March 3, 2023

BRAZIL: Newly Elected Communist President Created New Social Welfare Program. "No Vaccine, No Financial Aid." For Mothers And Children. Concentration Camp For Political Opposition.

TV Brics, International Media Network
written by Staff
Tuesday February 7, 2023

Minister of Health, Nisia Trindade, said on Monday that the new rules for access to Bolsa Familia bring a benefit to the health of families. In order to receive the resources, mothers must prove that their children are enrolled in school and that their vaccination booklet is up to date.

Furthermore, pregnant women must undergo all the basic prenatal examinations. The minister classified the new rules as a necessity. "Vaccination is a child's right," she said during a ceremony in Rio de Janeiro where she and President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva launched a national plan to reduce the queues at the Single Health System (SUS in Portuguese).

Bolsa Familia is a programme aimed at low-income families. Created in 2003 during Lula's first term in office, it will have a minimum value of R$ 600 in 2023. During the last government, led by Jair Bolsonaro, the programme was replaced by Auxilio Brasil (Brazil's new social welfare programme) in which no such conditionalities were imposed.

In October last year, after Lula won the elections last year, the resumption of counterparts was announced in interviews given by Senator Humberto Costa, who was part of the transition team of the new government. At the ceremony held on 6 February, the president highlighted the change.

"Bolsa Famรญlia is coming back and it is coming back with something important. It is coming back with conditionalities. First, mothers of children up to six years old will receive an additional R$150 reais. Second, the children have to be in school. If they are not in school, the mother loses the benefit. Third, children have to be vaccinated. If not, the mother loses the benefit," said Lula.

The federal government will begin the schedule of the National Vaccination Programme 2023 this month. According to Nisia Trindade, the Ministry of Health wants to carry out a broad movement for vaccination with society.

"We are calling the Ministry of Education, schools, social movements, managers at various levels, artists. It has to be a movement technically guided by the Ministry of Health, but a national movement with popular engagement", as reported by Rede TV!, a partner of TV BRICS.

The Gateway Pundit
written by Richard Abelson
Tuesday January 10, 2023

Up to 1700 peaceful Brasilian protestors have been taken to a gym and held without charges or lawyers, without toilets, food or water for over 16 hours, including children and old folks. Two people are reported dead.

“They put two thousand people in a warehouse without food or water, ignoring the presumption of innocence or due process. The prisoners have no access to their lawyers. The result is two people dead so far,” writes Rio Deputy Douglas Gomes.

The Federal Police have denied that anyone has died.

Videos show people crying out for water and elderly people needing urgent medical attention:

Videos showed people being taken away on stretchers:
09.01.23 Brasรญlia – DF “Collective Punishment” does not exist in the Brazilian legal framework. Separate and individualize as a protester and that each one responds according to the evidentiary framework! People feeling sick and in a precarious situation and without food for 9h.

— QG FATO  (@eas_info_br) January 10, 2023
Children and old people are also being held illegally in what has become known as “Lula’s Concentration Camp”.

Journalist Josรฉ Aparecido called it “a SERIOUS crime against humanity” and called for “international bodies for the defense of human rights to be called urgently, as there are reports of deaths that will be hidden by the militant press, just as the videos that show the infiltrators responsible for the invasions are being hidden. People in the first Brazilian concentration camp are desperate.”

Only 200-400 protestors were arrested while trespassing in the government buildings Sunday, Jan. 8. The other approx. 1400 protestors were peacefully encamped on the grounds of the Army HQ, where protestors had been encamped for 60 days, as Jornal de Cidade reports.

A video seems to show a man with a megaphone instructing protestors to board buses which will “take them to safety”.

The video seems to show protestors getting nervous, as a female voice says “We want to get off the busses.”
The Gateway Pundit
written by Richard Abelson
Wednesday January 11, 2023

Hundreds of pro-democracy protestors are still being held without charges or legal assistance in the “Lulag” gym in Brasilia, while 736 have been taken to Federal Prison. According to unconfirmed reports, 4 people have died. One man appears to have attempted or committed suicide. Prisoners are being forced to sign confessions for “terrorism” and “criminal conspiracy.” Children have been taken away from their parents by the regime.

One of the allegedly deceased was identified as “Hilda, 81” by Rio Times.

Another victim was identified as Nilma Marson.

A third unconfirmed victim was identified as Leonira.

Videos show some of the prisoners suffering from medical emergencies.

Videos on GETTR allegedly showed a young man who had attempted to commit suicide by slitting his wrists receiving medical attention. It was not clear whether the man had survived. WARNING: GRAPHIC!

Prisoners are allegedly being forced to sign a confession to “terrorism”, “insurrection” and “criminal conspiracy” without consulting a lawyer. Here is one an 84 year old woman signed:

736 people have been taken to Federal Prison in Brasilia, according to the Brazil Rights Advocates (Advogados de Direita Brasil), who posted a list of names. 489 prisoners were taken to Men’s Prison and 265 to Women’s Prison.

Children are being held in prison.

Senator Marcos do Val was able to visit the detainees today. Representatives Bia Kicis, Evair de Melo, Domingos Sรกvio and Marcelo รlvaro Antรดnio were denied entry, according to Antagonista.

“We stayed here for three hours and had no access”, Bia Kicis told O Globo, saying they would “form an external commission to monitor the investigations”. Former Bolsonaro minister Jair Marcelo รlvaro said it is important to separate “the wheat from the chaff” and “not arrest innocent people”.

The lawyers Samuel Magalhaes, Hellen Costa, and Andrรฉ Alves, told Revista Oeste that the detention is illegal, Rio Times reports: “”These people are not being detained but arrested. If they have been here since yesterday, where is the custody hearing? There isn’t one.”

According to Magalhรฃes, the children have been taken away from their parents by the regime and removed from the gym.

“Yesterday, I attended to a gentleman with heart problems, who was with an autistic son,” said Magalhรฃes. “They were both in the gym without any medication. There was also a lady who was going to another city, and at the moment the bus with the protesters stopped, she asked if the vehicle was going to her destination. They said yes. She came to the PF Academy and stayed here until 2 am.”

The Brazilan Lawyers association (UNAB – Uniรฃo dos Advogados do Brasil) complained of “imprisonment with torture, hunger, lack of bathroom and water.” UNAB said its was “unbelievable what you see there. Pray for these people, and for our UNAB lawyers who are there together with the OACB lawyers. Information does not arrive correctly and access to people is difficult.” Accoording to UNAB, a colleague has “already filed a complaint with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.”

Former VP General Hamilton Mourรฃo criticized the government’s action as “amateurish, inhumane and illegal” and consistent with the “Marxist-Leninist roots” of the new Lula government. He criticized “the indiscriminate detention of more than 1,200 people, who are today confined in precarious conditions in the facilities of the Federal Police in Brasilia.”

UPDATE 3/3/23 at 7:33pm: Added info below.

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