March 27, 2023

NEW ZEALAND: Women's Rights Activist Posie Parker Attacked By Trans Activists. Men Identifying As Women Are Trying To USURP, Commandeer The Biological Female Social Construct Instead Of Having Their Own Social Category.

We went from he's a transvestite or he's a drag queen to he's a woman and you have to accept it and accept he has more rights than actual biological women. No. You're not a woman. The trans community hate biological girls and women and prove their hate for us every day. Trans are anti-women. Transwomen are hijacking the famale gender social construct instead of having their own social category. Stay in your own trans lane. No one is saying trans people don't have a right to exist. Biological females, straight people, and even LGBT people accept trans people as part of society. What people are taking issue with is the agenda behind the madness of a gazillion made up pronouns and confusing children as young as age 3 influencing them to believe they were born in the wrong body and born in the wrong gender. This is clearly an agenda by the same groups pushing for climate change and Antifa bs and Critical Race Theory. All paid for by the Communist totalitarian NWO globalist depopulation eugenics monsters. I believe the trans athletes are hired by these same elites to help them push this agenda to force their agenda on the culture and shame anyone who opposes their agenda.  What is their agenda? Well, these powerful men obviously hate women and enjoy little boys. But primarily they care most about depopulating the earth and what better way to do that is to stop natural procreation. I mean come on, if you have men who have transitioned to women or men acting like women they've created a twisted freaky version of a straight society and eliminated natural pregnancies. (emphasis mine)
TalkTV published March 27, 2023: Women’s Rights Advocate Kellie-Jay Keen “Feared For Life” After Attack by Trans Activists.

Women’s rights advocate Kellie-Jay Keen says she “feared for her life” after being attacked by trans activists during protests in New Zealand. The campaigner was booed, heckled and covered in juice in a confrontation between her supporters and counter-protesters in Auckland.

TalkTV’s Julia Hartley-Brewer is joined by the Standing for Women founder who recounts the experience, which she calls “terrifying”. Kellie tells Julia: “Every police officer agreed that I was lucky to be alive and I had to go into police protection until I got home… “Now is the time for women to stand up and say ‘we won’t tolerate this'.”
GBNews published March 26, 2023: Posie Parker attacked by trans activists: 'They turn to violence because silencing didn't worked'. 'They think if they can silence you they don't need to protest... The violence is [now happening] because the silencing hasn't worked.' Helen Joyce and Ella Whelan join Andrew Doyle to discuss the violent protests against Posie Parker in New Zealand.

I typed a transcript for you below:

Two days ago in Auckland, New Zealand, Kellie-Jay Keen a women's rights activist was physically assaulted at her "Let Women Speak" event. She called it "Let Women Speak" because she believes that women who have concerns about their sex based rights are often silenced and in an effort to disprove her arguments large groups of angry men turned up to stop her from speaking. Here's an example of some of the protesters in action. I can't think why women would want men like this out of their spaces. Clearly they must be evil bigots is the only explanation. Well that was the conclusion of most of the Australian and New Zealand media. Newshub a major New Zealand tv channel decided it would smear the "Let Women Speak" event as anti-trans. This is something by the way that both the Guardian and the Daily Mail have also done this weekend which is a reminder that the culture war has nothing to do with Left or Right. That said, Newshub took it a step further defaming Kellie-Jay Keen also known as Posie Parker, as a White Supremacist.

In other words, rather than engage in actual journalism they uncritically repeated the accusations of the most dishonest of Keen's critics. Great job guys. Here's what they had to say, Newshub "Immigration New Zealand has decided to allow controversial anti-trans campaigner known as Posie Parker into New Zealand. They reviewed her case on safety grounds after her rally in Melbourne attracted Neo-Nazis."

Now it is true that there were Neo-Nazis at the "Let Women Speak" rally in Melbourne. But as the Australian Jewish Council noted, "These were thugs who saw an opportunity to hijack the event for their own publicity."

In fact, the Neo-Nazis were clashing with Socialist Alliance a supposedly anti-fascist group. Who nonetheless, seemed to be more concerned with shutting down a women's gathering than confronting, you know, the actual fascists. And yet because of these opportunistic Neo-Nazis miscreants had gate crashed the event, the Australian media conflated them with the women, claiming they were allies. Because of course fascists are well known for their profound concern for womens safeguarding. Anyway, let's get back to Newshub and their sophisticated journalism... 
******MY TRANSCRIPT ENDS HERE AT 2:11 minutes*******
GBNews published March 25, 2023: The protests against Posie Parker in New Zealand are a clear example of misogyny | Dominique Samuels
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written by Shay Woulahan
Saturday March 25, 2023

A British women’s rights campaigner was forced to cut her New Zealand tour short after being met with extreme aggression at her first stop in Auckland. Kellie-Jay Keen, also known by her moniker Posie Parker, had to be escorted out of the Albert Park area by police before her event was even able to kick off.

Keen was set to host a pro-women’s rights rally with the intention of allowing women to voice their concerns about gender ideology. But the decision to cancel her New Zealand tour was made after a mob of trans activists broke through the barriers at her event in Auckland and directed aggression towards the women gathering to speak on their rights.

During the altercation, Keen and her security staff were assaulted by trans activists. Reports have also been made that an elderly woman attending the event in support of Keen was also subject to physical abuse, but those claims are as-of-yet unconfirmed.

The New Zealand event was part of Keen’s international Let Women Speak tour. Keen has hosted rallies across the UK, USA, and Australia encouraging women to use her platform to speak about how gender ideology has impacted their lives.

As she arrived at the Albert Park venue, Keen went live on her YouTube channel as she usually does to provide her supporters updates from the event.

Immediately, the scene was chaotic as police did not appear to be present. Those watching from a distance through the YouTube stream were able to see Keen being led by her security though a braying crowd of trans activists. Once she managed to make it to the stage, Keen could immediately be heard expressing concerns about the lack of police presence.

One of her security guards was also seen doused in tomato soup on the feed.

“We can’t do this without police,” Keen was heard saying to her security staff. Onlookers in the live chat noted Keen’s expression was twisted in worry as the camera panned to view a hoard of screaming trans activists surrounding the band stand.

Keen herself was targeted by the aggression as soon as she entered the band stand, with tomato soup being dumped on her and her guard by an activist in a purple dress.

It didn’t take long before the decision was made to cancel the event and leave for the safety of all involved.

Surrounded by security, Keen and her volunteer stewards pushed their way through the aggressive mob, who threw liquid and signs at them in an effort to frighten and harm them as they left. Keen’s livestream followed her as she was escorted into a police vehicle and driven out of the area. Keen continued to record her livestream as she conversed with police, revealing that she had received a threatening note under her hotel room’s door that morning.

In a clip posted to social media, one of the female volunteers spoke about the dramatic exit, appearing visibly shaken as she described trying to escape the violent crowd.

After leaving the scene, the mob engulfed the band stand where the event was due to take place and celebrated the assault on Keen and the cancellation of her women’s free speech event.

Later that day, Keen made the decision to cancel her Wellington event, which was due to take place on March 26. She left New Zealand that same day.

After her rally, Keen posted a lengthy tweet condemning the mainstream media reports on her character, which she says emboldened the mob.

Prior to her arrival in New Zealand, Keen was continuously accused of promoting violence against trans-identified people and of being a “Nazi” sympathizer by media, accusations she has vehemently rejected.

“The end result was that I spent most of my day with the protection of police who genuinely believed I was lucky to be alive. The advice was that I should go home. I was never the things that I have been accused of. I don’t even believe they believe it, they just say it because they cannot accept a woman walking her own path and wants other women to find their feet and walk theirs,” Keen wrote on Twitter.

Keen, a British women’s rights campaigner and founder of the organization Standing for Women, was in New Zealand on the heels of a recently completed tour in Australia. Following her Australian tour, she gained significant negative media coverage from outlets quick to associate her with the far-right.

NZ Herald posted numbers hit pieces on Keen associating her with Nazism prior to her first stop in the country. A columnist for the outlet, Shaneel Lal, was in attendance at the counter-protest and posted videos on twitter celebrating the aggression towards Keen and her female supporters.

Auckland Pride also took to Twitter to deny accusations that the counter-protesters were violent, but were quickly digitally taken to task by women’s rights campaigners and influencers in light of all of the footage out of the event.

Ink Black Heart author JK Rowling called out the group, and noted there was an abundance of video evidence to suggest the counter-protest had been anything but “peaceful.”

Outspoken Australian YouTuber also slammed the counter-demonstration on Twitter, calling it “absurd.”

“Women are gathering together, pushing back against gender ideology, demanding their spaces back. And the gender cult not only THREATENS them, but men cosplaying as women and ‘they/thems’ forced women to abandon their own event,” Watson wrote to her more than 470,000 followers.

Prior to her New Zealand tour, trans activists had attempted to have Keen denied entry into the country.

Detractors set up online petition titled “Keep Posie Parker’s hate out of New Zealand,” which reached 4,397 signatures.

A coalition of “rainbow” groups also challenged the high courts, seeking to have her denied entry after New Zealand immigration decided that Keen did not meet the high threshold to be considered an excluded person under section 16 of the Immigration Act 2009. After a short hearing in the High Court at Wellington, which heard from the rainbow groups, a justice declined the application.

Keen’s recent Australia events were also heavily protested by trans activists.

On March 19 during the stop in Melbourne, trans activists reportedly attacked police horses, punching them in the stomach, in an attempt to reach the women attendees.

According to MP Moria Deeming who attended the rally, one woman was knocked unconscious and had to be taken to hospital. Deeming also claimed that she was kicked in the shin by trans activists.

An infamous Australian neo-Nazi group also attempted to hijack the Melbourne event, hosting their own demonstration close by. Their presence in the area has led to trans activists accusing pro-women advocates of being affiliated with Nazism, despite the neo-Nazis themselves stating they were standing in opposition to Keen.

Following the Melbourne rally, Keen visited Holbart in Tasmania, Australia. During the rally, trans activists shouted “shame” at a disabled lesbian women as she spoke about her activism during the aids crisis in San Francisco. In Tasmania, homosexuality was illegal until 1997 and the courts recently ruled that is is illegal for lesbians to host single-sex events.

In her last stop in Australia on March 23, Keen visited Canberra. During the rally, Senator Lidia Thorpe attempted to disrupt the rally and was knocked to the ground by police.

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