March 26, 2023

Bride of Satan Saved By Jesus Christ Testimony Shared. God’s Glory Unveiled In The Last Days. Signs of the End Times.

GlobalAwareness101 published May 22, 2022: Bride of Satan saved by Jesus Christ. Great true story...❤🚨📣 TikTok video by ajani_reign. I typed a transcript for you below.

ajani_reign said: Can a high ranking Satanist give their life to Christ and be redeemed? Absolutely! Look I'm going to share this testimony with ya'll of Rebecca Brown and Elaine a deliverance minister AND a bride of Satan who escaped the Satanic occult. Okay, look I told ya'll to pray for Kim Kardashian and a lot of Christians refuse to pray for her because she's wicked. Look if you are not willing to pray for even the most lost of people, if you are not willing to extend your hand of mercy and forgiveness upon this person Jesus is not going to do that for you okay. We need to have compassion for all people no matter how lost they may seem to be. So let me share this with you. This will be two parts. Okay.

(she's reading from a book) It was during that last visit to California that one of the incidents happened that started me on the road to accepting Christ. This event made me question Satan's claim to being more powerful to God. The high priest gathered a number of us together and told us that there was a family nearby who had been interfering with Satan. They had been converting a number of the cult members to the enemy, Jesus Christ and were making a nuisance of themselves. Satan had given the order for them all to be killed. The high priest told us that we were all to go together in our spirit bodies also called astro-projection to kill them. So we sat down in a circle with our candles in front of us and consciously left our bodies to enter the house as spirits to destroy the people. I was not at all enthusiastic about the project but we had no choice. I would have been killed if I disobeyed. Much to our surprise, as we arrived at the edge of this family's property we could go no further. The whole area was surrounded by huge angeles. The angeles stood side-by-side holding hands. They were dressed in long white robes and stood so close together that their shoulders touched. They had no armour or weapons. Nobody could get through them no matter how hard we tried. Any kind of weapon used merely bounced off of them causing no harm at all. They laughed at us at first daring us to come ahead and try to get through them. The other cult members got more and more furious with each passing moment. Suddenly, their countenances changed and a fierce look from their eyes made all of us fall backwards onto the ground. A very humbling experience I might add.

I will never forget as I sat on the ground looking up at them one of the angels looked directly into my eyes and said to me in the most loving voice I ever heard, "Won't you please accept Jesus as your Lord? If you pursue the course you're taking you will be destroyed. Satan really hates you." But Jesus loves you so much He died for you. Please consider you turning your life over to Jesus."

ajani_reign said: Look ya'll, if these saints didn't have Jesus, these witches would have been able to kill them. But by the grace of God, they were a testimony to Jesus' power to this very witch who ultimately gave her life to Jesus. Okay. Part two is in the comments.
GlobalAwareness101 published May 22, 2022: Bride of Satan saved by Jesus Christ Part 2. Great true story...❤🚨📣 TikTok video by ajani_reign. I typed a transcript for you below.

ajani_reign said: Part two of a Satanist giving their life to Jesus. At this point in time in the testimony, she has been given the assignment to actually infiltrate a church and bring down a church from the inside. Okay. So she's attending church right now. Yes, there are Satanists that are sometimes put on assignment to take out churches number one. Number two, she has a power demon that gives her power named, Manchan. And number three, she was married to Satan. So Satan actually manifested into an actual person and she had to have sex with Lucifer. It's crazy. Okay. So, here's what happened.

(she's reading from a book) They prayed me right up to the altar one Sunday night where I finally said, "Jesus I want and need you. Please forgive me and come into my heart and life." What a struggle that was. Manchan and the other demons tried to hold my mouth shut. They kept screaming in my mind that I had been lied to, that God didn't exist and that Jesus was really dead."

ajani_reign said: See those are demons. So if you guys hear those voices in your head that's not you. I promise you. Okay.

(she's goes back to reading from a book) But I knew that they were liars and would not listen to them. At that time Manchan and the other demons had a lot to say and do. The first thing they did was fly off and tell Satan what I did. Then the fur started flying. That night when I returned home, Satan came to talk to me but things were strangely different. Usually Satan would come up to me and put his hands on my shoulders or hold me in his arms. This time he stood away from me. I could see that he had many very powerful demons with him. But they too stood far away. Satan was steaming mad. He shouted at me, "What in the heck do you think you're doing?"

ajani_reign said: He cursed by the way.

(she's goes back to reading from a book) I'm leaving you I replied. You can't do that. The heck I can't I just did. You're my bride I won you if you don't do as I say I'll kill you. You can't get out of that contract. I'd rather die for God than stay your bride. That contract is no longer valid because it is covered by Jesus' blood. You have nothing to offer me but lies and destruction. You've made the wrong decision. I'll prove that to you shortly. You ahole get out of my house. See, you're not really Christian. What do you mean? Christians don't swear. I had not thought about that. But then I had only been a Christian for a couple of hours and was used to using any language I pleased away from the church. So what, I know I am because I know that I asked Jesus to forgive my sins and come into my heart and I know that He has. You just think that it didn't really happen. At that point I was so angry I tried to take a step toward Satan to punch him in the nose. But for some reason I couldn't get my feet to move. By that time Satan was so angry he was screaming threats at me. And God spoke to her and said, "Do not be afraid my child I am here he cannot harm you." Again, I told Satan to leave. But this time I used the name of Jesus and he instantly disappeared.

ajani_reign said: Hallelujah! Jesus moves miracles ya'll! I love it.

Luke 21 NKJV
[source: Biblegateway]

The Widow’s Two Mites

1 And He looked up and saw the rich putting their gifts into the treasury, 2 and He saw also a certain poor widow putting in two mites. 3 So He said, “Truly I say to you that this poor widow has put in more than all; 4 for all these out of their abundance have put in offerings for God, but she out of her poverty put in all the livelihood that she had.”

Jesus Predicts the Destruction of the Temple

5 Then, as some spoke of the temple, how it was adorned with beautiful stones and donations, He said, 6 “These things which you see—the days will come in which not one stone shall be left upon another that shall not be thrown down.”

The Signs of the Times and the End of the Age

7 So they asked Him (Jesus Christ), saying, “Teacher, but when will these things be? And what sign will there be when these things are about to take place?”

8 And He (Jesus Christ) said: “Take heed that you not be deceived. For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am He,’ and, ‘The time has drawn near.’ Therefore do not go after them. 9 But when you hear of wars and commotions, do not be terrified; for these things must come to pass first, but the end will not come immediately.”

10 Then He said to them, “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. 11 And there will be great earthquakes in various places, and famines and pestilences; and there will be fearful sights and great signs from heaven.

12 But before all these things, they will lay their hands on you and persecute you, delivering you up to the synagogues and prisons. You will be brought before kings and rulers for My name’s sake. 13 But it will turn out for you as an occasion for testimony.

14 Therefore settle it in your hearts not to meditate beforehand on what you will answer; 15 for I will give you a mouth and wisdom which all your adversaries will not be able to contradict or resist. 16 You will be betrayed even by parents and brothers, relatives and friends; and they will put some of you to death. 17 And you will be hated by all for My name’s sake. 18 But not a hair of your head shall be lost. 19 By your patience possess your souls.

The Destruction of Jerusalem

20 “But when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, then know that its desolation is near. 21 Then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains, let those who are in the midst of her depart, and let not those who are in the country enter her. 22 For these are the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled. 23 But woe to those who are pregnant and to those who are nursing babies in those days! For there will be great distress in the land and wrath upon this people. 24 And they will fall by the edge of the sword, and be led away captive into all nations. And Jerusalem will be trampled by Gentiles until the times of the

Gentiles are fulfilled.

25 “And there will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars; and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring;

26 men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. 27 Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. 28 Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.”

29 Then He spoke to them a parable: “Look at the fig tree, and all the trees. 30 When they are already budding, you see and know for yourselves that summer is now near. 31 So you also, when you see these things happening, know that the kingdom of God is near. 32 Assuredly, I say to you, this generation will by no means pass away till all things take place. 33 Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.

34 “But take heed to yourselves, lest your hearts be weighed down with carousing, drunkenness, and cares of this life, and that Day come on you unexpectedly. 35 For it will come as a snare on all those who dwell on the face of the whole earth. 36 Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man (Yahshua , the living breathing WORD of God made flesh to walk amongst us.).”
The third earth age is upon us. We are experiencing the birth pains now. For those who are connected to the Source of ALL living things, (as opposed to dead things, dark forces. Because remember God is LIFE and FREEDOM and anything contrary to that is not of God), our bodies will become transfigured again and walk on this earth as we did in the first earth age before the catabolt, overthrow of Lucifer who God renamed Satan which means the adversary. The first earth age perished. Catabolt in the Greek means destruction, nothing, made void as is described in Genesis 1:2 "And the earth was without form and void;" destroyed by God, after Satan's rebellion. Genesis 1:1 "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." describes the beginning of the first earth age which was trillions of years ago when God created the Universe and all that is in it. God is exposing ALL of the corruption, greed and fraud on this planet so that we may have the opportunity to WAKE UP to the TRUTH. Those who are open and receptive to God's Word will have the veil removed so that they can see and hear the TRUTH revealed to them. LIGHT has come to shine into all the world's dark places.

I want you to remember that the servant of satan appears FIRST at the 6th trump. Jesus Christ (Yahshua Hamashiach), the WORD of God returns at the 7th trump. Please do not be deceived. We must endure the revealing of this person who claims to be sent from God, the false prophet, the supreme earthly leader who will rise to power on the PRETENSE of peace and social justice for all of humanity. The New World (oppressive) Order must be exposed and all who follow this man-made communist doctrine that is made up of collective utopian marxist clones that are dependent and worship the one governing ruler, the beast. Jesus describes this revelation in the Parable of the Weeds [Matthew 13:24:29 NIV and Matthew 13:36-43 NIV]
"To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas." - Brock Adams, Director United Nations Health Organization
[I share this quote so that you KNOW what we are up against!]
I would also like to point out that the rapture is a lie straight out of the pit of hell. You can find no mention of the rapture doctrine before 1830 AD. That alone ought to send up a red flag. In fact, the word "rapture" is not in the Bible. So, where did this false doctrine come from? Let me explain.

In 1830 AD Margaret MacDonald was a schizophrenic who had an evil revelation on her sick bed, supposedly from God, in which she was shown what would become "The Rapture Of The Church", among other names.

And, from The Incredible Cover-up by Dave Macpherson, Appendix A, you'll read:

"I felt this needed to be revealed, and that there was great darkness and error about it; but suddenly what it was burst upon me with a glorious light." - Margaret MacDonald (Spring of 1830)

MacDonald's revelation would have probably died with her; however, two preachers grabbed it, cleaned it up, and presented it to Christendom. It is so sad that this false doctrine has been passed down for generations. It has become one of the greatest deceptions within the church. You can read Ezekiel 13 KJV to see how God feels about those who teach the fly away doctrine, vain visions and lying divination. But they still have time to ask God for forgiveness.

Catholics and Christians use 1 Thessalonians 4:17 to justify the rapture doctrine. That passage reads, "Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord." The word air was translated incorrectly. After the 7th trump our bodies will be transformed by the breath of God, Ruach, into transfigured beings again. Simply read the parable of the weeds that Jesus shared with us. Many pastors don't even bother sharing the verse before this one that even a child could understand. 1 Thessalonians 4:16 reads, "For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first." This last verse is referring to the 7th trump (Revelation 11:15-19), 7th vial (Revelation 16:17-21), when the Lord comes (Revelation 19) will be the 3rd and final woe. At this point all those that still actively oppose Christ (the Word of God) will be destroyed (read the parable of the weeds. Fire is purification. These souls will be consumed, extinguished by God's holy spiritual fire.) having been given the benefit of seven years of warning.

Remember, Jesus doesn't come, leave and then come back again. The Book of Revelations is very clear please read it, Jesus Christ (Yahshua Hamashiach) comes at the very end AFTER the false prophet (the abomination of desolation) revealed himself. Please read all of Mark 13 and Matthew 24:15-16.

Oh and by the way, the tribulation period has already begun. So instead of teaching God's children to prepare to be wisked away, please teach them to spread their spiritual roots deep in the Word of God and cover themselves (spiritually speaking) with the blood of Jesus Christ so they can withstand this period without fear and without harm. (emphasis mine)

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