April 15, 2023

USA: “Mr. Beast” Sidekick Posted Artwork From Disgraced Artist Known For Animated Child Porn Before Coming Out As Trans On April 5, 2023.

Megyn Kelly published Apr 14, 2023: Mr. Beast's Newly Trans Co-Star's Bizarre Tweets are Uncovered, with Kellie-Jay Keen "Posie Parker". Megyn Kelly is joined by Kellie-Jay Keen “Posie Parker,” founder of the group "Standing For Women," to discuss how YouTuber Mr. Beast’s co-star Chris Tyson public transition, Tyson’s misogynistic disturbing tweets uncovered now, Lia Thomas’ alleged “autogynephilia” sexual fetish, and more.
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Saturday April 15, 2023

Chris Tyson, a transgender internet celebrity popularized through his association with the Mr. Beast franchise, appears to have been a fan of the artwork of a disgraced cartoon artist known for creating animated child pornography.

In a now-deleted tweet from July of 2017, Tyson posted a photo showing artwork which appeared to depict a sexualized young girl. The photo showed a physical copy of the work laid upon a carpet. Tyson had placed “fidget spinners” around the corners of the page.

“Bonus fidget spinners to really throw in some extra autism,” Tyson captioned the photo, tagging the account @Shadbase. At the time, Tyson’s account used the handle @ChrisTyson, but he would later change the account’s handle to @Chris.

In the artwork posted by Tyson, the girl, who is drooling and has a saliva-covered gun in her mouth, is seen posing in a black tank top and pink bikini bottoms. Her top reads “big foot is real and he tried to eat my ass.” The girl has braces, making her seem particularly young, and is wearing a hat which says “please be patient, I have autism.”

Disturbingly, the young female character also appears to have a brand-like tattoo on her upper thigh intended to signify a white female with an affinity for interracial sex. Known as the “Queen of Spades” in the kink community, the symbol is also inscribed with the letters “BBC.” According to Urban Dictionary, BBC in combination with the Queen of Spades symbol refers to “Big Black Cock.” Most commonly, the symbol is synonymous with cuckolding fetishes.

In Tyson’s replies, one user noticed the symbol, writing: “Nice QOS tattoo.” Another user asks Tyson to provide him a link to purchase his own print of the work.

The account Tyson tagged, @Shadbase, belonged to the artist ubiquitously known as Shadman, the online persona of Shaddai Prejean.

One of the early celebrities of YouTube and Tumblr, Shadman became known for his highly pornographic cartoon drawings, many of which depicted underage girls he called “lolis.” The term refers to female child-like characters popularized by Japanese animation, but has become synonymous with pedophilic depictions of sexualized young girls in animated pornography.

While many were fictional child characters he created, Shadman became wound up in a number of incidents in which he was creating sexual artwork of real children, or real people he depicted as sexualized children.

Shadman first became embroiled in controversy in 2016 after drawing suggestive pictures of the 7-year-old daughter of internet commentator Keemstar. During that year’s US elections, Shadman also created pornographic “loli” artwork intended to represent then-candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as little girls.

The following year, he prompted outrage after drawing a number of pieces of pornographic art depicting a 12-year-old female character from the film Logan.

In addition to his animated depictions of sexualized children, Shadman has been known to draw art portraying rape, assault, racism, and other disturbing themes. The artist was arrested in 2021 for assault with a deadly weapon.

While it is unclear to what extent Tyson and Shadman knew each other, his July 2017 tweet suggests he was either gifted the art or purchased it as a print directly from Shadman. The artwork itself can be found elsewhere on the internet with the Shadbase watermark.

Tyson, known ubiquitously as being a regular sidekick of YouTube mega-star Jimmy Donaldson, began trending on social media after he announced his gender transition through Twitter on April 6. Tyson, 26, responded to a user comparing photos of him confirming he had been on hormone replacement therapy for 2 months.

Since coming into the international spotlight, Tyson’s social media history has come under intense scrutiny. In particular, one post began circulating which had some disturbing undertones which perhaps now provide more insight into Tyson’s interests.

In 2016, one year prior to showing off a photo of his Shadman art, Tyson posted a tweet reading: “Nothing gets my knob a cranking like some Loli,” an apparent reference to masturbating to animated content featuring underage girls. Tyson rapidly deleted the tweet after it began to circulate.

In another now-deleted tweet, Tyson wrote “that bitch look good for a 4 year old” in reference to an unavailable tweet.

Tyson’s Twitter history reveals he had an obsession with Japanese animation, and frequently posted about the franchises he was invested in as a fan.

In several tweets over the years, Tyson refers in particular to female characters in the anime shows he has a fondness for, even going so far as to show photos of model statues of those characters he has purchased. One of those characters, from anime franchise Re:ZERO, is supposed to represent a 17-year-old girl.

Past tweets also suggest Tyson held an extreme animosity towards feminism, frequently attacking women who identified as feminists as “privileged” or “entitled.”

I had to go look up this creep because this was the first time I had heard of him. Interesting how YouTube allows this on their platform but censors channels opposing it. (emphasis mine)

Please help me report this pedo porn incest channel I came across looking into the anime porn channel. I typed Shadman porn in the YouTube search box and there is tons of pornography including child porn accessible to everyone including children. WTH?! (emphasis mine)

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