February 9, 2023

USA: NewsNation National Correspondent Assaulted Then Arrested By Law Enforcement Immediately After Finishing Up A Live Shot At A News Conference In Ohio Updating Rail Derailment.

Interesting how all of the law enforcement involved in this altercation that they instigated don't even realize there are dozens of OTHER JOURNALISTS inside the building with video cameras and cell phone cameras. They are going to be sued criminally and civilly like they never imagine for engaging in misconduct that violated the reporters constitutional rights and for assaulting him, inflicting him with emotional distress. They are so arrogant they don't see it coming. I hope NewsNation joins forces with the journalist they assaulted to bring a lawsuit against the law enforcement involved. Because they clearly after watching the videos from different angles infringed on this journalists rights. He was doing his job he was sent there to do. Please sue the shit out of everyone involved in this unlawful arrest. You can see what bullies they are. The press conference had run over 2 hours late and the governor walked out just as he was in the middle of a live report set up in the very back area of the gymnasium where the news conference was being held. As soon as the journalist was told to cut it, he wrapped up the live report and then they told him to leave and he said he is there to do a job. Then law enforcement immediately assaulted him and arrested him and hauled him out like a street criminal and then lied about the incident in their report claiming the reporter assaulted law enforcement. I respect police and am grateful for their service. However, this conduct is outrageous and disciplinary action is warranted. (emphasis mine)
NewsNation pubilshed February 9, 2023: WATCH EVIDENCE Timeline of NewsNation reporter arrest. Body camera footage of NewsNation reporter Evan Lambert's arrest, some of which does not include audio, comes from the body-worn camera of an officer from the Ohio State Highway Patrol. Law enforcement agencies in statements released Thursday claimed Lambert was disruptive, ignored requests to leave and resisted arrest. NewsNation's Ashleigh Banfield breaks it down.
NewsNation published February 9, 2023: Former prosecutor: National Guard escalated arrest of NewsNation reporter. WATCH EVIDENCE Body camera footage showed moments leading up to the arrest of NewsNation correspondent Evan Lambert in Ohio. Former prosecutor Bob Bianchi provides his perspective on the video.
NewsNation published February 9, 2023: Feb 9, 2023 WATCH EVIDENCE Body camera footage released from NewsNation reporter's arrest. NewsNation has obtained body camera footage of the arrest of a NewsNation reporter. It shows the moments leading up to the arrest, including an argument between a National Guardsman and Evan Lambert.
WKYC Channel 3 pubished February 9, 2023: WATCH EVIDENCE OSHP body camera video shows arrest of NewsNation reporter during East Palestine news briefing. (Video courtesy of the Ohio State Highway Patrol)

The East Palestine Police Department has released more information about the arrest of NewsNation reporter Evan Lambert during Wednesday's train derailment briefing.

According to a news release, Lambert's live reporting during the news conference featuring Gov. Mike DeWine was "loud" inside the East Palestine Elementary School gymnasium. Members of the Ohio State Highway Patrol along with Ohio National Guard Adjutant General John Harris advised Lambert and the news crew to stop reporting.

Police say an argument then ensued between Lambert and Harris. Harris told officers that Lambert came at him in an "aggressive manner," resulting in the Harris pushing Lambert away when he felt threatened.

“I instinctively put my hands on his chest to keep him from bumping into me, which I felt was inevitable if I had not protected myself," Harris said in a statement made to investigators and provided by his office.

Harris added that he removed his hands after less than a second and walked away after Lambert yelled that he had been assaulted, the statement added.

Four law enforcement members told Lambert that he needed to leave the gymnasium as the incident was escalating into a physical confrontation. According to the officers, Lambert refused. A Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper, an East Palestine detective, and a school official asked Lambert to move outside. Again, police say Lambert declined.
NewsNation published February 9, 2023: Reporter recounts moments leading up to NewsNation correspondent's arrest. "It seems like there was some type of physical altercation toward Evan ... honestly, I was in so much shock that they were trying to not let him do his job — it was shocking to me," NewsNation affiliate reporter Megan Lee recounted the events leading up to NewsNation reporter Evan Lambert's arrest during a public press conference held by Ohio’s governor on a train derailment.
NewsNation published February 9, 2023: Ohio Gov: Don't want to see reporter in jail. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine says he doesn't want to see a NewsNation reporter who was arrested at a press conference prosecuted or in jail. If he had seen what happened, DeWine says, he would have stopped it.
NewsNation published February 8, 2023: Lambert: 'No journalist expects to be arrested when you're doing your job'. NewsNation correspondent Evan Lambert speaks about his arrest upon being released late Wednesday night.
NewsNation published February 8, 2023: Bill Cunningham 'proud of NewsNation' on handling reporter arrest. Radio host Bill Cunningham says if NewsNation didn't stay on top of their reporter being arrested at a news conference, he would still be in jail. "What happens in small town Ohio counties is significantly different … these prosecutors and these sheriffs run the place."
NewsNation published February 8, 2023: NewsNation correspondent reporting on Ohio train derailment arrested. NewsNation Washington bureau chief Mike Viqueira speaks with On Balance host Leland Vittert about NewsNation correspondent Evan Lambert’s arrest in Ohio.
NewsNation published February 9, 2023: Former police chief ‘disgusted’ by body cam footage of NewsNation reporter’s arrest. Body camera footage showed moments leading up to the arrest of NewsNation correspondent Evan Lambert in Ohio. After watching officers in the video, former Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee said it was “infuriating to see a power trip like that.”


I typed a transcript of the last video I shared above for the points that are made regarding this matter.

Leland Vittert said: Evan did everything right. He was doing a live shot. Which he had every right to do. The governor of the state of Ohio said Evan did nothing wrong. Said he welcomes people doing live shots. And it appears as though the adjunct general of the guard in Ohio went on a power trip. At one point the general or somebody the gentlement in the uniform right there had to be held back from assaulting our reporter by police. Yet somehow, the police there in East Palestine, Ohio put our reporter in handcuffs. There's a lot of troubling parts of this video. Last night when we brought you this story we had chief Ralph Godbee of the Detroit police department. We'll also bring in Colby Hall who is the founding editor of Mediaite as we're watching this. Chief, I don't know about you but the more I see this, the more I feel as though Evan may very well have causes of action against the police department and perhaps that general who probably should end up in handcuffs.

Chief Ralph Godbee said: Leland, it's infuriating as a veteran law enforcement officer even though I'm retired, to see a power trip like that. It's reprehensible to think that the people that we entrust not only our country's security but that city's security that they would just trample over the first amendment rights of a reporter that's simple doing his job. And he dared had the audacity to ask what he did wrong and that's "disorderly conduct"? There's a term when I came on the job in 1987, and I can't use in polite company, but it's FWTP. Fing with the police. And that's exactly what this is. This is contempt of cop, contempt of general. These are people that should not wear a uniform. Nor should they have authority if they don't have the temperment to understand that this is an ally. What Evan is doing is giving out information on a very very dangerous situation and should have been viewed as an ally and a partner in getting that information out to the public so people can be safe. Leland, I'm disgusted at what I saw.

Leland Vittert said: What I'm interested in Chief and I want to go through this because we have the statement from the East Palestine police department as well as the statement from General Harris, the guy in the uniform there. It is contradicted by the video. What I can't figure out is, do they not know it existed? Do they all think we're stupid? Are they used to just lying about anything and everything and getting away with it because they're small town cops and there's not people there to question it? It's pretty scary for all of us.


UPDATE 2/11/23 at 2:39pm: Added info below.
👇 MORE EVIDENCE law enforcement misconduct. 👇
Law and Crime Network February 10, 2023: Bodycam Shows Cops Manhandling NewsNation Reporter During Heated Confrontation. Bodycam footage shows NewsNation reporter Evan Lambert getting manhandled by law enforcement at a press conference held by Ohio governor Mike DeWine Wednesday. Lambert said he was giving a live report while the governor was speaking when police told him to quiet down before an argument ensued. “I’m just trying to do my job,” the reporter told personnel as the confrontation got heated. Video then shows officers forcibly removing Lambert from the auditorium before arresting him. Lambert, who was released later that night, said charges of criminal trespass and disorderly conduct are still pending against him from the arrest.


(THIS IS ME WRITING.) So the NewsNation reporter's cameraman is seen talking with Sheriff at the end of this video trying to explain the situation to the Columbiana County Sheriff. Here is what was said between them in the end of the video:

The cameraman said: "We meant no disrespect. We had, we were waiting for, we were up there. (he points to the front) We had a live shot scheduled to report on this at 5:15 that's locked in stone. So, coincidence, all coincidence, the governor walks, the governor literally walks out at 5:15. It's the worst possible timing in the world. Okay. But there's nothing we can do about that. He's committed to doing his live shot. He's got people talking to him in his ears whether he needs to be talking about...

Sheriff interrupts him and said: "Let me stop you there. The reason why he is where he is, he was told to leave. He refused to leave. Then the building superintendent comes over and says, 'I don't want you here.' He still refuses to leave. So now he's arrested. That's his own fault. All he had to do was pipe up. He just kept ?."

The cameraman said: "All I'm telling you from the television standpoint, it's television."

Sheriff said: "I understand what you're trying to do. I understand you guys have a job to do. When he is told to leave by law enforcement, ?"

The cameraman said: "I can't speak to that. I thought I might just give you some insight. From my perspective."

Sheriff said: "I understand you have a job to do. I get it. But when you're told to step out and it gets to the point where the building superintendent is coming over and saying, 'You need to leave'."

The cameraman said: "I understand. Can you tell me where he is."

Sheriff said: "??? Columbiana County jail."

The cameraman said: "Columbiana County jail. Okay."

Sheriff said: "Yes."

The cameraman said: "Sir, what's your name."

Sheriff said: "Sheriff Brian McLaughlin."

The cameraman said: "Sheriff McLaughlin. I'm Preston Swigart. Thank you."


written by Devan Markham, Marty Hobe, Marni Hughes
Thursday February 9, 2023

EAST PALESTINE, Ohio — The Ohio Attorney General’s Office will handle the charges filed against NewsNation Correspondent Evan Lambert, whom officers arrested Wednesday in Ohio, where the reporter was delivering a live news report.

The Columbiana County Prosecutor’s Office in Ohio was initially handling the case but later turned it over to the attorney general after learning multiple police agencies were involved in the incident, according to a news release. The office’s special prosecution division will take over the matter.

Lambert was arrested Wednesday in East Palestine after delivering a live news report during NewsNation’s “Rush Hour.” Law enforcement told Lambert to stop because Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine had started the news conference inside a local school gymnasium regarding a recent train derailment.

Officers from Columbiana County, Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Ohio National Guard were involved in the interaction with Lambert and his subsequent arrest, according to the release.

“We will work diligently with the OAG’s Office to ensure they have all necessary information, evidence, and materials required for a prompt review,” the Columbiana County Prosecutor’s Office said in its release, issued Friday afternoon.

Body camera footage obtained by NewsNation shows the moments leading up to the arrest of the NewsNation reporter, including a part of an argument between a member of Ohio’s National Guard and Lambert.

The footage shows a man appearing to be Ohio’s commander of the National Guard, Adjutant General Maj. Gen. John C. Harris Jr., arguing with the cameraman as Lambert is delivering the live report.

A state trooper walks behind the cameraman and signals for Lambert to stop talking. When Lambert stops, an argument then ensues between him and the man appearing to be Harris, who at one point shoves a finger in Lambert’s chest.

More police move in to break up the pair and attempt to kick Lambert out of the gymnasium. Lambert tells the officers he intends to stay for the ongoing news conference and says, “I am trying to listen, and he escalated with me.”

Sheriff’s deputies then attempt to forcibly remove Lambert from the gymnasium before tackling him in the foyer to arrest him.

The video, which does not have audio during some parts, comes from the body-worn camera of an officer from the Ohio State Highway Patrol

Law enforcement agencies in statements released Thursday claimed Lambert was disruptive, ignored requests to leave and resisted arrest.

Harris told law enforcement he asked Lambert to stop his live shot, Harris was “…convinced he was prepared to do harm to me,” and reacted by pushing Lambert, according to a statement to police acquired by NewsNation.

At a Pentagon briefing Friday, Press Secretary Air Force Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder said Lambert’s arrest was “not acceptable behavior.”

“The DOD absolutely supports a free and independent press. […] I can assure you,” Ryder said.

Friday, after the bodycam video was released, a National Guard spokesperson said “there is no change” to Harris’ statement.

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