April 8, 2023

WORLD: "Trans-age" Activists Claim Age Is A Social Construct. Trans-age/Age Fluid Means An Adult Who Thinks They Are A Child OR A Child Who Thinks The Are An Adult. Trans-Abled Is Also A Thing. :/

Evie Magazine
written by Gina Florio
January 3, 2023

The rise of transgenderism over the last few years has made us all wonder what the next progression is. That's where transage comes in; activists are claiming that age is nothing more than a social construct, and that transage individuals need to be accepted into society.

We were originally told that transgender people just wanted to be accepted into society and use whatever bathroom they chose. Next, we were told that males who considered themselves to be trans women, like collegiate swimmer Lia Thomas, simply wanted to compete in women's sports. We've now arrived at the point where we're called bigots and transphobes if we don't agree that men can get their periods and get pregnant too. As the transgender craze got more and more irrational, many of us were left wondering what was next. We speculated that, at some point in the future, people would claim they were transage. It looks like that moment has arrived earlier than expected.

The foundation of the transage claim is that "age is a social construct," and just because someone might biologically be 18 years old doesn't necessarily mean they identify with that age. In November, a Twitter account called @agedysphoria shared a thread about what transage is and why transage people wanted to be widely accepted into society. It sounds like something straight out of a dystopian novel.

"Transage people have no intent of trivialising age regression. In fact, many transage people are also age regressors," she writes. "Age regression is a mental reversion to a younger age. Transage reflects a longterm incongruence between one’s age identity & their chrono age."
Presumalby, "chrono age" refers to one's chronological or biological age. @agedysphoria says a person's transage experience "can be related to age dysphoria." She shares a graphic that explains what transage is:

"Transage means a person's age identity is different than their chronological age or chrono age. Transage people can be any age and are not all younger than their chrono age. Transage people may also fluctuate between ages, be multiple ages or be no specific age."

"Common experiences related to being transage include plurality, neurodivergence, trauma, age regression and age dysphoria. Not all transage people experience all or any of these specific things. The only requirement to be transage is to feel a sincere incongruence between your age identity and your chronological age."
There are different labels that many transage people identify with, apparently, including "agere, abdl, ageplay, little, etc." According to @agedysphoria, transage people identify with these labels because they are "either confused about the nature of the transage identity due to misinformation or are scared of being harassed by those who are misinformed about us." She also laments about transage people being stigmatized and misunderstood.

"Transage people exist, and we are valid," she tweets. "We are not trivialising or invalidating anyone simply by being ourselves. We are not trolls. We are not predators. We simply want to live life as our authentic selves, be accepted and be free from harassment over who we are as people."
Of course, one of the biggest concerns with the transage claim is that an underage child can claim to identify with an older age than their "chrono age," making them an instant target of harassment, abuse, and even rape. Detransitioned woman Chloe Cole, who had a double mastectomy at the tender age of 15, spoke out against the new transage fad.

She criticized the "age is a social construct" claim and said, "The next step after transgender ideology and the sexualization of minors is TRANSAGE. An adult who thinks they are a child is disturbing. A minor who thinks they are an adult is a recipe for extreme sexual endangerment."
Whether the so-called transage person is identifying as a younger person or they're claiming to be older than what they actually are, it's a disturbing development in the world of intersectionality. Sadly, many of us predicted we would arrive here, opening the door for pedophilia to take place under the guise of acceptance and tolerance. The transage claims are not widely seen and heard in society yet, but many people are bracing themselves for a rise in transage popularity in the future. Just like we've seen burly men dominate women's sports, it's only a matter of time before we see middle-aged men attending middle school because they identify as a 14-year-old.


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