May 4, 2023

HAPPY Star Wars Day!!! :)

Party at Jabba's Palace tonight! The Max Rebo Band will be performing. Here they are in the video with Sy Snootles rockin the mic to Lapti Nek.

See you there! I'll be the Jedi boogying on the dance floor. lol ;) ♥

written by Dirk Libbey
Friday May 3, 2019

For years, May 4th has been known as Star Wars Day. The phonetic similarity between "May the fourth" and 'May the Force" has made the day an unofficial day to celebrate all things Star Wars, but the day is now anything but unofficial, as the State of California has officially declared May 4th 2019, Star Wars Day.

Assembly Concurrent Resolution 72 was officially introduced on April 22 but was voted on yesterday by the California legislature and it officially declared the fourth day of May as Star Wars Day. A large Yoda shaped balloon was on display on the Capitol lawn and members of the 501st, the charity organization whose members dress as Stormtroopers, were on hand for the event.

The resolution wasn't entirely done simply for fun. It was introduced by California Assemblyman Tom Daly whose district includes a very important place for the Walt Disney Company, the city of Anaheim. The resolution's text specifically calls out that Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is set to open at Disneyland later this month, and that the creation of the new land brought numerous temporary construction jobs as well as additional permanent Disneyland cast member jobs to the city of Anaheim. Disneyland is the largest employer in all of Orange County.

Galaxy's Edge alone is estimated to bring in an additional $14 million in tax revenue to the city of Anaheim according to the resolution.

Certainly, it's understandable with that information at hand why California would bother to take the time to create an official Star Wars Day. Disney and Star Wars are massively important to the state in real, tangible, ways.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opening is certainly going to be a massive event for Disneyland, and by extension, the state. Disneyland is already one of the top tourist destinations in the state, which means millions of people coming from outside the city and the country, nevermind the state, to spend money. It's no understatement that the entire state's economy would be measurably smaller if Disneyland did not exist.

Yesterday we saw every reservation available for Galaxy's Edge in the land's first three weeks vanish in under two hours. Now, the only way to get into the land when it opens is to book a Disneyland Resort hotel. One assumes that a lot of people who got reservations are now booking trips to Disneyland that will bring money into the state, county, and city. Many of those that did not are probably looking at booking Disney hotels in order to be sure they don't miss anything.

Of course, while May 4 may now be an official Star Wars holiday in California, that unfortunately doesn't mean that business will be closing in observation of the day. This year May 4 happens to fall on a Saturday anyway, so a lot of businesses will already be closed.
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Christian Network Europe
written by Staff
January 25, 2022

In the census for the year 2021, a surprisingly large number of inhabitants of the Czech Republic listed “Jedi” as their religious affiliation. ‘Jediism’ goes back to the lightsabre-wielding heroes of “Star Wars” film series.

From March to May 2021, the Czech Republic conducted a census. The results were published in mid-January, as the German Christian media magazine Pro reports based on Prague Morning magazine. The most surprising statistic presented at a press conference concerned religious belief.

Religion does not play a significant role in the Czech Republic, one of the most atheistic countries in Europe. In the current census, 69.9 per cent of those surveyed gave voluntary information on faith and religion: for about two-thirds of them, the answer was: ‘without religious faith’.

However, the number of those who identify themselves as Jedi Knights has increased: 21,023 people stated Jediism as their religion. In the last census in 2011, there were 15,055 people – an increase of about 5 per cent. Even though Jediism is not an official religion anywhere in the world, it is becoming increasingly popular.

Fun religion

Jedi’s are the heroes of the film series “Star Wars”, an American science fiction series that began with the eponymous 1977 film. With their lightsabers, they act as a mixture of monk and samurai, who want to free the galaxy from the oppression of the ‘Empire’.

Jediism is a fun religion, yet it borrows from Christianity, Buddhism, Daoism, and Shintoism as a kind of philosophy. According to the “Star Wars” fan universe, at the centre is the view that there is a “Force” in the universe that certain people can influence through their behaviour and meditative training.

“May the Force be with you” is accordingly one of the best-known phrases from the film series. The Force has both a light and a dark side, and this battle between good and evil mainly determines the plot of the now nine feature films of the epic.


The trend to include “Jediism” as a religious affiliation in surveys began in the United Kingdom in the 2001 census, followed by Australia in the same year. A commission in London ruled in 2016 that Jediism was not charitable and not a religion. The Australian Bureau of Statistics threatened to impose a fine if this “religious affiliation” was reported in the referendum.

According to Pro, the Czech Republic’s affiliation to traditional Christian churches has declined sharply over the past 30 years. Seventy-one per cent of the Czech population do not belong to any religious community – the highest figure in Europe, ahead of the UK (50.6 per cent) and France (50.5 per cent). Only 27 per cent of Czechs describe themselves as Christians.

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