March 28, 2023

Flame Monroe Interviewed by Rizza Islam. Famous Transgender Speaks Out About The Radical Leftist Trans Madness. Responds Rationally, Reasonably, and Logically. Thank You For Speaking Out.

The LGBT community, which we used to back in the day, refer to as the gay and Lesbian community has a Left, Center, and Right world view just like the straight community. The loud and violent segment of the trans community are far-Left militants just like Antifa and BLM. In fact, these 3 groups are allies. The far-Left militant trans use an anti-Christ upside cross to spell trans on their merchandise and logos.
I added this screenshot I took from this video I shared before that YouTube censored. They don't want people to see this is the merchandise the militant far-Left trans proudly display their loyalty to Satan.

I am a 53 year old Lesbian. My mom and dad are gay since before I was born. I was raised in the gay community. My parents were selective who they welcomed in to their inner circle of gay and straight friends. Not all gay people are good people, just like not all straight people are good people. We are not a homogenized group. Here in this video below you will hear Flame Monroe respond rationally, reasonably, and logically. 

I do not condone these gay, straight, whatever they want to call themselves psychopaths on the Left.  They have the mindset of a cult. They're targeting and key word, CONVERTING our most vulnerable in society, the children who are in a captured audience environment, schools. They are forcing society into their cult or else be harmed. Are the psycho Leftist trans not the same as "the colonialists"? Conquest by any means? and they have uber wealthy people backing them who control the media, celebrities, schools, and right now the White House who are pushing for gender change surgeries for MINORS under age 18 and are NOW OFFERING TO PAY FOR THESE SURGERIES. I'll share the video below.

The Commie Democrats believe it is okay FOR A CHILD TO CONSENT to have perfectly healthy body parts mutilated, and permenantly sterilized with irreversible bodily damage. (emphasis mine)
Rizza Islam - Intellectual published March 24, 2023: Flame Monroe interviewed by Rizza Islam🔥 Intellectual Xtremist podcast!

This system is pushing many things and we see that gender has become more of a political conversation than anything. As a result of this Rizza Islam chose to sit with trans comedian Flame Monroe to bring the xtreme facts & intelligence to the table where this topic is concerned! Though we do not agree with practicing the LGBTQ+ “lifestyle” we DO agree that we are family and should be able to have conversations with one another without attacking or judging each other as long as we stand on truth! 

Flame Monroe has been on the Breakfast club now 5 times, has a Netflix special, is featured on “They Ready” with Tiffany Haddish and many others and much much more! This may SHOCK YOU to hear such a level of unfiltered truth from a member of the LGBTQ+ etc; This is something you don’t want to miss! 🔥

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