April 17, 2023

USA: Former Planned Parenthood Director And Far-Left LGBTQ Activist Who Used He/Him Pronouns Commited Suicide After Finding Out He Was Under Investigation For Child Pornography.

WFSB 3 published April 17, 2023: VIDEO: Botched police raid at New Haven apartment. Botched police raid at New Haven apartment.
Children's Dentist Office was on the first floor. (emphasis mine)
FOX 61 published April 17, 2023: New Haven police release body camera footage of executing warrant at wrong door. The New Haven Police Department has launched an Internal Affairs investigation after officers entered the wrong home while executing a warrant last week, according to the mayor's office and the police chief. "Clearly, there was some confusion in this instance on what the right floor was, and a mistake was made," Mayor Justin Elicker said in a statement to FOX61 Saturday morning.

NBC News, Connecticut local
written by Kyle Jones
Monday April 17, 2023

New Haven Police have launched an internal affairs investigation after officers went to the wrong apartment in a child pornography investigation.

At 6 a.m. on April 6, police entered the mixed-use building at 590 East St. searching for Timothy Yergeau in unit two under a search warrant. The document incorrectly instructed officers to go up two flights of stairs to an unmarked door.

Police body camera video shows officers breaking into a third-floor apartment and placing a woman in handcuffs and in a chair. About a minute and a half later, they released the cuffs once they realized they were one floor above the apartment in question.

“First, I want to say there's no excuse step we hit the wrong door. But it's very, very confusing,” said New Haven Police Chief Karl Jacobson.

He explained that the building at the corner of East and State streets has multiple addresses for different units, including a pediatric dentistry office on the first floor.

The video goes on to show police casually talking with the woman in her apartment after she’s released from handcuffs. The whole incident took about five minutes.

“We're not happy that we hit the wrong door. But in watching the video, the officers and detectives did a great job talking to her and making it right,” Jacobson said.

As officers were talking with the woman, several more were seen on video downstairs approaching Yergeau’s door, in search of evidence of child pornography that he allegedly exchanged between July and October 2022.

“It’s terrifying. I have three little kids,” said a neighbor who did not want to be identified. She saw police searching the building the morning of the raid. “I had no idea that any of this was going on so it’s definitely scary to hear.”

She says it was a shock to find out there were allegedly five videos of prepubescent boys and girls engaged in sexual acts allegedly shared between Yergeau and people in Middle Eastern countries.

“This is absolutely terrifying in your own community because I know so many kids that live in this community. It’s scary for sure,” she said, pointing out the building is also home to the pediatric dentist's office.

Jacobson doesn’t believe the error caused damage to the investigation, saying Yergeau was home when they arrived, and they collected evidence. He also said handcuffs are used often in these investigations because the types of electronic evidence they were searching for could be rigged to be deleted with a single button.

“We retrieved this information, but this still needed further investigation to arrest Mr. Yergeau,” Jacobson said. “He was left at his residence to which he was found the Monday after had committed suicide.”

The mayor and police chief say the woman says she has anxiety after the raid, and they’ve offered counseling through Clifford Beers.

“Understandably that it can be pretty traumatic when police department is all of a sudden in your apartment,” said Mayor Justin Elicker.

Jacobson added that what went on at Yergeau’s apartment regarding the child pornography continues to be part of an ongoing investigation.

“There could be further arrests,” Jacobson said. “That could be, you know, we're going to work with our part our federal partners and track back to where this was located. There's a lot to do with it.”
The Post Millennial
written by Sara Higdon
Sunday April 16, 2023

Wanted on charges of child pornography, the former director of strategic communications at the Southern New England branch of Planned Parenthood, Tim Yergeau, 36, committed suicide on Tuesday. On April 6th, police from the New Haven Special Victims Unit investigating Yergeau raided his neighbors house by accident looking to arrest the 36-year old.

New Haven police chief Karl Jacobson told the New Haven Register that "the person who died was definitely the suspect in a child pornography investigation and the person who committed suicide." He added that internal affairs is looking into how investigators hit the wrong house and how Yergeau took his own life five days later, as he was not arrested and his home was not raided.

According to his LinkedIn, Yergeau worked for Planned Parenthood from December 2018 until August 2022 when he began working as the marketing and communications director for the Long Wharf Theatre. In a statement to the Register, the spokesperson for the theater said, "We are deeply saddened to learn the developments of the last 24 hours, given the difficult news, it would be inappropriate to comment further."

In response to the news, Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis pointed out that Yergeau had his pronouns in his instagram bio. To which Elon Musk responded, "Pronouns are virtue-signaling, so inevitably, as with all virtue-signaling, they will be used as a shield by bad humans."

Another user, conservative author Melissa Tate pointed out, "People who make a living ripping babies out of the wombs of their mothers limb by limb are capable of anything so I am not surprised at all he was busted for this."

As for the woman whose home was mistakenly raided by police, she told the Register, "I started running down the hallway, it was just like a movie. They had guns and flashlights on me. They put me against the wall and handcuffed me. I was crying and saying, ‘What’s happening?'"

She added, "every time I walk down my hall I relive it.”

The department offered her mental health care, but she declined, after filing a complaint on Tuesday.
The New York Post
written by Isabel Keane
Sunday April 16, 2023

A former Connecticut Planned Parenthood honcho took his own life days after police failed to arrest him on child pornography charges — botching the raid by knocking down the door of the suspect’s New Haven neighbor.

Tim Yergeau, 36, the former director of strategic communications at the Southern New England branch of Planned Parenthood, died by suicide on Tuesday amid a child pornography investigation in Connecticut last week.

“The person who died was definitely the suspect in a child pornography investigation and the person who committed suicide,” New Haven Police Chief Karl Jacobson told the New Haven Registrar.

Five days earlier, members of the Special Victims Unit investigating the child pornography case reportedly broke down the door of Yergeau’s neighbor — and handcuffed the woman before realizing they had raided the wrong apartment.

“They obviously hit the wrong door,” Jacobson told the outlet.

New Haven police’s internal affairs investigators are now looking into how cops botched the raid, according to the article.

“Unfortunately, a mistake was made,” Jacobson said.

“We feel for the woman and we’re going to do everything we can to make it right,” he added.

While Jacobson declined to confirm Yergeau was the suspect of the child pornography investigation, his neighbor, and the state Office of the Chief State Medical Examiner both confirmed that he died Tuesday morning.

The medical examiner also confirmed he died by suicide.

After leaving Planned Parenthood, Yergeau began working at the Long Wharf Theatre in August 2022 as its marketing and communications director, according to the organization’s website.

“We are shocked and deeply saddened to learn the developments of the last 24 hours,” a spokesperson for the theater told the outlet. “Given the difficult news, it would be inappropriate to comment further.”

According to the Long Wharf Theatre website, Yergeau had also previously worked for the New Haven Free Public Library Foundation.

Police reportedly said that since there are two open investigations into the matter, they will not release the application for the search warrant or provide information about what was found in Yergeau’s apartment until they confirm no other suspects were involved.

The state of Connecticut can also decide to withhold the warrant.

Yergeau’s neighbor Stacey Wezenter, told the outlet she relives being handcuffed every time she now walks down the apartment’s hallway.

“What if I had a gun permit? What if I came down the hallway with a gun? Would I have gotten shot? What if my 4-year-old had woken up? Would they have shot him?” Wezenter said. “You just don’t do that to people.”

Police entered her apartment around 6 a.m. and began systematically moving through the home with their guns drawn, she reportedly recalled.

“I started running down the hallway, it was just like a movie. They had guns and flashlights on me,” Wezenter said. “They put me against the wall and handcuffed me. I was crying and saying, ‘What’s happening?'”

Officers repeatedly asked her where the man was located while moving through the rooms of her apartment, according to the article.

“I was like, ‘What man? I’m here with my children,’” the mother said. “They asked, ‘Who’s Tim? ‘ and I said that’s my neighbor downstairs.”

After officers noticed toys belonging to her 4-year-old son, they reportedly realized they were not in the correct apartment.

Officers told her they had been conducting surveillance of her neighbor who was the focus of their investigation.

Wezenter told the outlet she had planned to bring a plate of Easter leftovers to Yergeau on Monday but accidentally fell asleep with her son.

“I was planning on going down there and talking to him,” she said. “I just thought that maybe a small act of compassion might help.”

If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts or are experiencing a mental health crisis and live in New York City, you can call 1-888-NYC-WELL for free and confidential crisis counseling. If you live outside the five boroughs, you can dial the 24/7 National Suicide Prevention hotline at 988 or go to SuicidePreventionLifeline.org.

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