May 25, 2023

USA: Build-A-Queer: Queer Trans Project Sends Sex Change Kits To Children Without Parental Consent. This Person Is On Social Media Teaching Children How To Hide Things From Parents.

I feel it's very important that people understand that trans ideology shows all the signs of a cult. The Left and and Republican globalist have had a field day calling Trump supporters and American Patriots a cult. That can't be so because we are free to question everything and anyone in the Make American Great Again movement. We can leave and quit supporting Trump or America anytime we want. We can think for ourselves. We question everything. Trump supporters refused to take the covid vaccine at the risk of losing our jobs and freedom unlike those that hate us who didn't question anything and followed every order from the American hating, human hating globalists. Trump supporters want to debate / discuss / challenge ideas and policies and find solutions to improve everyone's lives, not just our own.
I added this picture to my post because it's relevant to my message.

Unlike the psycho far-Left trans cult grooming impressionable vulnerable children. Once the psycho far-Left have successfully CONVINCED, NURTURED a child into thinking they were born into the wrong body, THAT CHILD CAN NEVER QUESTION their decision to act like the opposite sex or question the psychos pushing this gender confusion on them for that matter AND CANNOT DECIDE NOT to go through with the gender change. The worst part is the psycho far-Left separating the vulnerable impressionable child from their parents and family and close friends. The psycho far-Left DELIBERATELY ISOLATES THE CHILD for grooming purposes just like a CHILD PREDATOR DOES. Because that is what and who they are... CHILD PREDATORS.

I'm sharing the following information about how to identify grooming behavior. (emphasis mine)

by which offenders gradually initiate
and maintain sexual relationships with victims in secrecy.
[source:, End Child Sexual Abuse]

Grooming allows offenders to slowly overcome natural boundaries long before sexual abuse occurs. On the surface, grooming a child can look like a close relationship between the offending adult, the targeted child and (potentially) the child’s caregivers. The grooming process is often misleading because the offender may be well-known or highly regarded in the community. As a result, it’s easy to trust them.

Targeting the Child: Perpetrators may target and exploit a child’s perceived vulnerabilities including: emotional neediness, isolation, neglect, a chaotic home life, or lack of parental oversight, etc.

Gaining the Child's Trust: The perpetrator gains the child’s trust by gathering information about the child, getting to know their needs, and finding ways to fill those needs.

Filling a Need: Once the perpetrator begins to fill the child's needs, they may assume noticeably more importance in the child's life. Perpetrators utilize tactics such as gift giving, flattery, gifting money, and meeting other basic needs. Tactics may also include increased attention and affection towards the targeted child.

Isolating the Child: The perpetrator uses isolation tactics to reinforce their relationship with the child by creating situations in which they are alone together (babysitting, one-on-one coaching, “special” trips). The perpetrator may reinforce the relationship with the child by cultivating a sense that they love and understand the child in a way that others, even their parents, cannot. The adult can start to tell the child that no one cares for them the way they do, not even their parents. EXAMPLE: "You can trust me because no one understands you the way I do."

Sexualizing the Relationship: Once emotional dependence and trust have been built, the perpetrator progressively sexualizes the relationship. This occurs through talking, pictures, and creating situations in which both are naked (swimming). The adult exploits the child’s natural curiosity and trust using stimulation to advance the sexual nature of the relationship. EXAMPLE: "Have you ever masturbated? I can show you how, it feels really good."

Maintaining Control: Once sexual abuse is occurring, perpetrators commonly use secrecy, blame, and threats to maintain the child’s participation and continued silence. In order to maintain control, perpetrators use emotional manipulation; they make the child believe they are the only person who can meet their emotional and material needs. The child may feel that the loss of the relationship, or the consequences of exposing it, will be more damaging and humiliating than continuing the unhealthy relationship. EXAMPLE: "If you tell anyone, we both could go to jail, We won't be able to be together." Or "If you tell anyone, something bad could happen to your family."
The Post Millennial
written by Katie Daviscourt
Wednesday May 17, 2023

A radical left-wing transgender activist group based in Florida called the Queer Trans Project secretly shipped hundreds of sex change kits that included weapons to children across the United States without parental consent, according to The Epoch Times.

The "build-a-queer-kits" created by the Queer Trans Project included breast binders, artificial male genitalia, tucking tape, condoms, tampons, and more. According to its website, more than 900 kits have been shipped out across 45 states.

Cielo Sunsarae, the founder of QTP, said in a video that the group has been "overwhelmed" with orders—that don't require parental consent—and gave instructions to minors on how to obtain these kits. Sunsarae suggested that they get a P.O. Box, have the kits be sent to a friend, family member, or teacher's address, have packages held at the post office, or put someone else's name on the package.

The Queer Trans Project has a "VIP Cutie text club" which notifies members about new items or restocks.

The "build-a-queer-kits" also contained materials and items targeting children, including books, stickers, and games, and were shared on QTP's Instagram and TikTok accounts that publish transgender content including videos of "top surgeries" and hormone injections. Sunsarae’s personal TikTok account has nearly 75k followers.

Mx. Cielo Sunsarae (@cielosunsarae) | TikTok

Included as a separate package were "Trans Self-Defense Kits" which reportedly contained a knife, taser, steel baton, pepper spray and instructions on how to use each weapon, according to the publication. These kits were created by a Chicago-based self-defense group called Thorn, that works to arm black and brown people identifying as transgender.

According to Sunsarae, black prostitutes were given priority access to the self-defense kits.

The Queer Trans Project also raises money to help cover travel costs for so-called gender-affirming care treatments for trans-identifying individuals, called the Gender-Affirming Care Flights program. The organization partners with a select group of pilots that "anonymously flies people in private aircraft at no cost to access gender-affirming care," according to their website, which states they have "distributed $6,000 in gender-affirming care dollars to Black trans people in addition to the kits."

An investigation by The Epoch Times revealed the dangers of these mutilation treatments and how they negatively impact one's health with frequently reported side effects consisting of testicular pain, penile pain, rashes, itching, urine flow problems, UTIs, as well as twisted testicles.

In 2022, the Florida Board of Medicine banned sex change surgeries and treatments, and the state is currently debating a bill that would protect transgender youth by granting “courts state temporary emergency jurisdiction over a child who has been subjected to or is threatened with being subjected to sex-reassignment prescriptions or procedures."

According to The Epoch Times, "lawmakers in 12 states have banned child sex-change procedures, while nineteen more states have similar bills moving through the process."

Fox News
written by Thomas Phippen
Wednesday May 17, 2023

A Florida pro-trans group advertises "Build-A-Queer" kits filled with devices aimed at helping individuals — particularly minors — transition to another gender.

The Queer Trans (QT) Project based in Jacksonville, Florida, creates free packages of chest binders, condoms, weapons and other items on TikTok and social media, and offers advice to recipients for concealing the kits from parents and guardians.

The group has sent out nearly 1,000 kits to states across the country in the past two years, and the small operation has a growing social media following of tens of thousands of people. It is unclear how many minors have received packages from the group, but the project advertises its "discretion."

In a video, founder of the QT Project advised half a dozen strategies for kids to receive the kits without their parents knowing -- including setting up a post office box, putting a friend's name as the addressee, or sending the package to friends. Another strategy to conceal the packages is to send to a school care of a sympathetic teacher, a QT Project video suggests.

TikTik videos show Build-a-Queer kits including condoms, chest binders, a penis-shaped "packer" for imitating a male bulge in undergarments, and other items. For men transitioning to women, items available for order include condoms, bras, makeup and clothing.

One kit that QT Project no longer offers is a "trans self defense" package that promised items like pepper spray, a knife, Taser and coloring book, all free of charge. The group said it discontinued the self-defense kits to focus on other programs like Build-a-Queer-Kits and a "Gender-Affirming Care Flights programs," but Florida law also prohibits providing weapons like certain knives and Tasers to minors.

The QT Project did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital's request for comment.

The kits for both boys and girls seeking to transition are customizable, but the website stresses that the products are free of charge and available for all ages.

The QT Project kits appear to be in demand. After a recent restock of inventory, the site ran out of items for around 500 orders in less than an hour, according to organizers' TikTok videos.

The group also said "Those who identify as Black, indigenous, and/or people of color will receive 30 minutes of VIP Early Access before the restock is open to the general public."

The QT Project was founded by Cielo Sunsarae, who is transgender, and was inspired to assist others in gender change practices after experiencing gender dysphoria and experimenting with chest binders.

"It formed out of my closet, while I was in my closet," Sunsarae said in a recent interview.

Sunsarae said that those looking to transition would find devices and products to aid their gender exploration whether the government approved or not.

In March, Sunsarae testified against Florida's bill — signed into law Wednesday — preventing minors from receiving gender change treatments like puberty blockers and surgical sex reassignment.

"You fear our fabulous and gay selves, our resilient trans lives," Sunsarae testified against the March version of the bill.

"But more importantly, you fear standing on the human rights side of history because your puppet strings will be cut. And that fear empowers me and everyone here today," Sunsarae testified at the committee. Sunsarae was cut off after displaying a shirt that said "blood on your hands."

Some women who have undergone sex change treatments and later regretted them have blamed social media for encouraging gender transitions. Chloe Cole accused older transgender individuals of "grooming" her to undergo testosterone treatments and even a mastectomy.

"Social media introduced this idea that I could be a boy," Cole told the Daily Signal in an interview

DailyWire+ published Aug 31, 2021: I Became Transgender. Here’s Why I Regret It. Walt Heyer shares his story of becoming a woman for 8 years before detransitioning. Now, he is determined to help others who regret becoming trans.

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