forklifts. Local power utilities told them that's not possible. If the product, charging infrastructure, and power is not available to comply with these unrealistic timelines, then regulators are setting trucking -- and the American consumer -- up for failure. More of Andrew Boyle, ATA first vice chair and co-president of Boyle Transportation, testifying before the Senate EPW committee here:
written by Simon Kent
Sunday April 30, 2023

Diesel big rigs form the backbone of the U.S. commercial road transportation industry and their days are now numbered – at least in California.

On Friday state regulators banned the sale of new diesel big rigs by 2036 and also passed new rules requiring all trucks be zero-emission vehicles by 2042.

The announcement came on the same tame day CARB enacted regulations that will require “zero emissions” trains to be introduced after 2030, focusing on a sector often seen as a “green” alternative to cars and trucks, as Breitbart News reported.

UPI reports the Advanced Clean Fleets rule, which is the first in the world to require new commercial trucks, including garbage trucks, delivery trucks and other medium and heavy-duty vehicles, to be electric, was unanimously approved by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

“This is an absolutely transformative rule to clean our air and mitigate climate change,” said Liane Randolph, chair of the board, according to the Mercury News.

Environmental groups praised the new rules for taking diesel heavy trucks off the road at the same time CARB works on a host of other measures to ban fossil fuel usage across a host of other areas.

“I don’t think there’s been a single rule where we haven’t heard the technology isn’t ready, the costs are too great, or that it’s not the right time,” Will Barrett, national senior director of air advocacy for the American Lung Association said.

“But the urgency of cleaning our air and confronting the climate crisis can’t wait.”

Industry groups criticized the decision, the UPI report ded.

“CARB has outright ignored the nation’s leading fleets and has put forth an overly ambitious, unrealistic, and unfeasible proposal,” said Eric Sauer, CEO of the California Trucking Association.

Sauer added the new rules “will guarantee a complete dismantling of our state’s trucking industry and have detrimental effect on goods movement and the entire supply chain.”

Last August, CARB finalized regulations that ban the sale of gas-powered cars in the state after 2035.

California also plans to require all-electric trucking fleets by 2042.

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