April 17, 2023

USA: Man Sought Therapy For Drug Issues, Online Porn Sex Fetish Addiction. Describes His Experience With Activist Sex Therapist Who Convinced Him Problem Is Because He Was Really A Woman.

Fox News published Feb 22, 2023: California man recounts journey to 'detransition' after he sought therapy for drug issues. California man Brian Wagoner joins 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' to describe his experience with 'activist' sex therapist, estrogen treatment.

Fox News
written by Charles Creitz
February 23, 2023

A California man who recounted having serious drug- and sex-related issues told Fox News on Wednesday how, in hindsight, he felt goaded into gender transition, which he said made the problems he was grappling with in life much worse.

Brian Wagoner told "Tucker Carlson Tonight" that he no longer identifies as a woman, but as a biological man and that he had been prescribed and using estrogen for some time leading up to his decision to detransition.

Host Tucker Carlson reported Wagoner was addicted to drugs in his 20s and had a pornography issue, which led him to seek therapy.

"[W]hen I was in college, about close to a decade ago, I was extremely alienated. I had a drug problem: mainly crystal meth and other party drugs. And I went down a bizarre rabbit hole of online pornography, and I developed a sex fetish" Wagoner told Carlson.

"And I went to go see a therapist who specialized in sex issues, and she told me that I was really a woman and that she and I had the same brain and that basically all my problems in life were because I was actually a woman in a man's body."

Wagoner said he was told that his existence proved he was inherently a female, seemingly regardless of the effects that drugs and sex had on his psyche.

"I had mood disorders and other issues. I looked terrible when I went to go see this woman. I was underweight. I was paranoid out of my mind from using methamphetamines. And none of that mattered. It was all about having me go to a clinic to get prescribed estrogen and medicine to prevent my body from making testosterone, which I took for many years," Wagoner said.

"And all my problems got worse. It didn't help me. It just added new problems."

He said the therapist, reportedly also from California, may have really been an "activist," instead of someone who truly wanted to help their patients.

Wagoner said gender-related health care appears to be the only "patient led" discipline in medicine, adding he would like to advocate for safeguarding and "higher-quality assessments" no matter whether patients are indeed transgender.

"I want everyone to have good health care and everyone should be protected. And as it is now detransitioning, I just feel like I'm collateral damage for a movement that I'm not even part of. They completely ignore me, and they don't want to hear these stories."

"But my story is real, my pain is real – it's a real thing. But I just thank God every single day of my life that I never had any plastic surgery. I took hormones, and it messed me up. I had my facial hair removed, but I do think that I'll be able to bounce back from this."

He described his experience as a character who was able to leave Rod Serling's "Twilight Zone" with the people around him still inside it.

"So I'm out of the Twilight Zone, and, you know, I'm a very happy and successful man. And, you know, I just hope that my experience helps somebody," Wagoner told Carlson.

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CBN News published April 17, 2023: Detransitioner Oli London Credits Jesus, Church With Stopping Trans Surgeries: 'I Was...Very Lost'.

Social media influencer Oli London said rediscovering faith helped convince him to detransition, stop life-altering gender reassignment surgeries, and turn his life around.

"Part of my de-transition was ... rediscovering faith," he told CBN's Faithwire, noting he went to church as a young child but by high school was no longer devout until he began detransitioning. "I really rediscovered my faith journey because I needed some guidance in my life. I was ... very lost, and this really helped me."

London, who is preparing for the Aug. 1 release of his book, "Gender Madness: One Man's Devastating Struggle with Woke Ideology and His Battle to Protect Children," praised the Christians he encountered along the way, calling them the "most kind, inclusive, incredible, non-judgmental community."

"They really are so embracing of anyone," London said. "No matter what you've been through, we all sin ... but ... it's about recognizing that, dealing with it, and then trying to learn from that experience in order to help others."

He said his own experience has helped him let go of some of the guilt and past struggles he had, including the emotional turmoil he put his family through with all of his surgeries.

"I have to learn to live with that, because I can't take it back," London said. "It's happened. But I can learn from that and I can use that to try and help others." He's grateful for the church and the "teachings of Jesus," and said he had to come to accept himself for who God made him to be.

"No matter how we look, how we identify, we are God's creatures," he said. "So, we need to learn to accept that."

Watch for London's full story.
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