January 8, 2023

USA: Big Money, Big Agenda, Big Attack Machine Behind Transgender Movement STARTED OUT AS FETISH OF ADULT MEN. They Want A Consumer For Assisted Fertility. That's Why They Added T To LGB.

GlobalAwareness101 published January 7, 2023: Jennifer Bilek: Big Money, Big Agenda, Big Attack Machine Behind Transgender Movement. Kristina Borjesson at The Whistleblower Newsroom interviewed Jennifer Bilek on August 12, 2022.

Investigative reporter Jennifer Bilek has followed the money behind the emergence of the transgender movement and has uncovered a deeply unsettling, massively profitable agenda targeting minors, along with a powerful attack machine protecting it.

I typed a transcript of 21:12 minutes for you below: 

The Whistleblower Newsroom: Welcome to The Whistleblower Newsroom. I'm Kristina Borjesson. A growing number of children and young people are identifying as transgender. Some reports say as many as 9% and concern about this trend is growing in the medical community. Recently, a whistleblower leaked files showing deep concern among the members of American Academy of Pediatrics about giving children dangerous puberty blockers and sterilizing them for life with gender reassignment surgery. My guest today, investigative reporter Jennifer Bilek, has followed the emergence and growth of the transgender movement and she says that the explosion of press coverage and changes in the law and language pertaining to gender is no accident. How does she know? She has followed the money. Massive amounts of it. She's here to talk about that today as well as the agenda behind that money and the attack machine that protects it. Welcome Jennifer.

Jennifer Bilek: Hi Kristina.

The Whistleblower Newsroom: Fascinating articles you have written. I want to start from the very beginning when you found yourself in trouble with some trans activists. You said you were de-platformed by some trans activists.

Jennifer Bilek: I was de-platformed. Yeah. I started getting involved in this around 2013. I wrote an article for 'Female Erasure', an anthology. A radical feminist writing with a collegue of mine. We started looking into the whole industry aspect of this agenda. I prefer to call it an agenda as opposed to a movement. And as I went further into that, I get a lot of people I knew were getting de-platformed, other activists, professors, and as we went year by year more and more people were being deplatformed and censored over this issue.

The Whistleblower Newsroom: What was the first thing they de-platformed you for?

Jennifer Bilek: I was trying to get the news for others activists, environmental activists to speak on the east coast of the United States. Because they were on the west coast and they were getting de-platformed everywhere they went. So, I said well this is the east coast you know I'll be able to do something over here. So I got like three different venues and immediately they called me back up and said, you know in like within a couple of days, they said oh sorry we can't platform you or this organization. They weren't even going to be speaking on this issue. They were going to be speaking about the environment. But they had already been like sort of blackballed as transphobes. Because they acknowledged biological reality and the reality of sexual dimorphism. You know obviously if you're going to work for the environment, you gotta acknowledge biological reality. Right?!

The Whistleblower Newsroom: Right.

Jennifer Bilek: So, you know I was starting to get very concerned and I was very angry. I was like what is going on here? This isn't kids doing this. There's something else going on here you know and I'm an American. So of course I was like you've got to follow the money. Right?! If you want to find out anything.

The Whistleblower Newsroom: Exactly.

Jennifer Bilek: So, I went looking at all these LGBT organizations. Which used to be LGB organizations and I was like when was the T added? and why was it added? and what I found was this incredible political scaffolding to drive this ideology through our cultures. Not just our culture but all over the world. And the first place I looked was the two largest LGBT organizations by then LGBT organizations in the United States which was Gill Foundation and Arcus Foundation. And they both start around 2000 and then the T was added to all these LGBT organizations around between 2004 and 2006. They all started to add the T. Now nobody ever got a memo about this. Like why is the T being added? What does this have to do with? Why is it a good thing? Nobody was notified. Nor were they notified that our entire cultures were going to be overhauled for this T. So I was like what's going on in the culture at that same point. You know AIDS was just sort of gotten under control in the United States. So then these two organizations, these large LGBT organizations come up. Like why would they be coming up then? And Argus Foundation they've spent billions of dollars. The founder of Argus Foundation has spent millions and millions and millions of dollars sending grants to cultural organizations and institutions.

The Whistleblower Newsroom: You're talking about Jon Stryker.

Jennifer Bilek: Right Jon Stryker is the founder of Argus Foundation. HE IS ALSO THE HEIR TO STRYKER MEDICAL. Which is a $17.1 billion dollar medical corporation. They do medical supplies and all sorts of medical stuff.

The Whistleblower Newsroom: You mention the term dimorphism. Talk, explain to the audience what that is and how it's under attack?

Jennifer Bilek: We have these terms that they're using like gender, and gender dysphoria, and gender expression. It's all gender, gender, gender. But gender really obscures the fact they're talking about sex. What's under attack is sex. Reproductive sex. Like you have a male and a female. That's it. They get together and you recreate the species. That's sexual dimorphism. All mammals are sexually dimorphic. Right?! But, you know, once they added the T to the LGB this starts to become undermined. 

The Whistleblower Newsroom: How?

Jennifer Bilek: By driving an ideology that sex exists on a spectrum. Like basically, all our politicians, all our NGO's, the largest law firms in the world, the largest international corporations, the biggests corporations in the world, the biggest banks all of a sudden simultaneously decide, not just here but globally, decide that all of human history, you know our biological history, is all wrong. And now we exist on a sexual, sexual dimorphism exists on a spectrum. It's not dimorphic. It's not binary. Right?! So there's all these different expressions of sex. They're using intersex for instance, which is a disorder of sexual development, to sort of drive that narrative.

The Whistleblower Newsroom: That's people who are born like hermaphrodites for example?

Jennifer Bilek: All intersex conditions are either a male condition or a female condition. So people with these you know differently ordered sexual characteristics are either male or female. 

The Whistleblower Newsroom: You broke down in your article who are the rich men institutionalizing transgender ideology. You really broke down how this whole thing started and you said that one of the first signals was a Time Magazine article that came out I think...

Jennifer Bilek: Yes, I think Lavern Cox was on the cover of Time Magazine in 2004 and that was quickly followed in 2015 by Bruce Jenner being on the cover of the magazine as Caitlyn dressed in a woman's corset and everybody going rah, rah, rah. This was also around the same time that Jazz Jennings reality show was coming to the fore. You know everybody was watching Jazz Jennings and all of the surgeries that he was having to manipulate his sex characteristics. And he's had, you know he was a child when this all went down. He was like 4 years old when he started to do the talk show circuit.

The Whistleblower Newsroom: Really? Jazz started at 4?

Jennifer Bilek: Yep. Yep. He was on Barbara Walters and Oprah Winfrey, etc etc. yeah his parents were just saying he was a girl. The reality show was all about him having sex characteristics reassignment surgery and having synthetic sex characteristics built for him. Synthetic being fake. They're manifested out of medical technology. 

The Whistleblower Newsroom: That's gender reassignment surgery.

Jennifer Bilek: That's what they call it. But it's really a euphemism. What's really happening to these children is macabre. It's really just insane.

The Whistleblower Newsroom: Just before this interview I was just looking at the Daily Mail one of the articles that had just been posted was this kid Charlie Danger Lloyd who his mom said since the age of 2 he wanted to be or I guess she wanted to be a boy and at the Vancouver Pride Parade they had a gender reveal party for I guess he's now a him at 4 years old. They shot off a cannon I guess with blue smoke or something and I thought wow here it is. You're constantly seeing it now. You're constantly, it's really being imbued in the public consciousness and my question to you before we get into obviously what you write and all the details you give, there's huge money, huge money being put into this.

Jennifer Bilek: Yes.

The Whistleblower Newsroom: But let's just first say that the portion of the population that actually is transgender is extremely small. Right?

Jennifer Bilek: It's zero. There are no transgender people. There are no gender people. Transgenderism is an AD CAMPAIGN. It's selling drugs and surgeries.

The Whistleblower Newsroom: I understand that there might be a small population of people who do grow up being uncomfortable in the biological skin that they were born with.

Jennifer Bilek: But look, there are people that are uncomfortable with the way they look, they feel like they're really really fat and they're really actually skeletal. Those people have a condition called anorexia and it is a body dysmorphia. They can't really see what they really really are. Right? And we don't tell those people you are actually, yes, you're fat and yes, we'll provide lipo suction for you. There's another cohort of people that have body integrity identity disorder. Which they're people that think their limbs don't belong to them. It's usually a lower extremity. Like a leg. It's very very intense. They go to psychiatrist and psychiatrist can't help them. We don't cut off their limbs. Thus far. And we don't have parades for them. We don't give them modeling agencies. We don't start make-up lines for them. Those people have body dysmorphia also. Right? So, yes there are people I'm sure have body dysphoria related to their genitalia. Okay. But why are we carving them up?

Why are we giving them drugs? ESPECIALLY CHILDREN. We've never heard of children before having this condition. THIS ALL STARTED OUT AS FETISH OF ADULT MEN. It's professional ? autogynephilia. It's a paraphilia. They obsessively and compulsively objectify female biology and covet it for themselves. And this has morphed into an industry now because of the medical industrial complex selling it to the people. We've never heard of children jumping off bridges before because they want, committing suicide in droves, because they wanted to be the opposite sex. We never heard about these children. If doctors could have made bank on this years ago, a generation ago, we would have been doing it. We're doing it now because we now have the technology and the pharmacology to make these adjustments. To make adjustments kind of sort of real on people's body. You know synthetic adjustments. Yeah. So, now we want to open this market up. Right? So you have to have a rebranding BECAUSE OF ADULT MALE FETISH. That's a very hard sell. ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE GOING TO MARKET IT TO CHILDREN. And the reason that they're marketing it to children is to sterilize them. Because they want a consumer for assisted fertility. Which is also a growing industry.

Part of the reason why it's under the LGB banner. It's because Lesbians and Gay people are also going to need assisted fertility. And you find a lot of the same people investing in the gender clinics and marketing this concept as real also investing in big fertility. Like Jeff Bezos for instance, he owns Amazon. He's invested $166 billion in a hospital in Brooklyn that does gender surgeries and he's also invested in fertility. He's got a fertility platform on Amazon now. The first one. They're also selling hormones to young people on Amazon. 

The Whistleblower Newsroom: Is that legal?

Jennifer Bilek: You've got me. I can't believe these operations are legal. They're cutting off young women's breast. You've got 42,000 young women on GoFundMe campaigning to have money to have their breasts removed. To have double masectomies on healthy young bodies. These are young women from anywhere from 12 years old to 20. They go to college. Their insurance is going to pay for it. It's advertised on their social media platforms. It's progressive. It's cool. It's edgy. It's expressive.

The Whistleblower Newsroom: But if they're not like gay people who seem to be born with this...

Jennifer Bilek: Let's leave gay people out of this. BECAUSE GAY PEOPLE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS. Aside from the fact that they fall under the same marketing constituency. As people that you're sterilizing because they can't have children on their own. Two women can't make a baby. Two men can't make a baby. So you need assisted reproductive technologies. Right? Same as these children that you're sterilizing now. That you're convincing they can change sex and to do this is really cool. I mean look at all your platforms, mainstream media is all promoting this as positive, it's progressive, it's cool. This all comes from the elites, from the top down. It's driven into the culture. It's cool. It's progressive. It's edgy. And kids are buying it. IT'S A MARKETING CAMPAIGN. That's all it is. It's a marketing campaign. There are no gender people. There are only men and there are only women. Or boys and girls. That's it. THE REST IS CORPORATE ILLUSION. It's all corporate illusion. And they're driving it over the media, the tech, you know their tech media and it's very very advance. Because we're all on our computers all the time now so it's coming at us 24/7. Transgender. Transgender. Transgender. I mean from 2014 when Laverne Cox was on the cover of Time Magazine, it was like a drum beat. You couldn't get away from it if you tried. You know at first their narrative was these poor little children they were born in the wrong bodies and their parents are so upset. And then so it quickly morphed over the years to now it's just gender expression. You know it's just expressing yourself and it's cool, it's progressive, it's good, it's a positive lifestyle.

The Whistleblower Newsroom: Well it's gone even beyond that because now I was very surprised I went to a hospital recently and I was asked what pronoun I went by?

Jennifer Bilek: Why would they, you know, radically overhaul all these societies in the way that we operate related to our biology as a sexually dimorphic species. Why would they suddenly, ALL AT THE SAME TIME, flip that over and start rearranging our society, our language, our laws, the way that we think about each other, the way that we speak to each other? This concept of children born in wrong bodies? What the hell is that? You're born in a body. You're not born in a wrong body. People that are disabled are not born in wrong bodies. They are born in a body that happens to not work the same ways as other peoples. You know it's all corporate illusion.

The Whistleblower Newsroom: What is the agenda?

Jennifer Bilek: The agenda is first and foremost, profiteering.

The Whistleblower Newsroom: What are they going to profit off of?

Jennifer Bilek: There's a whole list of things. The way that corporatism works is that you have to continually open markets to grow. Especially if your large. Like a large entity Goldman Sachs or any kind of big corporation. You have to open your markets continually in order to outsell the other person or the other corporation. Right? So you have to constantly have to reinvent. So, you know LGB is a marketing constinuency now. They are a consumer base. You know it's with the added T they're worth $3.7 TRILLION dollars. 

The Whistleblower Newsroom: Where did you get that figure?

Jennifer Bilek: From Out leadership which is the business networking arm of the LGBT. So now it's like hey you want our marketing constituency, you want our consumer base, to buy your products, you better support us. Right? Including gender identity. Okay. And if you don't, we will ruin you basically. Financially, we will ruin you. You don't have an option to buy out. It's sort of like if you don't have a cell phone or a car, you don't really have that option if you want to function within society. You don't have the option of buying out of tech. Right? You don't have that option. This is the same way. You don't have the option. You are going to go along with these pronouns. You're going to go along with our ideology that we're instilling in corporate culture. You know or you're going to lose your job or you're going to be de-platformed or your book is not going to be published. You know Amazon has been de-platforming censoring various books on this topic that critique the issue.

The Whistleblower Newsroom: Can you give the titles of the books? Can you talk about those books?

Jennifer Bilek: There's 'Irreversible Damage' by Abigail Shier. She was de-platformed for a while, her book. I think it's back up now. 'The Transgender Industrial Complex' was taken down. It was eventually put back up. Ryan Anderson, 'When Harry Became Sally' was removed entirely from Amazon. And there's been others. And you know, Comedians can't be funny around this issue. 

The Whistleblower Newsroom: Dave Chappelle got spanked.

Jennifer Bilek: Actresses, writers. You try to critique this in any way, shape or form you will be financially and socially ruined. That's not a human rights movement. Human rights movements don't function that way. They don't try to censor people. They want you to know what they're about. Because they want you on their side. They want to cultivate your acceptance. Human rights movements don't come from corporate culture. They're not driven down into the culture. They come up to fight against those entities, against corporate entities and the damage the corporate entities are doing to their livlihoods, to their lives, to their planet, to their land base. This is how human rights come up. They come up from the ground. NOT DOWN FROM THE TOP. This is not human rights. THIS IS ALL CORPORATISM. ALL PROFITEERING. ALL OF IT. It's a lie. There are no transgender people. There are no gender people. It's bupkis.

The Whistleblower Newsroom: I would call people who have that surgery, you know one side or the other...

Jennifer Bilek: Why? You don't call people who have had nose jobs, nose jobs people do you?

The Whistleblower Newsroom: (Laughing hard)

Jennifer Bilek: Do you? You don't. Face job people. You don't do it. Why don't you do it? Because they're creating an illusion. It's like a hologram.

The Whistleblower Newsroom: People who have the transgender surgery, basically I guess the men are castrated and whatever, somehow, some kind of a nominal vagina is made out of what's left and for girls...

Jennifer Bilek: That has nothing to do with it.

The Whistleblower Newsroom: No, no, no, let me finish...

***** THIS IS WHERE I STOP at 21:12 minutes*****

The Post Millennial Clips published September 2022: Boston Children’s Hospital explains why the T should be separated from LGB.
[Yes, please and take the pedophiles with you too. (emphasis mine)]
The Post Millennial Clips published September 2022:Video from Boston Children's Hospital features psychologist saying they see children as young as 2 and 3. She says, "A good portion of children do know as early seemingly from the womb." WTH?! :o

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