January 19, 2023

USA: ESG Which Stands For Environmental-Social-Governance: Commie Globalist Tyranny, Tech, and Government Subsidies. It's Totalitarian Behavior Modification And Resource/Consumer Control.

written by P. Gardner Goldsmith
Tuesday July 12, 2022

Culminating decades of international corporatism and bailouts, of fascist government “grants” and “public-private partnerships,” of “regulation” and regulatory capture, of pretend money created by the government-established Federal Reserve, and stack upon stack of bureaucratic offices piled as high as the Tower of Babel, people worldwide are ringing alarm bells over the newest push to collectivize the planet.

They’re warning others about the term “ESG”, or “Environmental-Social Governance.”

ESG is a globalist, “Agenda 2030,” variation of the Chinese government’s “Social Credit Score” that the communist/fascist collective uses to monitor whether citizens are conforming or if they might be “speaking out” against policies, or behaving in “incorrect” ways, and then punishing the “malcontents” by blocking them from trains and stores and/or controlling their central-bank-digital-cash (CBDC).

It's behavior modification and resource/consumer control through interconnected technological snooping, “regulation,” and, finally, “benefits” that the centralizers are beginning to shower on enthusiastically servile corporate agents of the state.

And it might have appeared in your email, as it recently did with one of my family members, who forwarded it to me.

The email touted the wonders of the “first-ever CohnResnick Gamechangers in ESG Awards” – CohnResnick being a giant, New York-based, accounting, tax-advisory corporation with its fingers in asset management, insurance, cyber-security, PPP (Paycheck Protection Program, part of Trump’s anti-constitutional COVID payoffs), and many other fields.

And CohnResnick’s great ESG Awards competition, being judged this month, sees very “special” guest judges, people that CohnResnick describes as a “panel of experts who represent capital markets, academia, industry and professional associations, and advocates for environmental and social justice.”

They’re folks from such woke corporate giants and “Non-profit Organizations” as Major League Baseball (take a knee for Gaia), Starbucks, Conscious Venture Lab, Yale, the Sustainable Finance Institute, CohnReznick, World Central Kitchen, and more, and they all are not just fully embracing the “social justice” and “Anthropogenic Climate Change” narratives, in nation after nation, they have chosen sides: globalist political connections over consumer satisfaction.

ESG is the culmination of decades of government propaganda and political ties to corporations, universities, banking, and non-profits, steering them away from consumer satisfaction and towards political plans. It is the attempt to see politically preferred behavior and propaganda control resources and crowd-out any competition offered by the consumer-oriented “un-woke.”

And it's one of the driving forces behind the Dutch government’s merciless attack on farmers, livestock, and nitrogen fertilizer, which, as Micky Wootten reported July 5 for CNS News:
“…calls upon each Dutch Province to implement emission reduction measures to reduce nitrogen emissions between 12 and 70 percent, depending on the area.”
That means both nitrogen fertilizer (one kg of nitrogen can be derived from two litres of Diesel fuel, IF a person is lucky enough to get the fuel, in this increasingly green-strangled world) and it means livestock depletion…
“Each of the 12 Dutch provinces have one year to come up with a strategy. To reach the country’s 2030 climate goal of cutting emissions by 40 percent, it is estimated that farmers will need to have around a 30 percent reduction in the total number of cattle.”
Which, in turn, means the end of Dutch independent farming, means higher prices for anything associated with livestock, and means a strengthened political nexus for the food producers big enough to handle new regulations or those that switch to – say, turning bugs into dinner.

Is it any wonder the hard-working farmers of The Netherlands are rising up against their government mafia? The US pop media is assiduously avoiding the Dutch revolt against the farm sector shut-down, but excellent reporting from RebelNews shows us that the innocent targets of totalitarian government are engaged in nothing short of a nascent political revolution.

And Holland is not alone. ESG already has visited swift and unimaginable economic hardship on innocent people.

As Micaela Burrow reports for The Daily Caller, the World-Bank-Client-State of Sri Lanka already instituted many of the environmental and “Climate Change” policies the Dutch people are fighting, and the results were calamitous.
“Sri Lanka has been wracked with poverty, inflation and fuel shortages on a massive scale, with the Prime Minister declaring Tuesday that the country has gone ‘bankrupt,’ according to Business Insider. A ban on chemical fertilizers, implemented April 2021 in an effort to promote organic farming, proved the final straw after a string of missteps, decimating Sri Lanka’s primary source of income and forcing it into bankruptcy, experts told The Daily Caller News Foundation.”
“The government lifted the fertilizer ban in November 2021, but the damage had already been done, Peter Earle, a former financial markets trader and economist at the American Institute for Economic Research, told TheDCNF. ‘The decision to overnight shift away from synthetic fertilizers was an absolute disaster,’ he said.”
This just so happens to be nearly the same plan that Joe Biden announced in June, as he told Americans that he wants to funnel a bunch of their tax cash towards a scheme to turn farming away from cheap nitrogen fertilizer derived as a byproduct of Deisel and natural gas and towards whatever pie-in-the-sky “alternative” he and his central planners prefer.

Even as Joe and his planners can see what has become of Sri Lanka…

As Daily Caller’s Burrow reports:
“Earle’s comments accorded with those of Breakthrough Institute founder and leading climate policy thinker Ted Nordhaus, who argued that synthetic fertilizers represent the most ‘economically and environmentally efficient’ way to sustain Sri Lanka’s demanding agricultural sector in an essay from March.”
Ahh, but that’s not in the Environmental-Social-Governance playbook.
“Environment Minister Mahinda Amaweera declared a government initiative to save the earth from ‘our own geoengineering misuse, greed and selfishness’ in 2020 ahead of a forum on halving nitrogen waste. The move was part of Sri Lanka’s effort to pursue environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals; the country signed onto a green finance taxonomy with the International Finance Corporation in May that included a commitment to organic fertilizers.”
And Burrow notes how devastating the government block of market choice has been:
“The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs estimated in the report that crop production for the 2021-2022 season decreased by 40% to 50%, and so far farmers have only utilized a quarter of the available land for the upcoming season, according to a report dated June 9.”
But this is not solely about Holland, or Sri Lanka, or the US. It’s a worldwide gambit by multinationals, politicians, bureaucrats, and bankers to create an elite corporate-non-profit-bank-government-investment spiderweb that could span the entire globe and benefit the crony promoters who, in turn, will punish non-complying citizens.

As Rupert Darwall notes in a lengthy analysis of ESG published by RealClearPolitics:
“Environmental, social and governance (ESG) is the biggest trend in finance and business. Index funds focused on sustainability oversee $250 billion of assets. Corporate leaders signaled their alignment with ESG when more than 180 CEOs signed the Business Roundtable statement on business purpose.” (in 2020)
World Economic Forum head Klaus Schwab proudly announced this plan in 2021, revealing some of the big hitters backing the power-grab:
“Political and business leaders also offered their endorsement, including the CEOs of Microsoft, Salesforce, Tata Sons, Grupo Santander, Bank of America, and the Prime Ministers of Belgium and the Netherlands, Alexander De Croo and Mark Rutte."
What’s that? The PM of the Netherlands?

How odd…

Well, as one watches this and the alarms go off, one also can see that he is not alone in worrying about the future for freedom, and about the honesty of these corporate cronies.

Already, people are calling into question the PR-spin of many of these ESG financial giants.

As Dr. Joesph Mercola wrote July1, for Technocracy.News:
“…the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) is cracking down on ESG labels, with multiple investigations launched into ESG greenwashing on Wall Street by multiple mega-banks. Globally, $41 trillion are expected to flow into ESG funds in 2022.”
By “greenwashing,” Mercola refers to the practice of these international “planners” and corporate cronies claiming they are “investing in sustainable” X, Y, or Z plan or “technology shift,” when, in fact, that tech is unproven, and, of course, sustainable is a matter of economics, pertaining to what each of us finds sustainable in his or her life and budget.
“After an investigation into greenwashing by Deutsche Bank in 2021 — that led to a raid of the bank’s offices in Germany by German authorities — and a $1.5 million fine to BNY Mellon for ‘misstatements and omissions about ESG considerations,’ the SEC is now going after Goldman Sachs.

In the BNY Mellon case, one ESG fund included 185 investments, 67 of which had no ESG-quality score when the security was purchased, but shareholders were told its strategy included ‘identifying and considering the environmental, social and governance risks, opportunities and issues throughout the research process.’”
If you smell a rat, you’re not alone.

And if you think this rat is immense, world-spanning, tied to Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum, “Build Back Better,” Wall Street, giant banks, multinational corporations, wokeism, Joe Biden, oil and gas shortages, pandemic lockdowns, big-tech censorship, digital currency, and your choices for how you drive, heat your home, and serve dinner, you are absolutely right.
written by P. Gardner Goldsmith
Monday October 17, 2022

The GOP-led governments of four conservative southern and western states recently withdrew over $1 Billion worth of investments in mega-asset-manager BlackRock over its promotion of the anti-petrochemical, “fashionable,” political trend called Environmental-Social-Governance (ESG). And by doing so, they offer us another indication of the power governments now have to steer corporate behavior (whether one applauds the behavior or does not) and they hint at a growing regional U.S. schism between mostly leftist northeastern industrial/tech-banking states and mostly southern and western states housing major oil, coal, and natural gas reserves.

Patrick Temple-West covers the action, via The Financial Times:
“In an interview with the Financial Times, South Carolina state treasurer Curtis Loftis said he would pull $200mn from BlackRock by the end of the year. Louisiana treasurer John Schroder said last week he was withdrawing $794mn from BlackRock. Utah’s treasurer Marlo Oaks said he liquidated $100mn in BlackRock funds, and Arkansas reportedly pulled $125mn this year.”
MRCTV readers will recall my July warning about ESG and how the vast web of nationally-sanctioned central banks, international banks, corporations, so-called “non-governmental organizations” (NGOs), and political bigwigs worldwide were not only pushing an anti-petrochemical, command-and-control of energy and food agenda via their various so-called “legislatures” (everyplace from England, to New Zealand, to Holland, to Sri Lanka, to Germany, to the U.S., and the EU), but also how their machinations were steering the central-bank-created money flows towards those artificially created ESG investment plans.

As I wrote at the time:
“ESG is the culmination of decades of government propaganda and political ties to corporations, universities, banking, and non-profits, steering them away from consumer satisfaction and towards political plans. It is the attempt to see politically preferred behavior and propaganda control resources and crowd-out any competition offered by the consumer-oriented ‘un-woke.’

And it's one of the driving forces behind the Dutch government’s merciless attack on farmers, livestock, and nitrogen fertilizer, which, as Micky Wootten reported July 5 for CNS News:

‘…calls upon each Dutch Province to implement emission reduction measures to reduce nitrogen emissions between 12 and 70 percent, depending on the area.’”
For the Dutch, it's getting worse, as the Climate-Cultish Dutch government under Prime Minister Mark Rutte is pushing not only to destroy vast herds of cattle, but to confiscate/nationalize farms, taking them from thousands of family farmers, supposedly to reduce “nitrogen emissions.” Dutch reporter Eva Vlaardinerbroek is becoming well known in the U.K. and U.S. for following this and other authoritarian government attacks, and she is not alone in noting that the majority of the targeted farms are close to urban areas where the Dutch open-immigration policy has led to a distinct housing crisis. Both Vlaardinerbroek and Dutch researcher Ralph Schoellhammer speculate that the Rutte government wants to transform the farmland into residential property.

If you are familiar with the British “Enclosure Movement” that saw its apex in the early Industrial Revolution – a political assault by which the royals retained strength by handing to special friends farmland that for centuries had been locally managed according to ancient Common Law, forcing many farmers into the growing industrial cities – then you might see echoes of this in Holland and other areas. The common thread is that private property and market decisions are to be crushed beneath the boots of the new feudal lords at places like BlackRock, the European Central Bank, the U.S. government and Fed, and multinational corporations.

And the top-down inversion of market principles into green-masked corporate-government fascism comes with a lot of monetary “green." Writes Temple-West:
“As the global sustainable investing phenomenon has surged — it has increased by $1tn since 2020 — BlackRock jumped into the action. The company manages five of the top 20 US sustainable funds by assets, which is more than any other investment manager, according to Morningstar.”
And, as I noted last week for MRCTV, the U.S. Federal Reserve is ready to use its fiat currency clout to usher in U.S. bank-created ESG-Climate Costs and “risks.” They’re doing it out of thin air - because, of course, people can’t apply real cost numbers to so-called Climate Change. And that, in turn, is because no real financial risk can be determined for a fake-out the way a market actually determines expenses for REAL threats.

And as the Federal Reserve greases the wheels of this Climate Change Choo-Choo to Povertyville, we also recall that nine northeastern state governments have signed onto the artificial, top-down, carbon-tax-imposing “Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative” (RGGI), which will create carbon ceilings for state energy sources (why should a state be involved in supplying or controlling energy to residents?) and create a fake “market” for various state-catering energy companies to “trade/sell” carbon indulgences if they were extremely efficient at cutting their emissions.

But the free market incentivizes efficiency. Even the USDA admits that farmers have become more and more efficient over the past century, and in Europe, small farms dominate the efficiency metrics.

Writes Grain.org:
“In the European Union, 20 countries register a higher rate of production per hectare on small farms than on large farms. In nine EU countries, productivity of small farms is at least twice that of big farms.55 In the seven countries where large farms have higher productivity, it is only slightly higher than that of small farms.56 This tendency is confirmed by numerous studies in other countries and regions, all of them showing higher productivity on small farms.”
What appears to be happening today in the U.S. is an echo of other historical periods, a segregation and battle of interests between leftist northeastern states and right-leaning, energy-producing (or would be, if the feds would allow it) southern and western states. Akin to the conflict between politically dominant northern industrial/banking/shipping states and southern agricultural states prior to the U.S. Civil War, where the North-favoring federal tariffs against foreign imports heavily harmed the South, the question they want answered is “who gets its bread buttered” by policy.

And the governments of these conservative states no longer want their state investments feeding BlackRock, which, in turn could lobby for more policies that will harm the oil, coal, gas interests and consumers in general.

The key lessons are:

First, to recognize how much illegitimate power the federal government has acquired -- even beyond the power that led to the Civil War – over most of our lives.

Second, to recognize what we saw with the flipside of this state move, when NYC Comptroller Brad Lander threatened to withdraw vast public employee pension fund investments from credit card companies if they didn’t start collecting sales data from gun shop purchases. And that is the vast political leverage state and city-level interests can have on corporations without us even knowing.

This move by right-leaning state governments is laudable, but it reflects a problem that could stand repair: the vastness of political bureaucracies, on every level, and the money their employees can shower on schemes that will, inevitably, further influence our lives.


The Commie globalist psychopaths are taking away our clean efficient cheap energy such as gas (1785) and nuclear (1951). According to Energy.gov COAL has been used for heating since the cave man and by 1961 coal had become the major fuel used to generate electricity in the United States. Energy.gov also states that we have enough coal to last more than 250 years.

THEY ARE FORCING US TO USE THEIR EXPENSIVE PRODUCTS THEY RICHLY PROFIT FROM AT A PREMIUM COST TO US. It will be expensive for us. STUPID GREEN PRODUCTS THEY ARE GETTING SUBSIDIZED for by governments meaning stealing from taxpayers worldwide. This is what the Communist mean by redistributing wealth. They are robbing from our wealth for their personal gain. They don't give a shit about the planet, or about the environment. They don't give a shit about us and saving people from climate change my ass. THEY WANT US DEAD. Remember they want the total human population to be 500 million at a comfortable average for them. Remember when Obama subsidized several green companies that ended up going bankrupt years later? That was our money they stole not Obama's money or the "government's" money. We will be forced to pay that back not them. (emphasis mine)

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