May 31, 2023

USA: 2 Women Rescued From Human Trafficking In Tampa Bay Area. One Victim Met Her Trafficker On An Online Dating App Forced Her To Make $1000 A Day. Other Victim Sex Slave Trafficked For 15yrs.


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FOX 13 Tampa Bay published May 31, 2023: Full press conference: Human trafficking victims rescued. Sheriff Chad Chronister provides more details on two women who were rescued from human trafficking in Hillsborough County and the men accused of the crime. FOX 13 Tampa Bay brings you the important videos like breaking news, Tampa Bay weather, and local stories. But also plenty of fun stuff, like 'We Live Here' tips, the best of our archives, and all those 'only-in-Florida' stories.
Here is a transcript excerpt from the video above Sheriff Chad Chronister said, "To anyone out there who believes they may be a victim of human trafficking or anyone who knows or feels that another human being is being trafficked against their will, please know that help is only a simple phone call away. If it's something ? call 911 OR you can call the Florida Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-855-FLA-SAFE." (emphasis mine)
Fox13 News, Tampa Bay, FL local
written by Staff
Wednesday May 31, 2023

TAMPA, Fla. - Two women who were the victims of human trafficking are finally safe after being rescued by Hillsborough County deputies.

During a press conference Wednesday morning, Sheriff Chad Chronister described an undercover operation that freed a 20-year-old woman from her trafficker who she met on an online dating app.

According to HCSO, 31-year-old Roannil Fentress convinced her to move from Jacksonville to Tampa and forced her to make $1000 a day as a prostitute. Officials said if she didn't meet that amount she was physically assaulted.

The sheriff said the victim was rescued and Fentress was caught during a sting at a local motel.

"When she met with our human trafficking squad she immediately broke down," said Chronister.

Fentress already had 19 felony charges with three felony convictions according to the sheriff.

Chronister said the second human trafficking bust was like the plot of a scary movie.

Officials said that the victim had been trafficked over the last 15 years and was often met with violence.

Chronister explained that she went to the hospital for severe injuries after her accused trafficker, 42-year-old Vanzini Hansell, attempted to terminate her pregnancy (by viciously beating her pregnant belly). Doctors called 911 because they suspected that she may have been a victim of trafficking after arriving at the hospital pregnant and beaten.

Investigators discovered that Hansell already had 37 prior felony charges and 10 convictions.

Fentress and Hansell were both charged with human trafficking, deriving proceeds from prostitution, and forcing women to become prostitutes. Hansell was also charged with battery.

Chronister warned other traffickers out there that the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office will not stop searching for victims.

"Let this be once again another warning that our efforts are relentless," he said.

HCSO encourages any victims to come forward for help.

"I am determined to eradicate human trafficking in the Tampa Bay Area," shared Chronister.

UPDATE 5/31/23 at 10:39pm: Added info below. 
WFLA News Channel 8 published May 25, 2023: Tampa Bay teen rescued and 4 men arrested in connection to human trafficking sting in Pasco County. A Bay area teen has been rescued and now four men have been arrested in connection to a human trafficking sting.
WFLA8 NBC News, Tampa, FL local
written by Kaycee Sloan, Brittany Muller
Thursday May 25, 2023

PASCO COUNTY, Florida — Four people were arrested following a human trafficking sting out of Pasco County, multiple agencies announced during a press conference Thursday.

According to officials, the investigation, which involved the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, began after a 16-year-old Tampa Bay survivor of human trafficking shared her experiences with a victim advocate. Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said the girl had met several men on dating sites in Dec. 2022, including 44-year-old Randy Coffelt Jr.

The two began chatting online, and the girl talked to Coffelt frequently and believed they were in a relationship. As time went on, the two began to communicate through text messages.

“We can never live in a society where pedophilia is normal. These young kids have no idea they’re being manipulated,” Sheriff Nocco said.

The girl was 15 years old at the time. When she told him her age, Coffelt said he “liked young girls,” authorities said.

The sheriff’s office said the two continued talking and Coffelt “expressed that he wanted the survivor to have sex with other men and that he wanted them to record it.” The 44-year-old also said he wanted the recordings to be sent to him.

The girl agreed because she “felt it would please Coffelt.” Then, in March 2023, Coffelt created an account on the website, “Adult Friend Finder.” While on the site, he made arrangements with three men to meet with the girl and engage in sexual conduct.

Police said all three encounters were similar – Coffelt provided the men with the girl’s contact information, each man picked her up from her home, engaged in sexual conduct while filming or trying to film her, and sent the videos back to Coffelt.

Deputies learned Coffelt arranged for these three men: Branden Sarno, 33, of Port Richey, Sidney Smith, 68, of Holiday and John Kehinde, 29, of New Port Richey, to meet the girl. Authorities believe the men provided drugs and vapes to the teen during their encounters.

PSO added that Coffelt already had a history of domestic violence and Sarno is a convicted felon and was previously arrested in 2013 during a joint human trafficking operation conducted by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and Department of Homeland Security.

Neither Smith nor Kehinde has a significant criminal history. Since Coffelt resided in Middleburg, Florida, the Clay County Sheriff’s Office was called to assist with his arrest.

All individuals in this case were charged with several crimes, including human trafficking, use of a child in sexual performance and more.

“This is an incredibly devastating case,” Attorney General Ashley Moody said Thursday. “This young victim who bravely came forward to work with law enforcement officers has no doubt saved young girls from going through this same hell.”

This suspect was a master groomer in the most reprehensible sense of the term, manipulating and exploiting a vulnerable minor for his own twisted gains. (👈SOUND FAMILIAR? emphasis mine) I am grateful to FDLE’s agents and analysts, the investigators at Pasco Sheriff’s Office, and the prosecutors at Attorney General Ashley Moody’s Office of Statewide Prosecution for their work on this case to ensure that his days of preying on our youth are over,” FDLE Commissioner Mark Glass added.

Following the arrests, Sheriff Nocco is urging parents and guardians to be aware of what children are doing online and who they’re speaking to.

Nocco also showed the suspects’ mugshots and urged any additional victims to “have the courage to come forward and report it.”

“It’s not your fault,” Nocco said. “Please have the courage to come forward.”

This remains an active and ongoing investigation. Anyone that may be a victim in this or any human trafficking case should notify law enforcement immediately.

To make a report with PSO, call 727-847-8102, option 7. Anyone with information in this case is urged to call the Pasco Sheriff’s Crime Tips Line at 1-800-706-2488, or report tips online at Human trafficking can be reported through FDLE’s Human Trafficking Hotline at 855-FLA-SAFE.

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