December 14, 2022

WORLD: World Economic Forum Are Developing Through Technology The Ability For Consumers To Measure Their Own Carbon Footprint With An 'Individual Carbon Footprint Tracker'

Fact Checkers can kiss my ass!
This is not a 'theory' of mine.
This is an actual conspiracy against the human race.
Tie this in with digital currency., Ireland local
written by Fatima Gunning
Tuesday May 24, 2022

Alibaba Group president J. Michael Evans has revealed plans to bring about an individualized carbon footprint tracker.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum (WEF) which is currently being held in Davos Switzerland, Evans said that the proposed tracking system would allow users to measure “their own carbon footprint”, referring to how individuals using online services would be able to keep an eye on themselves by keeping records described by Evans as what “they consuming on the platform”.

He continued by asking hypothetical questions users could ask themselves in order to monitor their activity saying “where are they traveling, how are they traveling” and “what are they eating?”

Boasting of the potential of the proposed technology Evans urged those in attendance to “Stay tuned “ adding, “we don’t have it operational yet but this is what we’re working on”.

The World Economic Forum describes itself as the ‘International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation whose leaders and representatives meet four times annually to discuss strategy for a wide number of issues.’

These exclusive meetings are held in strategic locations around the world including the current meeting being held in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland to ‘shape global, regional and industry agendas at the beginning of the calendar year.’

The Annual Meeting of the New Champions, the Forum’s annual meeting on innovation, science and technology, is held in China while the United Arab Emirates plays host to The Annual Meeting of the Global Future Councils, which ‘brings together the world’s leading knowledge community to share insights on the major challenges facing the world today’.

The WEF’s fourth annual meeting is entitled ‘The Industry Strategy Meeting’ which it says ‘brings together Industry Strategy Officers to shape industry agendas and explore how industries can shift from managing change to pioneering change.’
written by Navdeep Yadav at Benzinga Financial News
Tuesday May 24, 2022

An Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (NYSE: BABA) executive faced flak after his individual carbon footprint tracker comments at the World Economic Forum (WEF) summit in Davos, Switzerland.

What Happened: Chinese internet giant Alibaba’s USA Group president J. Michael Evans, during a panel discussion on responsible consumption, said the company is developing a technology that will allow users to track their own carbon footprints.

“We’re developing, through technology, an ability for consumers to measure their whole carbon footprint,” Evans said.

“What does that mean? Where they are traveling. How they are traveling. What are they eating. What they are consuming on the platform. We don’t have it operational yet, but this is something that we’re working on,” he added.

The comments drew a flurry of criticism on social media, with many users pointing out potential privacy implications.

Replying to the video clip of Evans, one Twitter user said, “Have I got this right? They are going to track how I travel, where I travel, what I eat. Are you serious? This will be so they will be able to limit our travel, where we travel and tell us what we can eat. How are we letting this happen?”

Even if Alibaba launches its footprint tracker, it wouldn’t be something new for the world. Recently, a Swedish, Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOGL) (NASDAQ: GOOG) backed, startup Normative launched a free version of its carbon emissions tracker that allows companies around the world to figure out how to manage their environmental footprints, according to CNBC.

Price Action: According to data from Benzinga Pro, Alibaba shares closed 5.46% lower at $82.47 apiece on NYSE.
Danios12345 published June 23, 2011: Soylent Green (1973) Trailer.

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GlobalAwareness101 published August 24, 2022: Club of Rome NWO WEF depopulation agenda.

These are the psychopaths censoring us who oppose their diabolical scheme to depopulate human beings and keep those still living under totalitarian rule.

It is not a theory. It's an actual conspiracy against humanity.

I typed a transcript for you below:

I can speak honestly. So usually speaking something which happened in the past could happen again, generally. That could happen or epidemics. I don't know what it will be. But in one way or another we are so far, globally, we are so far above the population and the consumption levels which can be supported by this planet. But I know one way or another it's going to come back down. I DON'T HOPE TO AVOID THAT.

I hope that it can occur in a civil way. And I mean civil in a special way, peaceful. Peaceful doesn't mean that everyone is happy. The planet can support something like a billion people. Maybe 2 billion DEPENDING ON HOW MUCH LIBERTY, AND HOW MUCH MATERIAL CONSUMPTION YOU WANT TO HAVE.

If you want more liberty and more consumption, you have to have fewer people. Conversely, you can have more people, I mean we can even have 8 or 9 billion probably IF WE HAVE A VERY STRONG DICTATORSHIP which is smart. But if you have a very strong dictatorship and A LOW STANDARD OF LIVING.

But we want to have freedom and we want to have a high standard of living, SO WE'RE GOING TO HAVE ONE BILLION PEOPLE and we're now at 7 billion. SO WE HAVE TO GET BACK DOWN. I hope that this can be slow. Relatively slow. And that it can be done in a way which is relatively equal. So that people share the experience. But THAT'S WHAT LIES AHEAD.

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